Easy Last-Minute Tooth Fairy Ideas

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Do you have a little one on the verge of losing a tooth? Get quick, last-minute Tooth Fairy ideas to celebrate with these cute Tooth Fairy printables. They’re a great way to celebrate this fun milestone, and your child will love them!

Tooth fairy printables

What Should You Do When It’s Time for a Lost Baby Tooth? 

As your child gets ready to lose their baby teeth, they may be nervous about what will happen next. Download and print these Tooth Fairy printables online so that there is no confusion on how the process of losing teeth works with a little help from mom or dad.

The best thing you can do as a parent is to make sure your children know ahead of time all about this inevitable event in life. With these helpful coloring and fun activity pages, kids never have to worry again!

When Do Kids Lose Teeth?

Losing a tooth is such an exciting milestone in any child’s life! It usually happens between the ages of 5 and 10, but it can happen anytime from age 3-12. When that big moment comes around, you’ll want to be prepared with some ways to show them that this is an exciting step in growing up.

What Does the Tooth Fairy Do with Teeth?

While there’s no right or wrong way to explain the tooth fairy and what they do with all those baby teeth, some parents make up exciting stories about what happens when kids give up teeth, while others rely on tales passed down from their own childhood.

Why We Celebrate Losing a Tooth

The tooth fairy is a popular magical figure in children’s imaginations that symbolizes the classic idea of being rewarded for doing something good.  

Parents often use the idea of getting a prize or money for healthy baby teeth as an incentive for their children to have good dental habits. This helps prevent cavities and other dental problems in the future and keeps a popular tradition alive with your family.

What Should the Tooth Fairy Leave?

The tooth fairy can leave anything from a particular dollar amount to the child’s choice of toy or trinkets. You may even use the opportunity as an excuse to give your child a new toothbrush or toothpaste to help establish good dental hygiene.

Celebrating with fun first tooth ideas will encourage kids to step up their tooth brushing game in the future to impress the tooth fairy for an even better paycheck for the next tooth!

Why I Created These Tooth Fairy Printables

I created this tooth fairy printables set as an easy way to help parents out there who aren’t sure how to celebrate the loss of a baby tooth. There are plenty of last-minute ideas you can find online, and my own printables are a fun way to not only celebrate but learn and document the exciting event.

Get This Tooth Fairy Printable Bundle

Click the image below to get these last-minute Tooth Fairy ideas, or get them here.

Last Minute Tooth Fairy Ideas

How to use Tooth Fairy Printables

  • The tooth fairy printables come in a PDF file that can be downloaded and printed.
  • Print the door hanger pages on cardstock and cut them out. You can even laminate the cards to make them sturdier and reusable.
  • The coloring pages and charts can be printed on regular white copy paper.
  • Keep all your printables together and organized with a colorful binder clip or folder your child can decorate.

What You’ll Need

What’s Included in the Printables Set

  • 3 colorful door hangers to remind the Tooth Fairy to visit
  • 4 friendly coloring pages for both boys and girls
  • Tooth fairy first tooth certificate for celebrating an important milestone
  • Tooth brushing reminder chart to encourage healthy habits
  • Healthy teeth certificate to celebrate dental care
  • Tooth Fairy receipt to document the exchange
  • Lost tooth tracker to keep records of which teeth have been lost and which teeth are still waiting to come out

We hope you and your children enjoy celebrating the Tooth Fairy and losing their first teeth with these printables! To download them, click on the link below.

If you’re looking for more ways to celebrate, you’ll want to check out these 17 Tooth Fairy Ideas to Make Your Little One Smile to make the big day a memorable one!

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