LeapFrog LeapTV Review

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This item has been discontinued by the manufacturer, but can still be found on Amazon from third-party sellers. 

We received complimentary LeapTV and four games as part of the LeapFrog Mom Squad ambassador program in exchange for my honest review. The LeapTV is for kids between the ages of three and eight, and let me tell you, this has been so much fun for Dub who just turned five. It’s also the best bang for your buck at only $59.99 at many major retailers so it’s perfect for a last-minute gift that any young child is sure to love.

Holiday Gift Guide: LeapTV from LeapFrog

Holiday Gift Guide: LeapTV from LeapFrog *new low price*

For review, we received a LeapTV game console and the following four games: Frozen: Arendelle’s Winter Festival, Blaze and the Monster Machines, Letter Factory Adventures, and Doodle Craft.

Holiday Gift Guide: LeapTV from LeapFrog *new low price*

The LeapTV console is very small and stands upright so it is easy to install in even the smallest of spaces. The game cartridges are durable plastic instead of discs so they won’t get scratched and slide in the front easily so even very young children can change the game on their own. 

Holiday Gift Guide: LeapTV from LeapFrog *new low price*

The LeapTV is an active gaming console where children are encouraged to move while they play. The small camera monitors your child’s movements for easy gameplay. The camera pivots to find the right angle so even if you have your TV set in a high location like ours, the camera is still very easy to install. 

Holiday Gift Guide: LeapTV from LeapFrog *new low price*

The controller is perfect for little hands to hold onto. It allows for easy, comfortable use for small people and it also can be straightened into a wand shape for certain types of gameplay. It also includes a wrist strap so the controller won’t be dropped or accidentally thrown by an excited child. 

Holiday Gift Guide: LeapTV from LeapFrog *new low price*

The games that we received for the LeapTV are engaging and loads of fun; Dub loves all of them. They teach reading, spelling, math, and critical thinking skills in addition to being just plain old fun. He cycles between them all, but his two favorites seem to be Letter Factory and Blaze and the Monster Machines this week. Next that week that all might change since he is getting three more LeapTV games for Christmas. They were on sale with a fantastic coupon code at Target so keep your eyes open for great deals!

Holiday Gift Guide: LeapTV from LeapFrog *new low price*

We highly recommend the LeapTV system and know that your child will love it, too. Don’t miss out on this great opportunity for a budget-friendly game console that your little ones are sure to love! Since it’s from LeapFrog you know that it will be high quality, fun, and educational. 


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