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Kids Academy mobile apps are fun, educational apps for preschool aged children between the ages of 2-5. K-Dub and I tried the free versions of Montessori Alphabet, Baby Songs: Bingo Karaoke, and Montessori 123 Numbers and I am excited to tell you about them.

Kids Academy


Montessori 123 Numbers

This is a cute game where you have to trace the number on your screen. When you trace the numbers the bugs will jump into a jar. Collect the bugs and win the game! We enjoyed this game though it didn’t leave much room for error and really little kids aren’t all that accurate. You need to be able to trace the line exactly so I would say this is better suited to kids slightly older than mine who just turned 3 last month.

Kids Academy Numbers 123

Bingo Karaoke

Baby Songs is a fun way to teach your kids the song Bingo. There are cute animations and my son loved to sing and clap along to the song.

Kids Academy Bingo Karaoke

Montessori Alphabet

This was my favorite of the games we tried. There are two different modes, one where you can learn the alphabet through sight and sound recognition

Kids Academy Alphabet


Or you can learn how to write the alphabet similar to the Numbers games. Again, the tracing is a little picky and is may be better suited for kids slightly older than mine.

Kids Academy Alphabet


Kids Academy Alphabet


Of course there are more features in the pay versions which are $2.99 which is a reasonable price for educational entertainment. We love having plenty of kids apps on hand since K-Dub has a low tolerance for waiting. We let him play games while waiting in restaurants and doctor’s offices and I will be adding the full versions of these to my phone since he seems to enjoy them so much. You can download one or all of them here from the Google Play Store or the iPhone App Store.


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