Printable Telling Time Worksheets for Kids

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Learning how to tell time can be tricky for kids, but it’s a life skill that they must learn. Make learning fun with these printable telling time worksheets for kids. 

These aren’t your usual boring school worksheets that make learning a drag. Oh, no! This set of clock worksheets will have your child learning while having fun. They will want to do them over and over again. 

The bundle includes time conversions, parts of a clock, time identification, a telling time Play-Doh mat, and more. 

How to tell time printable activities

Learning to tell time worksheets bundle

Parts of a clock – Your child will learn how to identify the parts of a clock, such as the hour hand, minute hand, lines, and numbers. 

Telling time mat – Use Play-Doh to make the hour and minute hands to change the start and end times on the clock face. If you laminate this page you can use this mat over and over again to practice the different times of the day. 

Time by the hour – Use a pencil to write the correct times as shown on the face of the clock. 

Telling time worksheets

What time is it? – Use this page to learn which number on the clock means as it relates to telling time, such as five past, quarter past, and so on. 

Which clocks show 2 o’clock? – Identify 2:00 on the different clock faces. Both digital and analog clocks are on the sheet so young children can learn how to tell time on both types of clocks. 

Time conversion chart – Use this handy chart to learn and convert different units of time, such as seven days in one week, a century is one hundred years, and so on. 

Telling time – Complete the clock worksheet by coloring it, writing the numbers of the clock on the face, and tracing the time shown on the clock. 

What you will need

Telling time activity worksheet bundle

While your child is working on this telling time activity, it’s the perfect time to teach them more about how to tell time. There is so much to learn and even more ways to teach them about this important life skill.

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