Free Pawesome Puppy Printables for Kids

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Your kids love puppies, but there aren’t a lot of activities and puppy printables for kids. There are a lot of printables about dogs available online, but not cute little puppies. Until now!

This Puppy Printables Activity Pack for kids includes six different educational activities that will help your child learn about letters and numbers while having fun with their favorite furry friend – puppies!

Puppy printables activity pack for kids

These printable worksheets can be used by preschoolers, kindergartners, and first graders. All you need is a printer.

Our printable worksheets will help kids practice writing the letter P as well as the word ‘puppy’. There is also a puppy puzzle match, scissor skills practice as well as spot the difference, draw a puppy, and coloring pages for kids to enjoy.

These printables are perfect for the classroom or for practice at home. Best of all, this puppy activity pack is free!

Let’s get started.

What you will need:

You probably already have most of these items in your home, so these worksheets are pretty much print and go. There are some suggested optional items that you may want to use for printing out the puzzle so you can use it over and over again, but it isn’t required. 

Puppy printable letter P practice

P is for puppy letter practice

Use this worksheet to teach your child how to write an uppercase and lowercase P. Once they have practiced writing the letters, they will put them together to practice writing the word ‘puppy’.

They can also color the puppy as well as the big letter P. You could also use this as an opportunity to talk about other words that begin with the letter P or dog breeds that start with P.

Simple puppy puzzle

Puppy puzzle match

If your child loves puppies, they will enjoy this puppy puzzle match. The printable includes four puzzles to cut out and your child will match the two sides of the dog. 

For best results, print this puzzle out on cardstock or thick craft paper and laminate them before cutting them out. This way your child can use them over and over again and you won’t have to keep wasting ink to print them out multiple times. 

Puppy cutting practice

Puppy scissor skills

Help your child to learn to hold scissors properly and practice their cutting skills with this puppy scissor skills printable. 

Starting at the bottom, use scissors to cut along the dotted line up to the puppy’s face. 

Draw a puppy

Draw a puppy

This activity sheet will help your child to learn how to draw a puppy’s face. While using the completed side of the puppy’s face and the grid as a guide, draw the other half of the puppy’s face. When finished, feel free to color him in with crayons or colored pencils. 

Puppy spot the difference

Spot the difference

Your child will need to use their observation skills to find the differences between the two pictures. What is different? What is missing? What has been added?

Circle all of the differences in the second picture.

Puppy coloring pages
Puppy coloring page

Puppy coloring pages

There are two puppy coloring pages for your kids to color however they choose. These coloring pages are great for staying busy on a rainy day or while waiting for food in a restaurant.

Your puppy lover will have fun with these FREE printable puppy coloring pages and activities.


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These downloadable puppy printables are free for personal use only and cannot be changed or modified. They are also not for commercial use and may not be uploaded to any blog, website, or store.

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