What is in My Purse? The Boy Mom Edition

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 This post is something I have wanted to write for a while now. There is something about the contents of someone’s purse that I find interesting. What people carry with them all the time can tell you a lot about them. 

If you were to dump out your purse, what would you find? Is it neatly organized, or is it filled with old receipts and gum wrappers? Are you someone who carries around the kitchen sink and then some, or are you a minimalist who only carries the essentials. Me? I think I’m pretty typical with what I carry around, but sometimes I can have some random things in there. I admit that I did clean out the old receipts and gum wrappers (yes, I’m that person) because who wants to see that? But everything else in there was fair game. 

Now, it’s time to play . . .


What is in My Purse? The Mom Edition #NeuYearNeuYou #Walmart #ad @Neutrogena

What is in My Purse? The Mom Edition #NeuYearNeuYou #Walmart #ad @Neutrogena


I like to have a book on me at all times, whether it’s a physical book or my Kindle. This time, I have Lost Boy: The True Story of Captain Hook in my purse. I haven’t started this book yet, but I can’t wait to dive in. It is the story of Peter Pan told from Captain Hook’s point of view. In this version, Peter Pan is the bad guy. 


Not only do I carry books for myself, but I usually have one in my purse for my seven-year-old son. Right now he is very into nonfiction books, especially the Titanic. He now officially knows more about it than I do! 


I usually have a small notebook or planner and pens on me at all times because I never know when I will have a blog post idea pop into my head. Over the years I have learned my lesson; if I don’t have something to jot the idea down in, it’s usually gone by the time I get home. 


While I have all of my music on my phone as well, I often prefer to use my iPod since it’s small and can fit in any pocket. My phone is a Plus and, as I’m sure you are aware, they are pretty huge and not exactly the most convenient way to listen to music in every situation. 

What is in My Purse? The Mom Edition #NeuYearNeuYou #Walmart #ad @Neutrogena


It’s almost a miracle that these are in my purse at all. I usually put them on top of my head, wear them in the house and forget them on a table, which is pretty useless when I need them to drive. 


I love these little hand sanitizers. My 7-year-old can’t always reach the faucet in public bathrooms, so I have a bottle of hand sanitizer on me at all times so, even if he can’t reach the sink, he can still clean his hands. 


I didn’t know these were in my purse! I must have picked them up from that barbecue place we went to for date night a while back. Having a little boy who always seems to be sticky and covered in sauce, this was a great find. 


I’m pretty sure this is a dead AAA battery, and the charger for my camera isn’t always in my purse. When we go on a little road trip, I will toss it in my purse along with a wall adapter for my phone/iPod/Kindle charger. 

What is in My Purse? The Mom Edition #NeuYearNeuYou #Walmart #ad @Neutrogena


My son forgot all about these. At his book fair a few months ago he chose these to see if he would win a prize. I then put them in my purse for safe-keeping and months later, here they are. 


Your guess is as good as mine. I don’t remember putting them in there, and maybe I didn’t. I do have kids, after all. 


Yes, earplugs. My husband snores so I wear earplugs every night. Every night for the past twelve years. I have been in situations where we’ve gone away for a weekend, and I forgot to pack them. Now I keep a pack in my purse at all times. 


Instead of weighing down my keys, I put all of my discount cards on their own keyring. These stay in one of the little pockets in my purse. That way I don’t have to dig around and annoy everyone behind me while I’m trying to check out. 


Of course. Why wouldn’t I have Batman in my purse? As a boy mom, I have often had action figures or some other toy that one of my boys has brought with them. There is also a Jedi training card from when Dub was a “youngling” in the Star Wars show at Disney‘s Hollywood Studios. 

What is in My Purse? The Mom Edition #NeuYearNeuYou #Walmart #ad @Neutrogena

What is in My Purse? The Mom Edition #NeuYearNeuYou #Walmart #ad @Neutrogena


You never know when you will need an antacid, lip balm, a bandage, nail clippers, or even a hair tie. 


I know, it would be more helpful on my wrist than in the bottom of my purse. 


Of course, I can’t go anywhere without my wallet, car keys, and cell phone. I also have my checkbook in my purse even though I only write the occasional check to my son’s school. 


I admit that I don’t wear a lot of makeup. I work from home so I don’t have to dress up for the office anymore, but I do carry a few of my makeup essentials in my purse. Even though I’m a mom of a certain age, I still have the occasional spot of acne that needs to be covered up. I love the Neurogena® SkinClearing Blemish Concealer because it contains salicylic acid, so it heals the acne spot while it conceals it.

Since it’s quite dry here in Colorado, my lips dry out quickly. Because of this, I keep Neutrogena® Hydro Boost Hydrating Lip Shine my purse for both hydration and color. Also in my purse is a tube Neutrogena® Hydro Boost Plumping Mascara because mascara is always a must. 

What is in My Purse? The Mom Edition #NeuYearNeuYou #Walmart #ad @Neutrogena

What is in My Purse? The Mom Edition #NeuYearNeuYou #Walmart #ad @Neutrogena

That’s it! That is everything that I carry with me day-to-day. I don’t think there’s anything too out there in my purse except maybe Batman. What about you? What are the must-haves in your purse?


You can find the SkinClearing and Hydro Boost lines from Neutrogena® at your local Walmart in the makeup and skincare aisles. They have lip color, concealer, mascara, liquid, and mineral foundation. Try them today for flawless looking skin. 




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