Bow-Tiger 60″ Activity Mat Review

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If you have kids then you’ve also probably felt the intense pain of stepping on Legos or know the frustration of finding and picking up tons of small toys from every corner of the house. Building blocks, dinosaurs, toy cars, Little People, and action figures could be found all over the house, but that that has been significantly reduced with the Bow-Tiger activity mat.Clean up is a breeze with the Bow-Tiger 60" activity mat {review}

We received the large 60″ Bow-Tiger activity mat for review and I have been so pleased with the quality and how much it eliminates toy clutter. It is large enough for my four-and-a-half-year-old to play on and he loves having a designated place to play with all of his smaller toys. 



The Bow-Tiger activity mat is made of strong nylon fabric that is built to last and is also very easy to clean with just a damp cloth which makes it a great option for outside toys or traveling. This activity mat would be perfect to bring along to the beach or on a camping trip. 

Clean up is a breeze with the Bow-Tiger 60" activity mat {review}

The Bow-Tiger activity mat also has two sets of high-quality cords so that if one breaks, you have a spare. I love that when Dub is done playing I can simply pull the cords and all of the toys are neatly contained in a bag that we can easily open again the next day. 

Clean up is a breeze with the Bow-Tiger 60" activity mat {review}

If you need something a little smaller, Bow-Tiger makes their activity mat in a small 20″ size and a medium 40″ size for smaller spaces or traveling. It comes in two colors, the deep Bordeaux that we reviewed and a beautiful Turquoise. 

Clean up is a breeze with the Bow-Tiger 60" activity mat {review}

I have seen activity mats before and thought of buying one but for whatever reason I never did. Now that we have one I have been wondering why not! It would have saved so much time over the past four years of hunting for small toys all around the house every day and worse, stepping on them! I have been incredibly happy with the Bow-Tiger activity mat and know that we will get years of use out of it. Once Dub inherits his older brother’s big kid Legos we will be especially thankful to have this activity mat in our lives. 

Where to buy:

You can buy the 60″ Bow-Tiger activity mat on Amazon for $45.97, now on sale for $35.97. 

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  1. This is a really cool product- it provides a safe “messy” zone for the kids, while allowing parents easy clean up- a total win-win!

  2. I am kind of a neat freak, so i would love having this around to help my son pick up his toys.

  3. This would make clean up so much easier for my grandsons when they’re playing with their mega bloks!

  4. Living in a small two-bedroom apartment with two kids makes it difficult to have lots of toys out. This would be so perfect for us, especially all my son’s cars and blocks!

  5. i am a firm believer in that everything has a designated place (while most of the time that is never utilized) and having a designated spot for my little ones to play just eases a part of my “ocd” mind. I can see this being used at the beach or outside too. So many uses!

  6. I think this Bow-Tiger 60″ Activity Mat is super cool, unique and convenient for both babies and parents. What a great and genius ideas to create a mat that is great for inside and outside activities!! I really love it 🙂

  7. This is a great idea to use when traveling. Just add the must-take toys to the mat & tie it up!

  8. I love having two cords- that’s a great idea. I’m not sure how to get your kid to play *on* the mat though. My LO’s favorite thing is to run around with a little toy clutched in both hands, especially when it’s time for cleanup!

  9. This is so cool. I would use it for my little one’s toys especially when we get her legos since I remember stepping on my own legos when I was a kid. Love the great quality look these have to them too.

  10. This mat is AWESOME! I love how easy it is to clean up using it. Ingenious!

  11. Uggghhh…another missed opportunity!! I totally should’ve thought of this first.
    Story of my life. Lol

  12. I had never seen these before… but it’s a really practical thing, they look great!

  13. Oh I am just so in love with the easy clean up I’m beside myself!! What an amazing product!! I love that it comes with spare cords!! So fabulous and great of the company to take all things into consideration!

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