Block Island Organics Sunscreen Review

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Now that the weather is warming up and we’re spending much more time outside in the hot Colorado sunshine, it’s time to start wearing sunblock more often.

When Block Island Organics asked me to write a review of their Baby Block I was thrilled for several reasons. First, it has natural ingredients. Second, I am very familiar with Block Island, Rhode Island. In fact, I have family that lives there.

Block Island Organics sunscreen review
Red on the Block Island ferry
Red on the Block Island ferry

I have mentioned that I am from New England; Connecticut to be exact. I grew up in Southeastern Connecticut and the beaches in Rhode Island were part of my regular summer stomping grounds.

My uncle moved to Block Island 30 years ago and has been a resident ever since so I have spent lots of time on The Island.

In fact, my grandfather’s ashes are in Block Island Sound with a small box of them buried at the cemetery on the island. I know that sounds a little morbid, but Block Island is a large part of our family.

I love when I can support a “local” brand. Even though Block Island Organics is no longer local to me, they are local to my roots.

The Skin Deep database gives the Baby Block a rating of 1 which means that it has a very low hazard rating. This sunscreen’s active ingredient is zinc and it is non-comedogenic, vegan, paraben-free, phthalate-free, nano particle-free, artificial fragrance-free, non-eye irritating, not tested on animals, and is made in the USA.

This sunscreen is missing all of the nasty stuff that I want to keep off my and my children’s skin. 

But does it work?

Last weekend we packed up some coolers, grabbed some fishing poles, and went out for a day outside. I brought the Block Island Organics sunscreen along with us and applied it as usual.

It is creamy and very easy to apply to the skin, unlike some sunscreens that are thick. We are a family of very fair people but when we got back in the car after a long day in the strong Colorado sun we were burn-free.

If you are looking for sunscreen without a bunch of nasty additives then Block Island Organics is a great option. Also if you have the opportunity to visit Block Island I would recommend that, too.

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  1. I love sunscreens without chemicals, but I despise how thick and un-spreadable some of them are. This stuff sounds great- do you know if it can be found in local stores in CO? Or do you have to order it online? Thx. 🙂

    1. It seems to only be available locally in 3 stores, none in CO. It can be purchased online though.

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