Cuddle and Kind Dolls: Isla the Mermaid Review

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Isla the Mermaid is a handmade, knitted doll from cuddle and kind. All cuddle and kind dolls are made with hypoallergenic polyfill stuffing and come complete with their own birthday, personality, and favorite quote.

For every doll purchased from cuddle and kind, 10 meals will be donated to children in need through World Food Program USA as well as Children’s Hunger Fund.

Isla the Mermaid Cuddle and Kind doll review

Isla is the perfect size for playing pretend games or lying on your child’s bed at night to give her comfort when she can’t sleep ̶ even if they’re not a fan of dolls! Isla the Mermaid is a great gift to give to friends, family, teachers, and really anyone who may enjoy this little addition.

Huge thank you to cuddle and kind for sending us this beautiful doll to review. Below I have included some pictures from my daughter’s first time with Isla the Mermaid. cuddle+kind Isla the mermaid doll review

About cuddle and kind

cuddle + kind is a company that started by accident while looking for a good charity to get involved with. They came across Project 796, which provides handmade dolls to orphanages in third world countries where they serve as a tangible reminder that someone cares about them and is thinking of them.

After purchasing a few dolls to send to them overseas, they saw the difference they made in these children’s lives. This opened a new world of possibilities for how they could help others.

Thus cuddle + kind was born!


What are cuddle and kind dolls?

  • 100% cotton, non-toxic,
  • fair trade,
  • hypoallergenic
  • Extra high stitch count for durability
  • There are 14 super cute cuddle and kind dolls to choose from or collect.
  • Each doll has its own name, birthday, personality, and favorite quote.
  • From tiny crowns to glasses and accessories, every single detail is one-of-a-kind
  • Cuddle+kind dolls are handmade in Peru.
  • Every doll provides sustainable, fair trade income for the artisan.
  • 10 meals are given for every doll sold

What we think of cuddle and kind

From the moment that we were introduced to this company, we knew that this was a company that we wanted to tell everyone about.

At first glance, these adorable knitted friends may seem like any other stuffed toy you can buy at the store but once you dig deeper it becomes clear there’s so much more to cuddle + kind as a company.

For each doll that is purchased, ten meals are donated to starving children through World Food Program USA and Children’s Hunger Fund.

As an added bonus, the stuffing inside the doll is hypoallergenic polyfill, which is great for children with extra-sensitive skin or skin conditions like eczema.

The amount of love and detail put into these little dolls is truly remarkable. My daughter has already laid claim to Isla the mermaid and refuses to give her up anytime soon. She brings her everywhere with us, including the store.

As you can see, cuddle and kind dolls are not only incredibly cute, but they are high-quality and make a difference in the lives of children.


About cuddle + kind dolls

A cuddle+kind doll is a hand-knit, custom-made plush toy for girls and boys of all ages. They have the softest most luxurious feel to them and they are so so cute!

The cuddle and kind doll we were sent was Isla the Mermaid with a sweet little crown on her head and she came with a sweet message on her tag. 

Cuddle + kind dolls are handmade in Peru. Every doll provides sustainable, fair trade income for the artisans that make them. For every doll purchased, ten meals are donated to starving children through World Food Program USA and Children’s Hunger Fund. They have 14 super cute cuddle + kind dolls to choose from or collect.


What we think of Isla the Mermaid from cuddle + kind

First, let me start out by saying that Isla is my daughter’s new best friend. She has brought her everywhere with us the past two days, including the store.

She came in a beautifully designed box which is perfect for gift giving if you’re looking to purchase this as a gift. You can tell just by picking up the box that the doll inside is of high quality.

My daughter has eczema and has had issues with allergic reactions to certain toys in the past. With Isla being hypoallergenic, this doll seems to be a great alternative for cuddling.  She’s been carrying her around for two days now and there hasn’t been any sign of irritation so we’ll take it as a good sign!

The tag on the back of the doll reads, “I am Isla the Mermaid. I love to play in the water and pretend that my tail is a mermaid tail”, which is what drew my daughter to her instantly.

She’s extremely soft, huggable, and just the right size for young children.

Overall, cuddle + kind has captured our hearts with their wonderful items and we give them two thumbs up! If you would like to see more of their amazing products, check out their website to find the perfect cuddle + kind doll for your son or daughter.


What is the age range for a cuddle + kind doll?

Cuddle + Kind recommends their dolls for children of all ages. However, they are soft plush toys and should be handled with care as with any plush toy.

They have a high stitch count so they are fairly durable but it’s not recommended that you don’t leave them alone with a young child who may be teething.

What is the size of a cuddle and kind doll?

The regular doll is 20-inches in height and the little doll is 13-inches in height. The new baby animals are approximately 7-inches in height.

*These dolls are handmade so each one may vary slightly.

These toys come in a variety of styles and sizes, making it easy for any parent, grandparent, or guardian to choose the perfect one for their child.


What are the different types of cuddle + kind dolls?

There are 41 different classic cuddle + kind dolls to choose from in two different sizes as well as the new newborn animal line, which has six different animals to choose from.

Most of the dolls come in a boy and girl version, including some that are gender-neutral. A few of the dolls are available in more than one color choice.

Their regular-sized plush toys make great cuddle buddies while the medium-sized dolls are wonderful for playtime and travel. They capture the hearts of both young children and older kids alike.

Available cuddle + kind dolls:

Cuddle + Kind also has a new line of baby animals that are perfect for babies and tiny hands. The baby animals available are a lion, flamingo, elephant, koala, kitten, and lamb. With your purchase of one of the baby animals, cuddle + kind will donate five meals.


Where can you buy a cuddle + kind doll for your child?

cuddle + kind is available through their website, Amazon, and other fine retailers.

How much do cuddle + kind dolls cost?

Prices for the regular dolls range from $74 to $82, the medium dolls are $54 to $62, and the baby animals are $30. This might seem like a high price, but when you consider that each one is handmade, exceptional quality, and your purchase goes to such a wonderful cause, we think these dolls are worth the price.

For more information on cuddle + kind: click here.

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