Cloth Diaper Brands that Won’t Void Your Warranty for Using Mainstream Detergents

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Cloth diaper brands that won't void your warranty if you use commercial detergent #clothdiapersAre you one of the many families that have tried “cloth diaper safe” detergents without success?

Sometimes making the choice to use commercial detergents can come with the price of voiding your warranty. While I don’t personally worry about that too much since after almost three years and countless brands of cloth diapers I have never had to make a warranty claim, some people do worry about it and that’s perfectly understandable. Now you don’t have to if you use one of these brands of cloth diapers

Some of these brands outright recommend commercial detergents like Tide, Purex Free & Clear, and All Free & Clear (or some combination of these) while others concede that many people have used these detergents with success and have decided to turn a blind eye to it.

Others are a little more ambiguous and don’t mention detergent brands or types and just say not to use additives like bleach, etc in your diaper laundry. Those companies are listed separately at the bottom. Then there are some that just say to use “residue free” or “cloth diaper safe” detergents. After two years of using Tide I would say that it IS cloth diaper safe and residue free but I digress. For those companies it is best to ask them for their approved list of detergents first.  


Best Bottom

Bottombumpers (All & Purex)

Diaper Rite 




Imagine Baby Products

itti bitti


Smart Snugs


Sweet Pea Diapers

Brands that don’t mention specific detergents:


Q: My diapers stink. How do I get rid of the smell?

A: Stink is usually caused by using either too much or too little detergent in the wash. Too much detergent may leave residues, and too little may not be enough to get your diapers clean. We recommend following the suggested amount on the detergent’s packaging based on the size of your load and/or the type of washing machine that you have. 

We won’t refund an item caused damaged by improper care, abuse, misuse, normal fading or normal wear and tear of the product materials. This The warranty is also void when washing instructions haven’t been followed; when bleach, fabric softeners, vinegar, or any other caustic substances and laundry additives have been used; and when the diapers have been subject to water or drying temperatures above 140F.

Funky Fluff

This warranty is void when:

  • Diaper has been altered in any way;
  • Washing and drying instructions have not been followed as outlined;
  • Diapers have been subject to water temperatures above 40°C or 104°F;
  • Laundry additives such as fabric softeners or dryer sheets have been used;
  • Diaper rash creams/Vaseline not safe for cloth diapers have been used directly against the diaper.

What should I avoid?

Do not use laundry additives such as fabric softeners, stain guards or dryer sheets.


This warranty is void when washing instructions have not been followed; bleach, fabric softeners, vinegar, oxy-clean, or any other caustic substances and laundry additives have been used; and when the diapers have been subject to water or drying temperatures above 140F.

These manufacturer recommendations (and others) could change without notice so it is always best to check your manufacturer’s warranty or washing info before taking someone else’s word for it. 

There are many brands of cloth diapers out there so I have probably missed a few. Do you know of any brands not listed here that recommend or won’t void a warranty for using commercial detergents? If so I would love to add them to this list!

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  1. MotherEase diapers recommends mainstream detergents and they recommend AGAINST boutique detergents and homemade detergents due to “insufficient cleaning power.”

    1. How did I miss that one? I love it and added it to the list. That’s what all of them should say. “Are your diapers clean? Awesome, use it!” 😉

    1. I added them to the list. Thank you! I’m not sure how I missed them since I went through the list of diapers I have reviewed, but I did 🙂

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