Buttons Wet Bag Review

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A few months ago I reviewed the Buttons diaper and loved it. Now they are introducing accessories to their line and I have been given the opportunity to review their new wet bag.

I chose the medium-sized wet bag. At 11″ x 11″, the medium bag is the perfect size for running errands with cloth diapers. It will fit 2-3 one-one size or large cloth diapers.

Buttons wet bag review #wetbag #clothdiapers #mamacloth

It is also a great size for cloth pads, which is what I chose this size for.

Buttons wet bag review #wetbag #clothdiapers #mamacloth

It holds a good amount of cloth pads and may hold a cycle’s worth. I still have a small cloth pad stash and use them along with a cup so it’s the perfect size for me.

Buttons wet bag review #wetbag #clothdiapers #mamacloth

The outer layer of the Buttons Diapers wet bag is a cute polka dot cotton fabric in two colors, grey or green. The inside is lined with waterproof PUL. It is a nice PUL that doesn’t look like snakeskin like some of it can. To me, it gives the appearance of being a higher quality. I have used it both for diapers and mama cloth and it held in moisture and odors nicely.

Buttons wet bag review #wetbag #clothdiapers #mamacloth

One feature that is a must-have for me in a wet bag is a hanging loop. This loop has a plastic snap to easily put it on or take it off a doorknob, towel rod, hook, whatever you choose.

Buttons wet bag review #wetbag #clothdiapers #mamacloth

This bag is really cute and very well made for the price. It is a nice, lightweight bag that makes it very easy to travel with whether you’re using it for cloth diapers, mama cloth, or wet pants if your child has the occasional accident.

You can buy one at buttonsdiapers.com or your favorite cloth diaper retailer. While you’re at it, check out their diapers and other accessories. I don’t think you will be disappointed.


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