Rockin’ Green Cloth Diaper Laundry Detergent Review

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Rockin Green Classic Rock #Review #clothdiapersNot all detergents are safe to use for cloth diapers. When washing cloth diapers you must be sure that you are using a detergent that is free of brighteners, enzymes, dyes, softeners and other additives to ensure that your diapers stay in good condition. Rockin’ Green was developed with cloth diapers in mind so you can be sure that it is safe to use.  Hard water? Soft water? Somewhere in between? They have a formula for you. They even have a scent for everyone.

Rockin’ Green has always left my diapers clean and odor free without any build up. It rinses clean which is important because detergent build up can cause rashes and stinky diapers. Not only does Rockin’ Green remove stains and odors from diapers, it’s great for regular laundry, too! They recently won the Laundry 2012 Reader’s Choice award for Best Detergent! This time Rockin’ Green sent me samples of Barenaked Babies which like the name suggests, doesn’t smell like anything at all. Their scents are great, too, but don’t expect to have perfumy scented laundry. They are more for you to enjoy while doing laundry and they don’t leave behind a lingering scent.

Rockin’ Green has several other products that they have introduced recently and not so recently. Do you have problems with ammonia? Pick up some Funk Rock. Do you use mama cloth? Maybe you’d like to try their Femme Rock. How about a stinky pet bed or toys? Yup, they’ve got a rock for that called Dog House Rock. Got a stinky diaper pail? Then Shake it Up! They have a rock for just about any laundry or cleaning need.

Buy It

You can buy some Rockin’ Green from their website or many of your favorite cloth diaper retailers for $14.95


Disclosure: I received free samples of Rockin’ Green in order to facilitate this review. I was not monetarily compensated and all experiences and opinions are my own




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  1. I would choose motley clean I love clean smelling scents, nice to know this is safe on cloth diapers cuz lord knows they’re not cheap.

  2. I would choose Smashing Watermelons! I don’t use RG regularly, but love to keep it on hand to roak a soak every once in awhile!

  3. Definately planning on using only Rockin green for my cloth diapers…i think i would buy the bare naked baby scent whereas my older children are sensitive to scents…can’t wiat to start cloth diapering in oct when my lil girl is born!

  4. Hasn’t everyone heard of Rockin’ Green? There are so many specialized versions though–do you really need them all or just the basic will do it? I am interested in trying it for sure! I love that you can enjoy the scent while laundering, but it doens’t stay in the clothes and irritate sensitive skin–best of both worlds. How do you know if you have hard or soft water? I would try classic rock, rage against the raspberries if I won!

  5. I know alot of people who really like this detergent. I’d love to try the Earth, Wind and Orchid.

  6. This is so interesting! My husband and I have recently been making our own detergent, but as you know it can be a little more time consuming and also finding the right (safe) ingredients is tough. I would go with the lavender mint revival. That sounds refreshing!

  7. I wonder if this would help with our rash issues … I’d get the Bare Naked Babies unscented.

  8. I’m still kindof afraid about using a scented detergent with my fluff, so I’d probably go with Bare Naked Babies. But the idea of a pretty scent is very tempting to try out!

  9. Love the names of all the scents. LOL! I’d have to get Rage Against The Raspberries!!!

  10. These works great for soaking too!! We would choose hard rock bare naked baby

  11. I love this stuff! it makes diapers soo fresh! I would love to try out the “rage against the raspberries” kind it sounds amazing!

  12. I love every Rockin’ Green product we have ever tried! A+ Products. If I won I would choose Classic Rock in the Motley Clean scent (one I’ve never tried!).

  13. I have bare naked babies, but would love to try smashing watermelons!

  14. I use Rockin’ Green and have never had a problem with the stinkies! I would love to try the motley clean scent!

  15. I’d really like to try their hard rock formula in earth, wind and orchids

  16. I use Rockin Green all the time and love it! I would choose the Bare Naked Babies scent

  17. I love rockin green soap, I have only used the hard water w/ no scent but I would love to try funk rock!

  18. I can’t wait to try this laundry detergent! I think the Earth, Wind and Orchids sounds like a heavenly scent!

  19. i love all the different scents but i think id choose the bare naked baby to make surei m not just covering up the stink

  20. This stuff seems really great, and I would love to try it. If I were to get some, I would have to try the Bare Naked Babies (un)scent, though, as I would need the Soft Rock formula and it is only available in unscented!

  21. I’m so happy with their detergent! AND, I recently did a water test and realized that I may be using the wrong formula and it has still worked well for us! But I can’t bring myself to purchase the different formula until I finish what I already have 🙂 I’d love to try the Earth, Wind, and Orchids scent next.

  22. I love my rockin’ green detergent! It’s awesome for soaks! I love Smashing Watermelons the best!

  23. I love this detergent. It has worked well for us. My favorite scent is Rage Against the Raspberries!!

  24. I would choose Bare Naked Babies because I really don’t like scented detergents.

  25. Love RG! Rage against hte raspberries is a scent we haven’t tried but would like to!

  26. I would love to try the classic rage against the raspberries 🙂

  27. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Lavender mint revival, soooooooooooo refreshing!

  28. I have heard great things about Rockin Green! I would love to try the Bare Naked Babies (Unscented) on my sensitive skinned baby!

  29. My very FIRST review on Mami’s 3 Little Monkeys was for Rockin’ Green Hard Rock Bare Naked Babies, I loved it! However when I purchase Rockin’ Green in the future I think I would choose Rage Against the Raspberries. And I love the “fun” of the website and the names, it’s not all prim and proper.

  30. I would have to choose Bare Naked Babies for my sensitive skinned clan.

  31. I would definitely go for Rage Against the Raspberries! I love fruit smells!

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