How to Make Glitter Easter Eggs

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Easter is around the corner, so it’s time to gather your supplies and start decorating Easter eggs! Instead of using just a standard egg dye kit, why not get creative and make glitter Easter eggs?

This creative twist on traditional Easter eggs is fun and a prettier way to decorate your eggs this year. Not sure how to start? Then you’re in luck! We’ll show you step-by-step instructions for making beautiful sparkly glitter Easter eggs that will be almost too pretty to eat.

Supplies Needed to Make Glitter Easter Eggs

The supply list for glitter Easter eggs is short; you might already have most or all of the supplies you need. If not, they are inexpensive and easy to find at most craft or discount stores.

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How to Make Glitter Eggs for Easter

supplies for making glitter Easter eggs

Dry the hard-boiled eggs completely. Gather your supplies (glitter, paintbrush, glue, plastic sandwich bag, small bowl for glue) and put some glue in a small bowl.

putting green glitter in a plastic bag

Add a couple of tablespoons to 1/4 cup of each color of glitter into a quart bag.

painting glue on an egg

Coat one egg at a time in glue by using a paintbrush to make sure the glue is evenly and thinly applied. Make sure the entire surface of the egg is covered with glue.

egg in a bag covered with green glitter

Carefully put the glue-coated egg in a bag of glitter. Gently roll the around in the glitter, making sure to coat the egg entirely with glitter.

When you’ve coated the egg with glitter, leave it in the bag and lay it flat for about 2 minutes. 

blue glitter easter egg

Remove the egg from the bag and inspect it for any empty spots. If you missed a spot, gently apply glue to those spots and put it back in the bag to cover with glitter.

If desired, once your egg is coated, spray it with hairspray, carefully put it on a secure surface, and allow it to dry for 10 minutes or until completely dry. The hairspray helps the glitter not to fall off your Easter eggs as much.

eater eggs covered in glitter

Tips for Making Glitter Easter Eggs:

  • You can eat these eggs but rinse them beforehand to remove any glitter.
  • Using a baggie is the neatest way to cover the eggs with glitter. A bowl to roll the eggs around in would also work well. Shaking the glitter on isn’t recommended and just makes a big mess.
  • Fine glitter worked best, in our opinion, but larger glitter could also work. Confetti-type glitter is too big to get good coverage.
  • Cheap hairspray works well to cut down on glitter shedding. 
  • You can use any eggs you wish, even brown.

Making Glitter Easter Eggs Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What’s the Best Way to Prepare the Eggs Before Adding Glitter?

Once the hard boiled eggs are completely dry, either by air drying or with a cloth towel, coat them with a layer of glue by painting it on with a small paintbrush.

How Can I Make Sure the Glitter Sticks to the Eggs?

Apply an even coating of glue over the entire surface of the egg and cover with glitter immediately. To stop the glitter from coming off the egg, cover the glittered egg with a coating of hairspray or glitter sealer spray.

Is There a Certain Type of Glitter that Works Best for this Project?

Fine or ultrafine glitter will work much better than larger confetti-type glitter.

How Long Does it Take for the Glue and Glitter to Dry?

This depends on the type of glue, how thick it was applied, and other factors such as humidity. Allow at least 30 minutes and check it for tackiness.

Can I Use Different Colors of Glitter on the Same Egg?

Yes! You can mix the colors you want in the bag or get creative by making stripes, swirls, or whatever design you’d like.

Should I Seal the Glitter on the Eggs to Prevent it from Flaking Off?

If you’d like to seal the glitter to the egg, use hairspray or glitter sealer spray.

Can I Use Other Decorations, Such as Stickers or Paint, Along with the Glitter?

You can use any decorations you would like. Some stickers may need glue to prevent them from coming off the glitter, but you’re only limited by your imagination with this project.

Are there any Safety Concerns I Should Consider While Making Glitter Easter Eggs?

To be safe, rinse your egg with warm water before eating it. This will ensure that any glitter that may have come off on the egg is rinsed away.

How Can I Display My Glitter Easter Eggs Once They’re Finished?

Glitter eggs will look great anywhere you decide to display them. Some ideas are in a basket, in a pretty clear bowl, or decorative egg holders.

glitter covered eggs in a ceramic egg holder

Final Thoughts

Decorating Easter eggs with glitter is a fun and creative way to add some sparkle and shine to your holiday. Even if you dye Easter eggs traditionally, adding glitter can take your Easter eggs to the next level.

There are many different techniques and styles of Easter egg decorating, from glitter-dipped to glitter-speckled eggs. With some creativity and a few inexpensive supplies, you can create beautiful and unique Easter eggs that your family will love.

So, gather your supplies and get ready to become an egg-decorating icon.

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