Easy and Festive Easter Centerpiece Decoration

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Confession time: I am not much of a crafter. It’s not that I don’t want to be one, I’m just not. Most of my problem is that I don’t have a heck of a lot of patience. You don’t say?! Yup. I do say. However, I do love to have cute decorations around the house for holidays so I decided that I was going to try my hand at an Easter centerpiece for the kitchen table or a decoration for the buffet. I could go either way with this one. 

Easy Easter egg centerpiece decoration

I went to Michael’s and found these plastic craft eggs. They are made for dyeing but you could do anything you want with them, really. Cover them with glitter, yarn, beads, whatever you feel like. I also picked up some glitter paints which are a clear paint with glitter mixed in. 

Easy Easter egg centerpiece decorationWith my foam brush I dabbed each egg with the glitter paint. I found that dabbing worked better than brushing. This is after the first coat and I put on about four coats to get the eggs to color that I wanted. 

Easy Easter egg centerpiece decorationThe glitter paint that I used to paint the eggs isn’t as thick as I envisioned, but I am still happy with the way this looks on my kitchen table. If you’d like a more solid color then dye the eggs and brush them with a coat or two of the glitter paint. 

Easy Easter egg centerpiece decoration

I found some green fake grass in the floral arrangement section since I wanted something more earthy. Easter grass would also be cute. 

Easy Easter egg centerpiece decoration

I found this cute glass bowl that I will be able to use for several decorative ideas and it turned out to be perfect for my nest of eggs. This bowl was with the vases and candle sconces. 

Easy Easter egg centerpiece decorationSo if you’re not all that crafty like me, this is a perfect way to get your craft on with a very easy yet cute project. Now if I can only convince Dub that there aren’t any jelly beans in these eggs. He still doesn’t believe me.

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