15 Creative DIY Halloween Costumes for Kids

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Every year I struggle to come up with a good idea for a Halloween costume. My mother always made my costumes and did my make up. She was great at it! Sadly, the talent for making DIY Halloween costumes isn’t something that I inherited.

15 Creative DIY Halloween Costumes for Kids

I knocked around a few ideas for Dub and since he is obsessed with school buses, I looked for ideas to help me accomplish some kind of school bus costume. In the process, I found some great, creative costumes for various skill levels.

Now I’m more undecided than ever but there are some incredibly creative and talented people out there making fantastic DIY Halloween costumes for kids. 

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Updated September 2019. Some of the costumes I’d found when I originally wrote this post are no longer available online. (Rude!)

DIY Halloween costumes for kids

I hope that some of these creative DIY Halloween costumes gave you some inspiration. Making your own costumes can be as elaborate or as simple as your individual talent allows. 

The shadow costume is ours (with some inspiration from a similar costume I saw on Pinterest) and we also did the Clark Kent costume when Dub was smaller.

Both costumes were easy and inexpensive to create and we got comments and compliments everywhere we went. A costume doesn’t have to be hard or expensive to make an impact. 

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  1. Janna Law says:

    I love the Sushi, Alice, and Clark Kent. I may have to try making the sushi roll for next year! They are all so good, thank you for posting .

  2. Jessica M J says:

    I will be on my third year of making my daughter a Halloween costume. First year was Little Red Riding Hood, second was The Very Hungry Caterpillar- Butterfly. I loved making last years, I hand painted the wings on fabric I had sewn into wings. This year she is starting to get an opinion and right now it’s looking like Cinderella.

  3. oh my goodness these are so cute. I remember growing up my mom helped us make all of our Halloween costumes

  4. We’re doing semi-homemade again. Most of these are too ‘hard’ to do in a carseat. Wouldn’t work for us since we’re so far out and have to get in and out of vehicles repeatedly.

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