I Just Want to Take a Shower Alone

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I just want to take a shower aloneWhy yes, I would like some cheese with my whine. 

Dub is at an age where he doesn’t nap very often anymore and when he does it’s later in the day. This means that my predicted shower time went by the way of the nap causing me to bring him to the bathroom with some toys and books. More often than not lately he begs to come in the shower with me.

The shower in our master bath is a stall shower so while not ideal it’s okay for showering with a small person. But shaving my legs with another person there? Forget it. My legs are growing broccoli faster than my garden.

Weekends can never come soon enough as they are my time to shower alone. I never thought that I would look forward to such a mundane task so much.

You may say that it’s summer vacation and I have a teenager so just leave the toddler with him and shower. You’d think that would be a reasonable solution, wouldn’t you? Unfortunately no. Ten minutes for me to take a shower is even too long to leave them alone, sadly. I tried today (which is what prompted this post) and I came downstairs just in time for crying because Dub hit his head on the coffee table while Red was glued to the TV. Leaving them alone always leads to chaos and tears. Sometimes the tears are my own.

Right now they’re arguing over graham crackers and dried apricots. Serenity now! If only I could go hide in the shower.

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