DIY Sand Table Tutorial

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I have been knocking around the idea of getting Dub a sandbox or a water table for quite a while now but all I could think about was the mess. The thought of sandy or soaking wet clothes just wasn’t doing it for me and then I had the idea to combine the two. 

A sand table! No messy sand in shoes and crevices and no wet clothes. It was the best of both worlds so I set out to build one.

DIY Sand Table Tutorial #kids #fun

What you’ll need:

  • one under bed storage bin
  • one 8′ 2×4 cut in four 2′ pieces
  • a board approximately 1′ x 3′ (I used a 40 qt. bin but the size of the board depends on how big of a storage bin you use. We had an extra piece of shelving in the garage that we used and it gave us some extra for a place to put a drink or toys on)
  • four L-shaped corner braces with screws
  • four flat corner braces with screws
  • four short screws
  • two or three bolts with nuts
  • four 3″ screws (if needed for more security)
  • exterior paint
  • paint brush or roller
  • drill
  • one 50 lb bag of play sand

DIY Sand Table Tutorial #kids #fun Brace the legs with the L-shaped corner braces.

DIY Sand Table Tutorial #kids #fun

Brace the legs more with the flat corner braces.

Our legs were still a little wobbly so we secured them more with one 3″ screw through each leg into the table top.

Then paint your table with exterior paint to protect it from the elements. 

DIY Sand Table Tutorial #kids #fun

Secure the bin to the top of the table with 2-3 bolts down the center and then a short screw in each corner.

DIY Sand Table Tutorial #kids #fun

DIY Sand Table Tutorial #kids #fun

Fill with sand and enjoy!

Don’t forget to grab the lid for your storage bin so you will have a cover to keep the sand dry!

DIY Sand Table Tutorial #kids #fun

Next up, a patio re-do! 🙂 

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  1. This is such an awesome idea. We just bought my 3-year-old a small sand box for the back yard and I’m already worried about sand going everywhere. Good thing it was a cheap garage sale find. 🙂 Can’t wait to try this!

  2. My daughter has two water tables that she loves. I also made her a box of beans with little trinkets hidden inside that she likes to play with. She is not so big on sand because she hates getting her hands dirty. Like mama, like daughter LOL

    1. I almost made this a sensory bin with beans and stuff but my son loves his dirt! Me, not so much.

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