4 Reusable Menstrual Product Options to Green Your Period

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This post contains affiliate links.

The topic of reusable menstrual products tends to freak a lot of people out. I realize that it isn’t for everyone and I get that because once upon a time I was one of those people. I was pretty horrified at the idea, to be honest.

After a discussion on an online forum about seven years ago, I finally decided to bite the bullet. I figured that I didn’t have anything to lose. Instead, I found that once you try one reusable menstrual product you never want to go back to disposable menstrual products ever again.

Why should you ditch your disposable menstrual products? Using disposable menstrual products can be costly, they introduce unwelcome chemicals to very sensitive tissues of your body, your periods smell stronger (yes, really), and they produce unnecessary waste in landfills and sewer systems. Speaking of which, did you know that you shouldn’t flush tampons regardless of what the package says? It’s true yet most women do it anyway.

There are several reusable menstrual products on the market so it’s easier than ever to green your period.

Menstrual Cup

Sckoon Menstrual CupThe menstrual cup is one of the more common reusable options. It’s discreet, you don’t have to wash it in the washing machine and is the most convenient option while out in public since you just rinse it and reuse it. There is no need to carry a wet bag of dirty ones in your purse.

The downside is that you will occasionally come in contact with your flow and inserting it takes some practice. The one pictured is the Sckoon Cup but not all cups will work for all women and you may need to try a few to find the one that’s right for you.

Cloth Pads

Also known as Mama Cloth, this is another popular choice for women. When I first heard about cloth pads I told myself that there was no way that I would ever try them. Never, not in a million years. Well, guess what? I am now an addict.

They’re pretty and far more comfortable and cleaner than their disposable counterparts. You see far more of your flow with disposable pads than you do with minky and bamboo pads. These materials wick the fluid to the inner core of the pad and best of all, they don’t stain. Some fabrics like cotton may stain a little, but my minky and bamboo pads are still completely stain-free.

Sea Sponge Tampons

sea sponge tamponsThis is a very intriguing option. I just recently heard of sea sponge tampons on a Facebook group that I am a member of and have heard nothing but positive reviews. Using a sea sponge makes complete sense for its softness and absorbency.

There are several different kinds of sea sponge tampons available on the market, some with strings and some without. There are several brands of sea sponges available in retail shops like Glad Rags as well as Etsy.

Reusable Tampons

il_570xN.583064722_h0nxYes, really. There are crafty people out there making washable tampons. Most seem to be crocheted, but I have seen some made of cotton. I haven’t tried a reusable tampon so I’m not sure how comfortable they are or how well they wash, but this is another intriguing option to try. Most of the reusable tampons I’ve seen have been on Etsy.

Have you tried reusable menstrual products yet? Which is your favorite?

Image credits: Nicki’s DiapersA Witch’s Cupboard, Glad Rags, and Amazon

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  1. My husband used to work on the road and if I had my period when he came home I used a sponge so we could… well you know, we did not see each other very often… and it worked really well to keep the mess away but he could feel it. My trampy sister in law told me about it. 😉 I never thought to use it as actual period protection.

  2. I use the Lunette cup and also use cloth pads. I make my own pads and won some from a sweet girl on YouTube. I’m not sure without looking through my pads which brands they are, but they seem to be wonderful. I’ve been using them for 2-3 months now and will never go back.

  3. I use lunapads and love them! I didn’t realize that I was allergic to the synthetic ones until I made the switch. I did it after deciding to use cloth diapers and wipes. If you use natural family planning this allows you to know your body’s whole cycle. The cup is also good if you follow leave no trace camping.

  4. I have a Lunette cup, would like to try another brand. Also been meaning to make some Mama Cloth, but haven’t gotten around to it.

  5. I love my mama cloth. I used them postpartum and got hooked. Made a bunch of my own design. Saves a bundle.

    Not sure I want to mess with a reusable tampon though.. sounds painful.. OB is all squished up when you insert it.. lol

  6. how would you make the reusable tampons ‘go’? reusable applicator? confused. lol. but cloth pads are pretty cool.

    1. OB tampons don’t have an applicator, you just insert it so is guess these are the same idea. I do wonder though since they aren’t a smooth

  7. I have used cloth panty liners & post partum pads. I love them they are much more comfortable & cheaper!

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