My Go-To Easy Cloth Diaper Choice May Surprise You

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My Go-To Easy Cloth Diaper Choice May Surprise You #clothdiapersWhen we were moving last month and getting settled in I needed a cloth diaper that wouldn’t be a hassle. Something easy. I realize that easy is a relative term but I must admit that a year ago I never would have thought that I would choose prefolds to be that diaper.

Heck, I sold off what few prefolds I had last year because they were just collecting dust. To me, prefold diapers were to be used as burp cloths. Well, when my son became a super soaker I entered and won a giveaway for a dozen prefolds to use as pocket inserts. Imagine my surprise when I didn’t use them for inserts for very long. Instead I put them in a cover and started selling off my pockets! WHAT?! Yup. True story.

My Go-To Easy Cloth Diaper Choice May Surprise You #clothdiapersNow mind you, I am a lazy prefold user. I just trifold them, lay them in a cover and go. But prefolds are so incredibly versatile that I am now considering purchasing another dozen in a larger size so that I can fasten them and use them inside a wool cover.

They are also easy because they can take a beating and you don’t have to adopt an overly complicated wash routine. Since they are made of natural fibers they are also more breathable and you are less likely to have rash issues. Some babies are sensitive to the synthetic fibers in pockets like suedecloth and microfleece. Prefolds are a great option for those on a budget too, of course.

I am not an expert on diaper folds since, as I mentioned above, I just trifold them. But there are plenty of sites on the web that show you how to fold prefolds. The Eco Friendly Family blog has a great tutorial on several kinds of diaper folds.

If you’re anything like the me of a year ago I urge you to give prefolds another chance. They’re not just good for burp cloths. Except for Gerber prefolds; those are great for burp cloths, not so great for diapers.

Update: Now my husband has starting to reach for “the old school diapers” more than the pockets. I never thought that would happen! 

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  1. When I first considered cloth diapering, I was intimidated by prefolds– I thought AIOs and maybe pockets were the way to go. Now, although we won’t be starting (and forming real opinions) for a little bit longer, I am convinced that, at least most of the time, prefolds are the way to go. I’ll still have a few prestuffed Pockets and newborn AIOs on hand for other caregivers, middle of the nights, and rush situations, but not my primary stash.

  2. I LOVED prefolds. I always bristle at people who, when trying to educate about cloth diapers, tell people they are useless or not good for anything. I can guarantee they never tried them, they are just parroting the same info they were given. They don’t know what they are missing! We used nothing but prefolds and prowraps from when she was 6 months until she was about 2.5 and they worked wonderfully, better than any fancy-shmanscy high priced ones we had (and def better than the AIOs). This, of course was 14 years ago, so I am guessing a lot has changed with it all, but if I had to do it again, I would do it exactly the same.

    1. A lot has changed in 14 years for the sake of convenience but sometimes the simplest thing is the most convenient. I had no idea you used cloth on J. Knowing what I know now I wish I would have done it then.

  3. When I originally started doing CD research for my first due in December I was turned off by prefolds. BUT the more I read about them and read what blog posts like this have to say I can’t wait to add them to our growing stash hahaha. They are so versatile. We plan on buying some GMD newborn and small size to add to our other newborn diapers!

  4. I agree! I avoided prefolds at first, but now GroVia bamboo prefolds with a Happy Heiny Fleece Cover are the ones I reach for first.

    1. I’ve heard great things about the Grovia prefolds. I may have to try them if/when I decide to get some in a bigger size to use with wool

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