Imse Vimse Swim Diaper Review

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Diva Diapers is an online cloth diaper store with a nice selection of items for all of your cloth diapering needs. They were wonderful enough to send me an Imse Vimse swim diaper to review.

I have wanted to try an Imse Vimse swim diaper since last summer but just never got around to buying one. I had one swim diaper or I would just use a pocket diaper without the insert for swimming in his baby pool out in the yard. He has since outgrown his old swim diaper and I knew that it was time for a new one and I chose the Red Lizard print.

Imse Vimse swim diaper review #clothdiapers

The diaper has one closed leg and the other has two snaps.  It took a few clumsy seconds to get on while standing up but it will be very easy to get on with K laying down or while standing with a less squirmy kid than K.

Imse Vimse swim diaper review #clothdiapers

K is right around 26 pounds so I chose the extra large which fits 24-31 lbs. When I received it, it looked so tiny that I wondered if it would fit. Apparently I am so used to pocket diapers because not only does it fit, I probably could have gotten away with a large which fits 20-26lbs. I’m glad that I did end up choosing the larger one though because the elastics at the waist and legs are snug enough to hold in any potential accidents while still having room to grow. I am sure that it will still fit next summer which is great!

A reusable swim diaper isn’t made to be absorbent (and neither are the disposable ones!). They are made to hold in solid waste and liquid waste will pass through, so don’t put your little one in this and then drive to the beach!

It hasn’t been warm all that much yet here in the Northeast so we had to try out our new swim diaper in the tub

Imse Vimse swim diaper review #clothdiapers

The waist and leg elastics stay snug even when wet

Imse Vimse swim diaper review #clothdiapers

And so do the elastics in the crotch area, even with this diaper being on the big side. I feel confident that this swim diaper will hold in any messes so that may happen and we can avoid an unpleasant swimming accident.

One note, it holds more water than you would think it does. When I took him out of the tub and took the diaper off quite a bit of water came out of it and I ended up with a big wet area on my bath mat, so let your baby drip dry for a minute or two before taking it off.

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You can buy your own Imse Vimse swim diaper from Nicki’s Diapers

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  1. I’d pick Turquoise Dots with Frill

  2. turquoise dots with frill! would look adorable on my little princess! 🙂

  3. i’m really excited to use a swim diaper. its so hot out and just ordered a little baby pool. your swim dipes are adorable

  4. I like pink fish! 🙂

  5. Jessie T-B says:

    I like the green fish print

  6. christine jessamine says:

    i love the Imse Vimse Swim Diaper Pink Sea Animal print

  7. Kathryn Perkins says:

    I like that they stay snug even when wet!

  8. Charlotte R says:

    I would choose the Imse Vimse Swim Diaper in Green Fish

  9. Brianna L. says:

    I would love to win the Red Lizard print!

  10. I like the orange fish, but they are all so cute.

  11. Gosh I wish I had a girl…those ruffle ones are ADORABLE. But for my baby boy, I like the black lizard swim diaper.

  12. Sara Miller says:

    The turquoise fish print is so cute!

  13. lizz wisniewski says:

    Navy sea animal is cute!

  14. Jessica O says:

    I like the Black Lizard print.

  15. Geri Fink says:

    I love the snaps on the sides. The prints are great! Love the red and black lizards, the fish and the sea life diapers in all the colors!

  16. i love the black lizard!

  17. Meghan Wyant says:

    I love that it has side snaps!

  18. I love the red lizard print. I also love that it has side snaps. Pull on / pull down swim diapers are a bad idea!

  19. Shannon Stubbs says:

    I haven’t used any swim diapers yet, but I like how it stays snug even when wet.

  20. A friend of mine has one of these swim diapers for her son – it’s really cute and has a good fit. I’d pick the Orange Fish print.

  21. Alysha Carmody says:

    Love the navy sea animal print!

  22. I’d pick turquoise fish

  23. Turquoise fish is my favorite print

  24. I love the fact is is easy to use. That is always important for any children’s item!

  25. Sandy VanHoey says:

    I like the red & blue fish with frill diaper

  26. The pink dots with frills is so cute!

  27. Denise Taylor says:

    I love the red and blue fish print with a ruffle, so cute!

  28. Elizabeth C says:

    I just really love the look of these swimdiapers, so trim and cute!

  29. I love that it has snaps for easy on/off! The Turquoise Dots with Frill print is really cute.

  30. Justice Montgomery says:

    I would pick the Turquoise Sea Animal swim diaper!

  31. Danialle Meyers says:

    I would probably go with the black lizard print, so cute!

  32. Chasity Boatman says:

    I love the red lizard print!

  33. Texas Momma says:

    I like that it has snaps instead of velcro….the one I have now has velcro & it has snagged my swimsuit & my daughter’s =(

  34. I like the Turquoise Sea Animal print. You say the elastic is tight to keep things in. I hope that is true even for a skinny little guy like I have!

  35. deltaflute says:

    I like the black lizard. Please and thank you.

  36. Guinevere says:

    I love the side snaps!

  37. I love how Imse Vimse fits my LO, and that they have matching tankinis.

  38. I like the navy sea animals and black lizard

  39. I like the Turquoise Fish print.

  40. i like the snaps so they aren’t super easy for the little one to undo, but make it super easy to get on and off when you’re dressing them!

  41. heather c. says:

    I like that it’s snug enough that leaks are not a concern!

  42. Sarah Heart says:

    I LOVE how it buttons on the side

  43. Christina C says:

    I like black lizard

  44. heather c. says:

    I like the Black Lizard or Sea Animals (blue and yellow) prints.

  45. I like that it’s just like little underwear; no snaps or potentially-scratchy hook-and-look to deal with. Keeps it simple!

  46. Briana Floor says:

    I would take the Turquoise Dots with Frill in XL

  47. Amanda R. says:

    I would choose the turquoise sea animal print

  48. Alisha Hodges says:

    I like the Blackbird print on the Thirsties diaper.

  49. I would definitely choose Imse Vimse Swim Diaper Yellow Sea Animal. I LOVE yellow!

  50. Colleen Maurina says:

    I would choose the Imse Vimse Swim Diaper Yellow Sea Animal print.

  51. Sarah Hull says:

    I like the Green Fish print

  52. If I won, I’d choose the Red Fish Swim Diaper.

  53. Jennifer B says:

    turquoise sea animal!

  54. Sara Pearsall says:

    I love the Imse Vimse Swim Diaper in Turquoise Dots with Frill! It would look so cute on my little girl!

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