QuickZip Sheets are the Perfect Bedwetting Solution

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Bedwetting is frustrating for both kids and parents. The last thing anyone wants to do is change their child’s sheets a few times a week or worse, in the middle of the night. At this point, Dub is dry most of the time at night so we no longer need to use diapers or bedwetting pants and the pads that stick on the bed bunch up and end up in a ball by morning because Dub is just as wild in his sleep as he is during the day. 

When I was asked if I would like to review QuickZip sheets I couldn’t wait to try them. They seemed like the perfect bedwetting solution. As an added bonus, I was pleased to find out that they’re local to me. As in, their manufacturing facility used to be just a few miles from my house!

QuickZip Sheets are the Perfect Bedwetting Solution

I received a grey QuickZip twin sheet set, an extra panel, and a waterproof mattress pad for review. 

QuickZip Sheets are the Perfect Bedwetting Solution

The mattress pad we received just lays on top of the mattress as opposed to our existing pad which goes on like a fitted sheet, which is what you want with this system. 

QuickZip Sheets are the Perfect Bedwetting Solution

Once the pad is on I put the fitted part on the mattress just like a regular sheet. Where this set differs is that there is a zipper all around the fitted portion and a panel zips over the top of the mattress for easy changing in case of an accident or if you don’t feel like changing a fitted sheet on laundry day because really, who loves changing their sheets?

QuickZip Sheets are the Perfect Bedwetting Solution

The zipper is a really high quality and zips around very easily, which is perfect since Dub’s bed is against a wall. 

QuickZip Sheets are the Perfect Bedwetting Solution

And when it’s on it looks almost like a regular sheet. 

QuickZip Sheets are the Perfect Bedwetting Solution

The QuickZip sheets have been a game changer for us. Since we put this set on we haven’t used any other sheets and now I don’t really mind if Dub has an accident. It takes no time at all to change out the top panel and since the panel is so small, it can be thrown in with any load of laundry. You know what else is nice? No clothes getting stuck in the elastic corner of the fitted sheet while they’re in the dryer. 

Really, if you are looking for a bedwetting solution or if you just don’t feel like changing your fitted sheets all the time, I highly recommend the QuickZip sheet system. One note though, they do not come with a top sheet so you will have to use one of your existing top sheets with this set. 

Where to buy:

You can buy a set of sheet as well as crib sheets and play yards directly from their website, Amazon, and more. Find a location here.


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