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In my experience, finding decent (and cute) nursing clothes can be rough. When I had my first daughter, I owned a lot of clothes that suddenly fit me again, but were not appropriate for breastfeeding. She was born in February, so with it being so cold, a lot of my shirts were high-necked and I had to layer tank tops underneath that didn’t always match or were not meant to be pulled down in the front. I did have a couple of nursing tanks, but I found that they were too short for my taste and uncomfortable to wear with a bra.

This pregnancy, I have been on the hunt for a good tank top that will be more appropriate for me – particularly since this baby is due in the summer! I’m definitely going to need tank tops to keep cool.

Undercover Mama

I was introduced to Undercover Mama last month and after taking a peek at their website, I was very excited to try their nursing top. It isn’t like a normal tank top, but appears as more of a strapless tube-top type of shirt. However, it has some pretty fun little things that make wearing your own bra so much easier than a typical nursing tank.

There are two options. The first is that you can wear this with a nursing bra and use the little loops to attach the shirt to the bra clip. The second is that you could also use it with a non-nursing bra by using the hook to attach it to the bra strap. If you struggle to find a nursing bra that fits you, I highly encourage you to look into this option as it might just save your sanity.

Undercover MamaUndercover Mama

When choosing my tank, I was absolutely thrilled to see how many different color options there are: fifteen solid colors and a polka-dot. I’m a sucker for mint, so that is what I chose (much to my husband’s dismay; I think he was hoping I’d change it up a bit – it’s like he doesn’t even know me!) and I was very pleased to see how true to the color it is to that which was presented online.

Undercover Mama

When the shirt arrived a few weeks ago, my belly measured at about 42 inches around, so I was worried that it wouldn’t fit me since I had ordered a size medium. That way, when my littlest arrives, I could still wear it comfortably. Despite my concerns, I was pleased to see that due to its longer length, I was able to wear it even with my 28-week belly! In fact, it has fit me for the last three weeks and I have been getting a lot of use out of it.

Undercover Mama

My eldest daughter still nurses occasionally, so it’s still important to me to have easy-access for her if needed. Mostly, I have been happy to have a shirt that actually goes over my bump that I will be able to use a lot after giving birth. Furthermore, it’s a tank top that I will wear for many years to come – even when I’m done nursing. It’s comfortable, the length is excellent for me, and the ease of use is spectacular.

Undercover MamaUndercover Mama

After all of this, my one complaint is that, without straps, the back can sometimes fall a little lower than I want it to. This doesn’t change my high opinion about it, but it is something to consider (and remember) when wearing it out and about without an over-shirt.

Undercover MamaUndercover Mama

You can find Undercover Mama on their website as well as on Amazon.

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  1. Just out of curiosity, how do you intend to use it when you’re not nursing anymore? I had one with my last baby and loved it, but I strictly wore it under other shirts so that I could lift the outer shirt to nurse and still have my torso covered. Will you continue to layer it under other outfits later on?

    1. I personally felt very comfortable wearing it without a top layer – I don’t mind my bra straps showing since they show in half of my tank tops anyways! But, yes, layering would be another option, particularly in the cold months. I like long tanks to wear under my sweaters.

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