Reusable Menstrual Pads Review

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Until a few weeks ago I had never used reusable menstrual pads, or mama cloth before. I have used a menstrual cup for the past six or seven years but mama cloth made me nervous. I had much of the same reservations as I did about using cloth diapers in the beginning and look at how that turned out.

When Pink Lemonade approached me about doing a review I had to think about it for a few days. I have heard so many great things about mama cloth that I finally threw caution to the wind and decided to give it a try. For my review item, I chose the starter set since I didn’t know what to expect. 

About the pads:

The starter set includes one 8″ Light Pad, one 9″ Day Pad, & one 10″ Heavy Pad. They are topped with soft, stain-resistant minky with an absorbent bamboo fleece inner core 

Pink Lemonade Menstrual Pads #review {mama cloth}

They are backed with water-resistant windpro fleece and fasten to your panties with a sturdy poly resin snap

Pink Lemonade Menstrual Pads #review {mama cloth}

My experience:

First I prepped them much like I would prep a new cloth diaper. I washed and dried them three times with my regular laundry to make sure they were plenty absorbent by the time old Aunt Flo decided to pay a visit. 

I was surprised at how well they stayed in place. I expected them to slide a bit since they don’t have an adhesive back. They are also very comfortable. With disposable pads I always feel them no matter how thin they are but even though these are a little thicker than a disposable pad, I barely even noticed them. 

I have a very heavy period and I used these as back up to my cup during my review period (no pun intended) for the heaviest 2 days and they worked so well that I may try them on their own next time.

My wash routine:

This was the thing that made me the most nervous about using reusable pads. When I changed pads I rinsed the used one in lukewarm water in the sink. When wringing them out I was surprised at just how much fluid was held inside the core. I didn’t realize that there was as much in there as there was.

After rinsing them I put them in my cloth diaper wet bag and washed them with my diapers, I admit that this thought freaked me out a little bit but then I realized that once my diapers are out of the wash they’re clean. If the diapers are clean enough to put on my child then why wouldn’t the pads be clean as well?

If you don’t use cloth diapers, since I only have 3 pads there were a few times that I also washed them with my normal laundry. Since I pre-rinsed them in the sink they weren’t all that messy so washing them with regular laundry didn’t seem “gross”. After several washes, the pads are still free of stains. 

I was very pleased with my experience and Pink Lemonade has turned this mama cloth skeptic into a believer. 

Buy It

For fast service and one-stop shopping, you can buy pads in a variety of sizes to suit your needs from pantyliners to postpartum pads directly or from Nicki’s Diapers. 

Pink Lemonade Shop cloth pads review #clothpads #femininecare #ecofriendly #mamacloth

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  1. I love that they didn’t stain for you! I have a few cloth pads and I had a few stain problems, but I didn’t do the rinsing step (they are a different brand as well).

    1. I’m not an expert but I’ve heard that minky is resistant to staining. If your others are another fabric then maybe these would stain less for you.

  2. I like the Set of 2 9 Inch Minky Day Pads with Fleece backs and would probably get those.

  3. I’d like to get the Set of 4 Cotton Velour Pads with Fleece backs Part Number 1234 with the $25 gift card

  4. I have three Pink Lemonade post partum pads to get started with making my switch after baby arrives in about 5 weeks. I’d love to add some 10 and 11 inch pads.

  5. I would choose the 9 Inch Cool Nights Hand Dyed Bamboo Velour Day Pad with Fleece back.

  6. I’ve been interested in cloth for awhile now. I love how cute the prints are. I really am fond of the Rainbow Owls print.

  7. I ordered a few 8 inch and 6 inch pads last month from Pink Lemonade and they are awesome!! I’d love to win some more!

  8. I have a few pads from Sue’s shop and Love them. I would love the Set of 3 Minky Pads with Fleece backs in orange and pink.

  9. I would choose the Undyed Bamboo Velour Nursing Pads with PUL backs or Wool backs

  10. I’d try the Set of 2 13 Inch Minky Post Partum Pads with Fleece backs for after baby arrives.

  11. I love these pads and the fact that they eliminate a lot of waste I would like –
    Set of 5 7.5 Inch Minky Pantyliners – Number 1040

  12. I would get the post partum paisley print. Not expecting…yet. I’m slowing growing my mamacloth and I have only pink lemonade, and they’re great!

  13. These look fantastic–better for me, and better for the environment! I really love the prints, and the rainbow owls are my favorite.

  14. I would get 2, 9″ pads in the New Pink Owls and the Dark Hand Dyed Bamboo. And then I’d probably grab a pair of nursing pads too.

  15. I would put the gift card toward the Set of 3 Minky Pads with Fleece backs! 🙂

  16. I love these pads! I just tried my first one and they are SO comfortable and soft!! I need more!!

  17. I believe I would choose the Set of 4 6 Inch Minky Mini Liners. Thank you for all you do!

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