My First MAGFORMERS ® Ice World Set Review

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My First Magformers Ice World Set Review

Are your boys anything like mine? My sons are polar opposites, but the one thing they have in common is that they love to build things. It doesn’t matter if it’s with a real building toy or not; if they can dream it, they will build it. Sure, building toys are a favorite, but my boys will also build things with random objects around the house if they’re so inclined. Because of their imaginations and desire for different types of things to build with, we like to have a variety of building toys for them. 

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We have previously reviewed a MAGFORMERS® Power Construction set and love it, so when MAGFORMERS® asked if I would like to review one of their My First MAGFORMERS sets, I jumped at the chance. Dub loves his Magformers construction sets, but it is for kids ages 6+ and at age five, he still finds a few of the pieces tricky. I thought the My First set would be a nice addition to his collection to give him some easier projects to build as well. 

My First Magformers Ice World Set Review

My First MAGFORMERS are for ages 3+ and are made up of simpler shapes for frustration-free building fun. We chose the Ice World building set and it is made up of simple squares and triangles. It is very easy for him to build what he wants quickly without getting annoyed when a piece doesn’t go together the way he envisions it.

My First Magformers Ice World Set Review
My First Magformers Ice World Set Review

The Ice World set comes with an easy to follow booklet that shows him how to make fun cold weather things like a snowman, snowflake, whale, igloo, polar bear, and more. He loves how he can make something in a few minutes, take it apart, then move on to the next thing easily. 

My First Magformers Ice World Set Review

He also likes to play with them in a more freeform way by building little houses and other shapes. When he’s feeling creative he puts them together with pieces from the construction set to make even bigger things like cars, train tracks, or whatever else comes to mind. I love how you can combine the different sets to keep the creative juices flowing. This allows Dub to keep busy with his MAGFORMERS for hours. 

My First Magformers Ice World Set Review


They are a building toy with magnets in them so they stick together easily to build almost anything your child can dream up. This gives kids a different but equally fun building experience than building blocks and wooden blocks. The magnets are safely encased in sonic welded, BPA free, HQABS plastic so you won’t have to worry about them coming out and being swallowed by little people or pets. 

MAGFORMERS are a combination of building bricks and blocks in how they go together. They aren’t as secure and portable as building bricks, but they are more so than blocks. This means that if your child builds something they can pick it up and move it very carefully, but some pieces may move or come apart of they aren’t careful. We have to remind Dub of this when he tries to move his creation to show someone what he’s built.

If you have a little builder (or not so little builder since my 16-year-old also likes to play with these with his little brother), MAGFORMERS are a fun building toy that your little one is sure to love. They would also make a unique Easter basket stuffer.

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  1. Super neat!! I love the winter theme for this one 🙂 Living in Wisconsin we see lots of ice and snow lol!! I wish these weren’t so pricey but I think they would be worth it!!

  2. I’ve been seeing these everywhere and I can’t wait till my daughter is old enough so we can build so many things together.

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