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Super Easy Cloth Wipes Solution #clothdiapers

Super Easy Cloth Wipes Solution

by Regan

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This came about by accident, really. I had several different cloth wipes solutions from reviews that it didn’t really occur to me that the one I was finishing up was my last one. I was going to order some more and then on a trip to Sprouts I noticed the liquid castile soap and a lightbulb turned on. 

Super Easy Cloth Wipes Solution #clothdiapers

For a solution using a bar of castile soap, check out my other simple cloth wipes solution.

I use a 32 ounce bottle because it’s what I have on hand but you can adjust this to a smaller container. The measurements don’t have to be exact, this is how easy this recipe is. I only measured out the amounts for this post as a guide. Just fill your spray bottle with warm water and then add some liquid castile soap. I used about two teaspoons in this 32 ounce bottle. 

Super Easy Cloth Wipes Solution #clothdiapers

Completely biodegradable and vegetable-based, our Classic Liquid Soaps Made With Fair Trade & Organic Oils have been called the “Swiss-army knife” of cleaning – usable for just about any cleaning task. These simple, ecologically formulated soaps are gentle enough for washing body, face or hair. Different tasks call for different dilutions of the soap. To get you started with some basic uses, check out Lisa Bronner’s “Liquid Soaps Dilutions Cheat Sheet.

There are different fragrances you can get to suit your tastes though I would probably stay away from peppermint for these purposes. To me it seems like it would be too cooling and might be uncomfortable on a baby’s genital area. This solutions smells good, is economical, works really well and couldn’t be easier to make. 


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Jennifer August 20, 2014 - 7:16 pm

Now this wipe solution is more my style, I like 2 ingredients (especially one I can pick up at the grocery store!). Do you change up the scents every once in awhile?

Regan August 20, 2014 - 7:26 pm

I haven’t yet because you only need 2 tbsp of soap for 32oz water so I still have soap left. But yes, I think I’ll try almond next time!

Krystal Bernier February 25, 2014 - 9:46 am

Great wipe solution. I will try this one, I love castle soap.

Stephanie February 24, 2014 - 8:59 am

Thanks for the post. Great info