Why I Never Buy Cloth Diapers on Amazon

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Don’t get me wrong, I love Amazon. I shop on Amazon several times a month, sometimes even several times a week, but I never buy cloth diapers there. I like to support the cloth diaper community by supporting cloth diaper shops and the moms and women who own them, but since some cloth diaper shops and brands also sell on Amazon, it’s even more than supporting small businesses. There is a bigger reason why I don’t buy cloth diapers on Amazon

Why I Don't Buy Cloth Diapers on Amazon, and Neither Should You

When it comes to cloth diapers, you can get more bang for your buck elsewhere. There is no denying that Amazon has amazing deals on almost everything. When I’m shopping I often check my Amazon app to see if it’s cheaper there and nine times out of ten, it is. But not cloth diapers. I’m not just talking about the sticker price of the diaper, either. Here, let me show you.

Since this post was written in 2016, many cloth diaper stores and brands have closed or started selling their own products exclusively. This has been an incredibly sad development for those of us who loved supporting smaller businesses.

Because of this, I have to change my stance on this post a little. Since there is no longer as much choice in the cloth diaper market as there once was, Amazon may now be your only choice for some brands. So now my stance is this: shop small cloth diaper stores when you can so they will be able to stay open and offer you the perks that Amazon can’t.

Why I Don't Buy Cloth Diapers on Amazon, and Neither Should You
Why I Don't Buy Cloth Diapers on Amazon

A lot of times, the sticker price is actually more on Amazon than a cloth diaper retailer like Diaper Junction, shown above. But that’s not all . . .

What about Amazon Prime free shipping?

Yes, Amazon Prime is an amazing thing. I love Amazon Prime, but there are plenty of cloth diaper retailers that either always have free shipping or low threshold shipping that is easy to meet with a small order. See my list of cloth diaper stores with free shipping to find out which ones ship for free. 

Why I Don't Buy Cloth Diapers on Amazon, and Neither Should You

Why I Don't Buy Cloth Diapers on Amazon, and Neither Should YouAmazon doesn’t give you rewards and freebies.

Once you buy your more expensive cloth diapers on Amazon, they aren’t going to reward you for your purchase, but a cloth diaper retailer will. Most cloth diaper retailers have a rewards system where you earn points for every purchase and when you reach a certain amount, they will give you free money to shop with. Hello! Free diapers, y’all! You won’t get free diapers from Amazon, that’s for sure.

Speaking of free diapers, many cloth diaper stores give you freebies with a minimum purchase. This could be a sample of diaper cream all the way up to a free diaper. I also have a list of cloth diaper stores that offer freebies

So while I have a lot of love for Amazon and Amazon Prime, you are better off buying your cloth diapers from a cloth diaper retailer. Some of my favorites are Diaper Junction, Nicki’s Diapers, Kelly’s Closet, Sweetbottoms Baby, and Dearest Diapers

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  1. This is all good info, and I agree for the most part. I will, however, say from experience that buying from Amazon can be a great choice if you have friends and family who are (were?) extraordinarily negative about cloth diapering but who will give you Amazon gift cards (since they definitely won’t be bothered to get certificates from KC or Nicki’s).

    My family meant well, but every single one of them told me I was crazy and that I wouldn’t last a month. They DID, however, get me a lot of Amazon gift cards for my baby shower and I managed to snag the vast majority of my stash from my Amazon Registry using gift cards and my completion discount (mainly Osocozy prefolds, Thirsties covers, some BG 4.0’s, and Planetwise wet bags, so not the “China Cheapies”).

    From there though, most of my other purchases along the way were from Kelly’s Closet and Nicki’s Diapers and you’re right that the discounts and rewards points can be very worth it (plus I have major love for Nicki’s covers). Ultimately, it all boils down to examining your buying choices and making the most informed and cost-effective choice for you.

    Thanks for sharing your insight!

  2. Personally, I LOVE buying cloth diapers off of Amazon! We used my in laws Amazon prime account and not only got free shipping but we also got a HUGE discount on the actual price. We paid less than $200 for 24 one size snaps pocket diapers with their inserts, a wetbag, and a diaper pail liner. I also love Amazon because you get to read honest reviews. The customers don’t know the sellers so don’t feel the need to help them sell their product. AND with Amazon, if there was a problem with the diapers, which there weren’t, we could easily return them without any problems. I will ALWAYS buy from Amazon.

    1. This post is referring to name brand diapers that can be purchased from a diaper retailer. $200 for 24 diapers sounds like you purchased Chinese diapers that aren’t available from a retailer so none of the mentioned perks and cost savings would apply. In that case, Amazon is the way to go. 🙂

  3. I”m so bummed I found this out after completing my stash. I would’ve had plenty of rewards from so many small shops, but from now on I even look for kids toys or baby feeding items from these shops so I can support them.

  4. You make some really good points here! Another thing you get from diaper retailers (and not Amazon) is help if you have any cloth diapering questions or run into a problem.

  5. I have bought a few diapers on Amazon, but the sales on smaller diaper shops are usually much better. I really love Nicki’s Diapers for my cloth diaper addiction.

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