How to Prevent the Dreaded Diaper Chain

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A lot of us like the ease of hook and loop diapers but don’t like the fact that the laundry tabs can fail and your diapers stick together in the washer. It can be inconvenient or even cause slight damage to your diapers if the hook part sticks to the fabric of another diaper.

There is a very simple cure for this. Buy some loop fabric and cut it into squares.

How to prevent diaper chains

Loop fabric is just the loop (soft) side of the hook and loop. You can purchase it online or go to your local fabric store. I found some at the fabric store and had some cut for me. Even if you have to buy both the hook and the loop it’s not very expensive.

How to prevent diaper chains

Use the loop fabric squares on your diapers instead of the laundry tabs and that should be the end of your diaper chains.

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  1. Great tip! I originally wasn’t going to buy any aplix for our CD stash but I think I do want to have some for anyone else who might be diapering baby when she gets here since it is much more simple!

  2. I have luckily never really experienced the dreaded diaper chain, but many of mine are now converted to snaps because the velcro wore out.

  3. Wow ~ what a simple solution to something that drives me nuts not on diapers (don’t have any little ones at the moment) but on anything that uses this. Thank you so much for alleviating at least this little aggravation!! 🙂

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