Road Trip to Seven Falls and a DIY Back Seat Organizer Idea

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Whether we’re taking a long ride down to New Mexico or one a bit closer to home for a daycation, my family and I love to take road trips. With so many great places to visit in Colorado within a relatively short drive from home, we take several road trips a year. 

Because we spend a lot of time in the car, the back seat of the car was starting to look like a bomb went off. With kids, the things that go in the car don’t always make it back out. In an attempt to try to keep their stuff organized in the back seat I made a DIY back seat organizer for our trip down to Seven Falls in Colorado Springs. It was so simple and worked out really well.

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I’ve mentioned a few times, I don’t do mornings well. Before anything else I need to make some coffee to get myself ready to pack food, get the car ready for the trip, and get out the door. We can’t go on a road trip of any kind with a sleepy, cranky mom. 

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Now to pack some road trip food. When we go on the road we like to pack easy food to prepare and unpack. We pack small snacks that fit in our reusable snack bags for in the car snacking as well as food that we can pack in the cooler put together easily. This time we opted for some shrimp salad lettuce wraps with organic romaine hearts. That might seem like a strange choice for a road trip, but it works. Trust me. 

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Since we were just going for a day trip, we went relatively light on the food we packed. In addition to the shrimp lettuce wraps, we also brought tuna salad, fruit, Gatorade, Quaker Popped mini rice snacks, and Dove dark chocolate covered blueberries and cherries. As an extra special treat, Starburst for the ride home. Okay, so the Starburst were mostly for me, but don’t tell the kids.

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DIY back seat organizer

Now that I am recharged with some coffee and had our snacks packed, it was time to put my storage idea into motion. I bought an inexpensive over-the-door style shoe organizer made of a material that was easy to cut and easy to clean. The one I purchased was about $8 and it is perfect. To attach the organizer to the back of the seat, I tied it to the headrest with a ribbon.

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Once I attached the organizer to the seat, I cut it to the size that I wanted. I cut it down to two rows of pockets which fit perfectly on the back of my car’s seat. To secure the bottom of the organizer, I attached it to the small lip at the bottom of the seat with binder clips.

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Now we have a place for the kids’ paperback books, snacks, action figures, and other small items that tend to get lost under the seats.

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Seven Falls – Colorado Springs, CO.

Now that we were ready to go, it was time to get on the road. We went down to Colorado Springs to a place we hadn’t been before called Seven Falls. We heard there was a large waterfall there so we had to check it out. Fed and entertained, now these two are ready for the mile hike to the falls. Let’s go . . .

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The way up was beautiful, especially this gorgeous stream that ran the whole way up with these little falls along the way.

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Then we got to the top and the view didn’t disappoint. Up the elevator, we went to look out on this beautiful waterfall. After taking in the view from above, we went back down and Red walked up the stairs to the top of the waterfall. I chickened out because I wouldn’t have made it back down, but he said the view was amazing. 

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After spending a good amount of the day at Seven Falls, we went to a park for an evening picnic before heading back home. 

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#RoadTripHacks: Back Seat Organizer #Albertsons (ad)

While at Albertsons I purchased all of the food and goodies for our trip. You will notice that all of the road trip food and snack ideas are on sale and are clearly marked with a black Best Road Trip Ever tag on them making them convenient and easy to find.
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  1. I love Alberton’s. And with kids you definitely need a back seat organizer in the car! Those are always a big help.

    1. Yes. We have a lot less things going missing under the front seats. I should have done this sooner!

  2. We’re more of home-bodies so we don’t get out on a roadtrip often but I’ll definitely consider these tips the next time we go! Thank you for sharing this wonderful post! 🙂

  3. You know how to do road tripping right! That organizer is brilliant! I use shoe organizers for a lot of things, but wouldn’t have thought of that. Impressive snacks too!

    1. They’re the perfect size the small things that tend to get lost. I think I’m going to use the part that I cut off in the playroom for all of the action figures that I keep stepping on.

  4. What a great hack! My 5 yr old would love having a collection of things in the pockets. And, what a gorgeous place! That staircase looks rough, lol!

    1. Haha. Yeah, we didn’t do the stairs. They have an elevator that goes up so you can see across to the falls. To go up the falls itself you do need to go up the stairs which my 15yo did and said it was rough. We tried but my 4yo wasn’t going to make it and the height thing started to get to me.

  5. I love your hack! You have no idea how messy my car gets with my kids! They leave a trail of toys, books, and food. My car is hardly ever clean so this is a great way to make my car look less messy,

    1. My teenage and preschool age sons are horribly messy people. My car was sticky and stained and probably needs a professional detailing for the seats, but the organizer has helped a lot with the small things.

  6. We’ve never considered the romaine lettuce but you may have just sold us. That’s a great idea and a good way to stay healthy 🙂

  7. I love the back seat organizer. I keep meaning to make something like this for my car. And the snacks look great. I like that you were able to find everything and they are marked with road trip tags.

    1. Yes. I always feel so blah if we load up on Slim Jims and rest stop sandwiches. We always pack a cooler when we head off on a trip now and it’s made a huge difference.

  8. The organizer that you write about is such a great idea–I just bought one like it and it did wonders for us when we went on road trips this summer. Happy and safe travels!

  9. I love those reusable snack bags!! I’m going to have to get me some of those! I’ve seen them on Amazon! The back of my car looks like a bomb went off in it too sometimes, we love having those back seat organizers though! Very useful!

  10. I love road trips and wish I could go on as many as possible but thats not a possibility at the moment. I am loving the back seat organiser and though we do not yet have kids this would be handy in our car

  11. Love the organizer for the car! I need to do this. I always seem to be on the road. You can tell by looking at my car! Full of stuff!

  12. I love this little organizer project you have put together. The little net pocket that comes with the car doesn’t do a whole lot for me.

  13. What a great idea. My kids are grown, but what I’m actually thinking it would be great for my mom (she has Alzheimer’s) when she rides in the car she gets antsy and I think a version of this would be great for her. I also pinned this because my husband and I love Colorado and I had never heard of 7 Falls before it’s gorgeous!

  14. We go on road trips a few times a year and the kids stuff always ends up in a mess in the backseat. I love this idea and can’t believe I didn’t think of it sooner!

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