This House Needs a Mouse by C. Jeffrey Nunnally

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If you’ve been around for any length of time then I’m sure you’ve gathered that we’re huge book lovers in this house. I even joke that I’m a book hoarder. I am always browsing bookstores, thrift stores, online, and the library looking for something new for myself or my kids, and love to discover new books. When I was asked to review This House Needs a Mouse by C. Jeffrey Nunnally I happily accepted the opportunity. 

This House Needs a Mouse children's book review

The author, C. Jeffrey Nunnally. lives in Colorado and is a psychotherapist, professor, public speaker, business owner, husband, father, and now author. He aimed to create an energetic story that sparked creativity and explored creative relationships between characters. In my opinion, he succeeded.

About the book:

This book tells the story of an ordinary family living in an ordinary house who become very frustrated with the amount of crumbs on their ordinary floor. They then decide to go to the pet store to get a mouse who is in need of a house. They are happy with their mouse roommate who keeps their floors sparkly clean by eating all of the crumbs that inevitably end up on the floor. They even declared that this house needs a mouse

However once the family has a new baby they move out of the house and leave the mouse behind. 

This House Needs a Mouse children's book review

When family number two moves in they aren’t nearly as welcoming of their mouse roommate and do everything they can to get rid of it. They chase him with brooms, put out traps and poisons, and even get a cat who thankfully turns out to be a pretty poor mouser. When they are unable to get rid of the mouse the new family is able to see how clean the little mouse kept their floors. They then decided that yes, this house needs a mouse.  

This House Needs a Mouse children's book review

Our thoughts:

This book is very cute, has a great rhythm to it, and is beautifully illustrated. I loved that this book took a situation that many of us wouldn’t enjoy in real life, having a mouse in the house, and putting a fun and positive spin on it. By the end of the story it makes you almost wish you had a mouse in your house, too. Almost. 

My son who recently turned four really enjoys this story and looking through the pictures. It’s a little long for us to read at bedtime but it’s a great book to take a break with in the middle of the day or for your beginning reader. The story moves along at a great pace that keeps young children interested even though it’s on the longer side. We enjoyed this book very much and will for years to come. I would definitely recommend adding this title to your child’s book collection, especially if you’re looking for something a bit different from your usual children’s book. 

Buy It:

This House Needs A Mouse is available now on the book’s websiteAmazonBarnes and Noble, and Big Tent Books

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