Last Minute Stocking Stuffers for Teen Boys

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With two days until Christmas Eve, have you finished all of your shopping yet? I have to admit that this year I am way behind the eight ball when it comes to my holiday shopping. Since I also have three birthdays to think about around the holiday season I usually start shopping slowly in October and am done by my oldest’s birthday in early December. This year I didn’t really even start Christmas shopping until late November and realized, oh no, I still have to buy stocking stuffers. 

Last minute stocking stuffers for teen boys

The stockings have been my nemesis this year, especially for my fifteen-year-old. Why is this age group SO hard to buy for? Judging by the number of hits that my teen boy gift idea posts get and pins that get repinned starting in September and October, I’m not alone! All of the small things for this age group are pretty pricey and not what I would consider a stocking stuffer. I am not one to put toiletries and such in a stocking though I know a lot of people do. It’s cool, it’s just not my personal approach to stockings. So without further ado, here are some stocking stuffers that you could pick up at the last minute that don’t seem like they were afterthoughts. 

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Ear buds

If the person on your list is anything like my son, they go through ear buds like it’s their job. They get lost, one side blows out, their little brother throws them in the toilet. You know, life. 



One can never have too many hats. They’re also one of those things that tend to turn up missing more than almost anything else. 


Rechargeable battery phone case

Kids and phones. It seems like they’re always looking at their phone, texting, playing games, and running down the battery. Kill two birds with one stone by getting them a case that’s also a phone charger


Gift card

It doesn’t have to be much, just $5 or $10 to Starbucks, Barnes & Noble, Target, or their favorite local shop or restaurant. 


Book light

While traveling or at home, a book light is perfect when the reader in your life is in a situation where they want to read but don’t want to bother others. Book lights can also come in handy for more than just books.


MP3 player

Maybe a little pricier than your average stocking stuffer but if you are filling the stocking with more inexpensive items then this might be a nice surprise. My husband and son have both had these little Sandisk MP3 players for years and they both love them. 

Even more ideas for great stocking stuffers:

Candy from a gourmet candy store
Beef jerky and other snacks
Movie tickets
Comic books or magazines
Magazine subscription
e-books or MP3s (print the certificate from Amazon, etc)
Stress ball
Scratch tickets (if 18 or older)

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