Awesome Blossom Cloth Diaper Review

Awesome Blossom is a new name in cloth diapers. (From their website) Awesome Blossom diapers is a WAHM-operated busines located in the U.S. and the Awesome diapers are fairly made in China. The handmade fitted diapers and trainers are made by The Eli Monster company which is a WAHM owned company based in the USA.

When they approached me for a review I was more than happy to try out a new diaper brand, being the self-proclaimed addict that I am.

I chose the Great Green color which is really more of a greenish yellow. It’s a bright, vibrant color that is different from any other diaper that I have. I like the color a lot! These are one size diapers with a 3 step rise that fit babies from about 9-35 pounds.

They have a suedecloth inner liner and a microfiber insert and I must say that I really like their insert. Microfiber very often feels prickly to me and I don’t like to touch it but this insert is softer than many others I have felt.

The Awesome Blossom is a no-frills cloth diaper that does the job that it is set out to do. There aren’t any fancy features but we didn’t have any leaks with this diaper, it has a nice fit in the front and around the legs, and it is dad-friendly. To me, that’s what matters in a cloth diaper.

K is 18½ months and 25½ pounds and he wears this diaper on the medium rise setting and the second smallest snap setting.

It holds up to toddler gymnastics without leaking!

  • Straightforward and easy to use
  • Pretty soft microfiber insert
  • No leaks
  • Vibrant color
  • Dad friendly

If I were to make changes to the diaper I would prefer a wider opening for stuffing the insert. The elastic is very stretchy and I have small hands so it’s not an issue for me but I do wonder how easy it would be for someone with bigger hands, like The Husband. Overall I would recommend the Awesome Blossom diaper. It’s very easy to use, didn’t leak, and comes in several great colors and some prints. They even have bundle packages, wet bags, and they make their own fitteds and training pants.

*Update: I am now pretty sure that this is a relabeled standard Chinese pocket diaper.

Buy It

You can buy an Awesome Blossom pocket diaper for $13.25 – $21.99

Disclosure: I was not monetarily compensated for this review. I received an Awesome Blossom diaper at no cost in order to facilitate this review. The experiences and opinions are all my own
Regan is a New England native now living in Colorado with her husband and two sons. She is committed to living greener and is an advocate of cloth diapers, babywearing, breastfeeding, and intuitive parenting. She loves to read, cook, bake, write, and explore her new mountain home.

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  1. lizz wisniewski says

    The bubble time minkys are super cute! I really love the amazing orange, and the awesome red as well. It will be hard to choose if I win :)

  2. Amy Poore says

    I like the Happy Pink Flowers.

    I actually have a question. Did the suadecloth really keep your baby dry feeling? I have mostly micro fleece in my stash now feel my LO is feeling too wet to the touch so I was thinking of switching to suadecloth. Maybe this is an option.

    • Regan says

      All of these synthetic fabrics leave a dryer feel than my natural fiber diapers. I don’t feel that suedecloth is more (or less) dry than micro-fleece or micro-suede. Someone else may notice more of a difference between the synthetic fabrics, but I don’t. The only diapers that truly felt dry to me and I had to flip the insert over to tell if it was wet is itti bitti and SoftBums stay dry inserts are also quite dry. You could try a fleece liner inside the diaper. I went to the fabric store and bought a remnant for $2 and cut it into about 20 liners.

  3. Sara Pearsall says

    I adore the Happy Green Flowers diaper. I love how trim the Awesome Blossom diapers are. There is no need for too much bulk on the bottom of the baby.

  4. Megan McClure says

    The Happy Green Flowers diaper is the cutest! I like that it’s a one-size diaper and that it doesn’t seem incredibly bulky.

  5. heather c. says

    I’m glad that you mentioned that about the microfiber. I don’t like the way microfiber feels to my fingertips, and you’re the first other person I’ve ever heard say they didn’t like the touch of it either. I’d be interested in this diaper just based on that alone! :)

  6. Cara says

    These sound great! As a soon-to-be first time mom who’s excited about cloth diapering, I’d be eager to try these.

  7. Lindsey McG says

    I love the blue bubble time minky diapers, I don’t have any minky yet and would love to add one to my stash!

  8. Stephanie Polen Reed says

    I would love to get the great green! Fun color for a baby boy or girl. Thanks for the giveaway!!!

  9. Beth Ann says

    I really love the cute flowery prints, and the bold solids! How cute! I think my husband might even appreciate it!

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  10. Heather says

    I actually want one of the black ones. My LO has a black and pink punk onesie we got at the baby shower and she needs a diaper to match!

  11. becky worthman says

    I love these fresh colors! I guess aMazing orange would be my first pick, but it was a tough call! It’s a bummer they won’t fit my newborn for a bit, but she already has several to grow into–i am hoping to win more!

  12. Betty C says

    It ‘s hard to choose just one. I love them all. I think my favorite is the OS Fitted Cloth Diaper-Gothic Toile – Handmade followed by the yellow bubble time.

  13. Rachel Ellis says

    I like that this diaper seems to be on the larger size. My 8-month-old is 22lbs and we are already having issues with some one size diapers being too snug (he has a chubby belly).


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