Swaddlebees (Blueberry) Capri Diaper Cover Review

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Dearest Diapers is an online cloth diaper retailer out of Sacramento, California with a wonderful selection of cloth diapers and accessories. They were kind enough to send me a Swaddlebees Capri diaper cover to review. I am a Swaddlebees & Blueberry fangirl and I was ecstatic to finally try the Capri since I am such a big fan of the Blueberry Coverall and the Weehugger.

Blueberry (Swaddlebees) Capri review #clothdiapers

When I opened my package I was thrilled with the cover that I received. If I were to have chosen my own color/print it would have been the Owl print! Look how cute and fun it is:

Blueberry (Swaddlebees) Capri review #clothdiapers

It has great leg gussets, which is a feature that I love in a cover

Blueberry (Swaddlebees) Capri review #clothdiapers

Gussets in action:

Blueberry (Swaddlebees) Capri review #clothdiapers

I use fitteds and covers exclusively for nighttime diapering and this cover fits very well even over my Sustainablebabyish snapless fitteds and let me tell you, not all of my covers fit well over those! It also worked wonderfully when I had to use flushable inserts for a few days while we treated a rash that was starting to look yeasty. It was a little baggy in the butt with the flushable insert but it still worked wonderfully. Just like the Weehugger, it has flaps in the front and back to hold any type of insert or prefold you wish to use.

Blueberry (Swaddlebees) Capri review #clothdiapers

It has a great fit in the rear (this is over a bulky Sbish snapless)

Blueberry (Swaddlebees) Capri review #clothdiapers

And a nice, flat front. Over the Sbish snapless the rise snaps are all undone (they can be snapped down to the medium rise but the top panel fit better when undone) but over a typically shaped fitted like a Goodmama he is on the medium rise setting. He is 18½ months and almost 26 pounds.

Blueberry (Swaddlebees) Capri review #clothdiapers

As it turns out, the Capri is the best of both the Coverall and the Weehugger and that’s saying a lot with how much I adore both of those covers! In case you’re wondering how this cover compares to either or both of the others like I was, I have taken some comparison photos:

Blueberry (Swaddlebees) Capri review #clothdiapers

Capri and Weehugger on the left, Coverall and Capri on the right

These are all set on the medium setting and as you can see, the Capri is in the middle of these two in terms of sizing

Blueberry (Swaddlebees) Capri review #clothdiapers

I would say that the Capri is cut more like a Weehugger but slightly larger while the fabric is closer to the Coverall but slightly thicker. Since it isn’t cotton knit like the Weehugger it dries much faster. It fits over the bulkiest of my fitteds without a problem at all where the Weehugger would only fit over smaller or more typical fitteds. The Coverall is roomier but sometimes too roomy so I think the Capri is the perfect balance between the three.

Blueberry (Swaddlebees) Capri review #clothdiapers

  • Front and back flaps
  • Leg gussets
  • High-quality fabric and amazing colors and prints
  • Flat front for a nice fit
  • Fits over the bulkiest of fitteds and the trimmest of disposable/biodegradable inserts
  • Two rows of snaps

Overall, Swaddlebees does it again. I am in love with this cover. It has the best of my two favorite covers to make one, I daresay perfect cover! I have absolutely nothing negative to say about the Swaddlebees Capri.

Dearest Diapers offers a great selection and free shipping! So shop away!

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  1. I would choose the monkey print with the snaps I like that they aren’t bulky

  2. We use fitted’s and covers at night time, too. I’d love to try this one! I would choose the Baby Blooms print!

  3. I’m digging the owl print that you reviewed, but I also love the giraffes and monkeys. What can I say… I’m an animal person.

  4. I can’t wait till my baby comes and i can use mine!! love the owls!! well, actually i love all the prints 🙂

  5. I lvoe all the different prints available. As we start to use more diaper covers than pockets for nights and naps – I’m excited to see more prints come out. I like somethign a little different to look at.

  6. These look like they’re designed very well. I really like the Giraffe print. I’m a Thirsties fan…aside from the quality….they are located in my town. These Capris look like some equal competition!

  7. I placed my first order with Dearest Diapers recently and was very pleased. I really like the leg gussets on this cover and would definitely use the owl print.

  8. I love the Monkeys print! I also like that fact that the Swaddlebees has the extra leg gusset! I love extra gussets!

  9. I really love the Dinos, Monkey, and owl prints. I like the selection of prints for the covers. I like that it comes in a variety of different ways to secure them. I keep hearing every baby is built different, and I feel like these options give more flexibility while getting into the swing of cloth diapering. (Especially for a first timer)!

  10. I don’t like pockets and I have been looking for a cover system that would fit a newborn instead of buying newborn diapers – I think this might be the one! I like that the size one can fit from 6 lbs! I would choose the pink color because I’ve always wanted a pink diaper. 🙂

  11. I love the owls, but I think I’d pick butterflies for my girly girl. thanks for the side-by-side comparisons of the other covers–very helpful!

  12. There’s just something about those owls!!! But I really like the butterflies print. Its so pretty!

  13. This is my absolute favorite diaper cover!!!! I have the dino print, but would love to get the monkey print too!

  14. I order everything from dearest diapers! Rana is amazing and I get my order the next day (with free shippinf!). Ive never tried these diapers, as I use mostly pockets, but I love the giraffes print!

  15. This is the best blog I’ve read so far about covers and it has the best pictures. As a newbie to cloth I’m finding it hard to understand the differences as most look the same on baby! Your pics really showed how the cover works so thanks! I would chose the Swirls design if I were to get one of these.

  16. We mostly used pockets with our first but I am starting to love covers. These look wonderful!!I would choose dinos or tweet.

  17. I cannot wait for my little guy to be a little bigger so he can start wearing cloth! This cover is very nice.

  18. I love the look of how this diaper fits! If I won I’d choose the Tweets print <3

  19. I need to get the dinos print! My hubby calls our baby girl his little T-rex and he would love this print! Might even make him more interested in switching her to cloth fulltime!

  20. I like that this is a one-size cover. The only ones that I have are sized. I really like the swirls print!

  21. What a cute cover! I never used too many covers with my first son, but really did like them. I think for baby #2 I’ll be using a lot more with fitteds, prefolds and flats! I really like the Owls and Giraffes print!

  22. I love the look of these covers. There are some of the best I’ve seen for boys.

  23. This looks like a really quality cover. I love the “stay put” flaps. I would choose the giraffes print if I won

  24. They have some of the nicest diapers! I would love the Dino Hook and Loop in Size two!

  25. i lovce the owls and butterflies! i love how well the cover trimly fits over fitteds!

  26. I have a serious love for all things owl, so I automatically loved this on site. But when I read your review, I realized I would love it even if it wasn’t owl print! It would be so useful. I love when companies take two amazing products and combine them into one that just blows your socks off. This sounds like one of those products! And, of course, of all the prints they offer, my favorite is the owls!

  27. I love the idea of a cover with front and back flaps, but not fully lined so it can be wiped down easily and used again! I’d go with the Baby Blooms print.

  28. I’m a huge fan of cute prints, especially owl prints!! I would love the Giraffes print!

  29. These covers are so cute and they have so many great prints!! My favorite is the monkey print.

  30. These diapers are adorable I would choose the butterflies print!

  31. Oh wow, these are adorable covers! I would choose the Dinos print for my baby! Too cute!!

  32. I can’t wait to try these covers with my new little girl in a few months!!! I would definitely choose Baby Blooms!

  33. I would love to try this cover… i have heard great things! Looks like a great cover. I would choose Kiwi

  34. I love that the gussets are the same as the print and not just a solid color!
    I would most definitely choose MONKEYS!!!!

  35. I love Rana of Dearest Diapers! She let me come over and shop a few days ago when I was in Sac visiting my family. I was totally geeking out at her amazing selection of fluff. I was lucky enough to get to check these out up close and they are some great looking diapers. I love the Dino print with snaps.

  36. I’ve just started venturing into the world of fitted diapers, and love them, but would love a couple covers so I can use them overnight! This cover looks perfect for us, especially since my homemade fitteds are super bulky. If I were to buy one, I would choose to get the Monkeys print with snaps!

  37. I seriously love these diapers. The owl print one is my favorite. It’s time to buy my little man some new fluff. Thanks for sharing.

  38. Not only is the shipping free from Dearest Diapers, but when I placed an order I was amazed at how quickly I received it — 2 days!

  39. We’re starting to realize that we like using covers a little more than pockets. It’s exciting!

    1. I am starting to like them a lot too. At first I only bought them as a nighttime solution since double stuffed pockets were starting to leak so I bought some fitteds. That has worked perfectly but now I have such cute covers that I hate to waste them for nighttime only. I may buy some more prefolds (I sold mine a while ago) or some flats to use here and there during the day since the fitteds are too bulky under clothes 🙂

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