Monkey Foot Designs Wet Bag Review

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Bouncing Babies is an online cloth diaper shop owned by two cloth diapering moms, Megan and Stacey. Megan, a mom of two, lives in Washington while Stacey, also a mom of two, lives in Minnesota. Together they have put together a shop with a great variety of cloth diapering items.

One of the items that they carry and are sponsoring for the Fluffy Butts event is a fabulous large Monkey Foot Designs wet bag.

Monkey Foot Designs Wet Bag Review

Monkey Foot Designs is a new name to me but I was immediately taken in by their amazing prints. After seeing that Bouncing Babies carried these wet bags and after all of the great things that I’ve heard about them, I had to try one.

I chose the large bag in the Jam Session print. It is such a vibrant and fun print and I love it so much more in person than I did on the website! Here it is full and after being washed for a month and a half. It still looks great!

Monkey Foot Designs Wet Bag Review

To give you an idea of how much this bag holds, this is what was inside:

Monkey Foot Designs Wet Bag Review

When I first opened the bag I was immediately struck by how substantial it felt. There is no mistaking that this is a high-quality bag! The fabric on the outside is great quality but what most impressed me was the zipper and the inner lining.

The zipper is bigger and more heavy-duty than my (previously favorite) well-known wet bag. It is easy to grab and zips/unzips very smoothly

Monkey Foot Designs Wet Bag Review

And the inner waterproof layer is made of a material called ProCare which is thick compared to PUL. There isn’t any wicking or odors with this fabric and I am confident that it will be able to hold up to years of washing and drying (on low, of course).

Monkey Foot Designs recently finalized a design of a wet bag to be used by the astronauts on the Space Station. If a Monkey Foot Designs wet bag can hold up in outer space, it will surely hold up to a few dirty diapers!

Monkey Foot Designs Wet Bag Review

I did notice that the sizing of this bag is a little different from other bags I’ve owned. The large is really almost a medium and a half. It is a little too big to use for a day of running errands but it would be a perfect size for an overnight trip.

I use wet bags instead of a diaper pail and I loved this wet bag so much that I also bought an extra-large. I have included a photo for size comparison.

Monkey Foot Designs Wet Bag Review
Large PlanetWise, Extra Large MFD, Large MFD

There are five sizes of wet bags ranging from an extra small snack bag to the extra-large wet bag available in a bunch of amazing prints.

You can purchase a Monkey Foot Designs wet bag on Amazon. They are available in sizes small and medium.

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  1. I would choose the Juicy Jungle print for the wet bag, but still try to get my hands on one of the cute cloth diapers

  2. Love the wetbags. I appreciate the photo for size comparison. I love the gray giraffes print.

  3. I love the non-chemical sealing! I’d choose the Hedgehog Meadows print!

  4. You can never have too many wet bags – they come in handy all over the place. The grey giraffes design is too cute, too.

  5. I haven’t invested in a wet bag yet, just don’t have the extra cash yet. But WOW does this one hold a lot! The Brown Owltude is super cute, and clever name!

  6. I have two XL bags that I use in lieu of a diaper pail and a medium goes in my diaper bag. The quality is stellar (no pun intended!) and nothing leaks, not even odors! Love my MFD bags!

  7. I really like all the size ranges and you can get a double pocketed bag. I like the spotted owls print best.

  8. I love my snack bags from monkey foot designs! They are super cute and I love the zippers as opposed to velcro!
    I really like the Hedgehog Meadows print!

  9. Currently expecting our first baby and we have been looking at all the different wet bags. I am liking what I hear about the reviews and would like to give these a try. I like the Jam session print 🙂

    1. I also really like the Turtles print I love turtle anything! Hopefully my son will think it is fun too!

  10. I like that it has that long zipper pull and thicker material. I would choose the Eco Love print.

  11. This wetbag looks great! I like the heavy duty material and the fact that it doesn’t hold smells… I’ve ave problems with that in the past. I would love to have the Sherbert Sanctuary print. 🙂

  12. I really like their method to make a bag that doesn’t leak! I would choose Gray Giraffes.

  13. These are by far the coolest prints I’ve ever seen on Wet Bags. i love them! Would probably pick Robot Factory!

  14. Sweet–outspace wet bags! I like that it’s not PUL. I would choose the Chocolate Zoo print

  15. I like the big zipper pull tab. The prints are all really cute but I would probably pick Brown Owltude

  16. We need another wetbag. Ours had a little incident with the dog. Oops! I love the gray giraffes!

  17. I love the available prints and that the lining is thicker than PUL. I have three wet bags lined with PUL and they start feeling damp after a couple of days. I don’t like that. I would love the Hedgehog Meadows print. So cute!

  18. I love that it can go in the dryer! I would choose black jam session or the ready set go print

  19. If i won this amazing giveaway i would choose the Brown Owltude print it is sooo cute!

  20. These look really well made! I love the Grey Giraffe print, we have a diaper in this print too!

  21. I love wetbags! I only have one, but would love another, so I can wash and rotate them! I really like the brown owltude print!

  22. I have wanted to try one of these wet bags! I really like the Gray Giraffes print (and…Sherbert Sanctuary and Meadows! )

  23. looks like they have wonderful items. I would love the Bouncing Hedgehogs Wetbag!

  24. my favorite print is the juicy jungle with pink elephants! i love that it washes well!

  25. I’ve only heard good things about Monkey Foot Wet bags. I would love to get one for free. I Like the pink elephant pattern.

  26. These wet bags look so cute! I think my favorite print is the Brown Owltude. I’m glad to know that they hold up well to washing.

  27. Wow, permanently sealed seems — Impressive! Plus I love a bag that can go in the dryer!! I’d choose the June Bug print.

  28. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE these wetbags. I have tried different ones and these are by far my favorite, very well made!!

  29. I love them all but if I had to choose one it would be june bug, but I might change to willow orchard or juicy jungle

  30. This wet bag comes in so many cute prints, but I think Brown Owltude is my favorite

  31. I have not ever used a wetbag!! lol I want one but I always would rather have another diaper then a bag so I still haven’t gotten one! I would choose Pink Owltude.

  32. All of the prints are so cute for the wet bags, but my favorite is the spring butterflies!!

  33. I love the wetbags! If I had to choose a print it would be Juicy Jungle! I love it! Too chic!

  34. I really like the strap on this bag so I can attach it to the outside of my diaper bag or stroller when full. And I think I would get the pink elephants print…. maybe, hehe.

  35. That bag can really hold a lot! I really need a new wet bag b/c my current one is leaking… yuck! I love Brown Owltude!

  36. Would LOVE a wetbag that can hold up to our heavy duty diapers! Lol. The pail liner we are currently using has delaminated, which makes it a lot less effective! I super love the Jam session print!

  37. Love, love, love the pattern on that wet bag! It looks like it is made to be really sturdy also!

  38. Love the wet bags. I still need to get one. We’re using a pillow case right now. lol

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