Easy Spiced Oatmeal You’ll Actually Want to Eat

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I’m not a morning person. Not. At. All. It seems to take me hours to wake up so when it comes to making breakfast I am the biggest slacker there ever was. That’s why I need some easy recipes in my arsenal like this spiced oatmeal recipe that isn’t much more difficult than pouring a bowl of cereal.

spiced oatmeal

Cereal has too much sugar and processed ick to kick the morning off right. To get some true energy instead of a sugar burst, oatmeal fits the bill wonderfully. It’s not everyone’s favorite because, let’s face it, plain oatmeal kind of tastes like wallpaper paste.

Not this oatmeal. I promise.

Sure, if you make oatmeal with just milk or water then it’s going to taste pretty bland. Yuck. But when you add a few things from your spice cabinet and pantry then you can come up with something really very tasty. 

Get your breakfast on! Energize your morning with a power breakfast

Do you see that Penzey’s Cake Spice there?

This cake spice? It has cinnamon, star anise, allspice, ginger, cloves, and a few other delicious spices in it and it’s a great addition to oatmeal. Their baking spice is also great in oatmeal and other things.

In fact, ALL of Penzey’s spices are amazing and this is a free plug right here: They have a lot of brick and mortar locations as well as online ordering and the spices are actually cheaper than buying McCormick or whatever else is at your local grocery store. They also have more flavor than supermarket spices. 

Get your breakfast on! Energize your morning with a power breakfast

Anyway, get your cake spice (or cinnamon at the very least), some vanilla extract and some honey. Add them to your cup of milk. There isn’t a specific measurement, it’s really about your personal taste.

I added a pinch of cake spice, a capful of vanilla, and a generous squirt of honey; maybe a teaspoon or so. Once your milk just starts to boil turn it down to low and add a 1/2 cup of oatmeal. Cook to your desired consistency stirring almost constantly. 

Get your breakfast on! Energize your morning with a power breakfast

Top with fruit if you’d like and enjoy. Oatmeal is a great source fiber as well as thiamin, magnesium, phosphorus, zinc, manganese, selenium, and iron where your morning cereal is a great source of sugar and processed yuck. So go make some oatmeal!

Get your breakfast on! Energize your morning with a power breakfast

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  1. Haha, I do the same when I’m in Boulder. There’s one in Old Town Arvada… might even be close to you!

  2. We eat oatmeal almost every day and I’m not sure why I never thought to add vanilla extract. Yum. Will try it tomorrow 🙂
    (And you’re right about Penzey’s- they’re awesome!)

    1. Every time I’m in Boulder I have to go to Penzey’s to browse and of course end up walking out with something. My mother introduced me to them by getting us a gift card and I thank her all the time.

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