Which Cloth Pad Fabric is Best for You?

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Sometimes choices can be overwhelming, especially when you’re new to something. Are you considering switching to mama cloth and unsure of what cloth pad fabric to choose or do you have a few pads and are considering trying new fabrics? Then this post is for you!

Mama cloth - which fabric is right for you?


Minky is the most popular fabric at PLS for many reasons. The biggest reason is its softness and the amazing prints and colors available. Minky pads are so soft and plush that you will hardly know that you’re wearing a pad. Other benefits to minky is that it passes liquid through the fabric quickly to the absorbent core which makes it a perfect fabric for heavy days and overnight. Also minky will rarely if ever stain. 

The downside to minky is that some women feel hot. I don’t have this problem personally, but I am not someone who tends to run hot. If you do, try a minky a pad out but don’t stock up just yet. The upside is that they will be nice and cozy in the cooler months. 

Mama cloth - which fabric is right for you? Mama cloth - which fabric is right for you?


If you’re looking for a natural fabric then bamboo velour is perfect for you. Bamboo pads aren’t quite as soft as minky but they are still soft and the fabric is cooler than minky. It absorbs quickly and with PLS’s hand dyed fabrics, they’re a beautiful option. 

Bamboo isn’t as stain resistant as minky but with that said, none of my bamboo pads have stains on them. 

Mama cloth - which fabric is right for you? Mama cloth - which fabric is right for you?


Cotton isn’t as soft as the other fabrics but is great for women who want a thin option. They are the thinnest of the pads I’ve tried which makes cotton a great choice for pantyliners and for wearing at other times throughout your cycle when you just want a little freshness. Cotton is also great in the warmer months for keeping you cooler and comes in a wide variety of beautiful fabric choices. 

The downside to cotton is that the fabrics will fade a bit and they are the most prone to staining. If your cotton pads do stain, don’t fret. Stains will come out with a repeat wash, using oxygen bleach, or by putting them out in the sun.

Mama cloth - which fabric is right for you? Mama cloth - which fabric is right for you?

Raw Silk

I don’t have any raw silk pads in my stash, but this is yet another available fabric. Raw silk contains a protein called sericin which is proven to have anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties which makes this fabric a great option for women who suffer from recurrent yeast infections.

Raw silk does have a “nubby” texture but shouldn’t be scratchy on your skin. Like other natural fibers, it is more prone to staining. Again, a good wash routine and sunlight will help with this. 

Mama cloth - which fabric is right for you?

I love having a variety of fabrics in my stash for different times of the month or depending on my mood. Like with cloth diapers, I always recommend having a variety of types and styles in your stash since moods and preferences can change by the day. Overall bamboo and minky are the pads that I reach for most often. 

To find out about more cloth pad fabric choices that are available see the second post in this series. There you will learn about polyester cotton jersey, bamboo fleece, and cotton velour. 

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  1. Love this! I’ve been researching and figuring out which fabric I would like best and this is great information for me.

    1. The many choices of pad fabrics can be so overwhelming, can’t it? Did you see the post I just posted today about three new fabrics that I’ve had the chance to try? I’m not sure if you found this post through that one or somewhere else 🙂

  2. Do the raw silk ones have to be washed with cold water? I wash everything on hot but raw silk sounds really luxurious.

    1. Hi Megan,

      The raw silk isn’t as delicate as the silk you may be used to. PLS’s recommendation is to rinse on cold to prevent staining but they can be washed on hot with the rest of your pads.

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