If You Like to Cook, Have You Tried Penzeys Spices?

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If you’ve read my blog for any length of time then you have probably figured out that I love to cook. We have an extensive spice cabinet and for my birthday two years ago my mother gave me a gift card to Penzeys Spices.

I thought it was a cool gift when I opened it, but I had no idea how much I would fall in love with Penzeys. They have an online store and a lot of brick and mortar locations to choose from. When I looked up their locations I saw that they had a location in Boulder so we took a ride over there and when I walked in the angels sang.

If you love to cook, have you tried Penzeys spices? This is why I love and will only use Penzeys (NON-sponsored)

An exaggeration? Maybe, but the store is amazing. I wish I took pictures of the inside because it’s beautiful and it smells amazing. 

If you love to cook, have you tried Penzeys spices? This is why I love and will only use Penzeys (NON-sponsored)

The spices are fantastic quality; they smell and taste much better than the grocery store variety and in many cases they’re less expensive. For example, at Walmart Spice Island Tarragon is $10.83 per ounce, while a one-ounce container at Penzeys costs $9.49 and may be even less in your local store. Also, unlike the grocery store, you have a variety of sizes to choose from. You can get a small or a large jar of most spices as well as bags which are cheaper and you can put them in jars that you already have. 

If you love to cook, have you tried Penzeys spices? This is why I love and will only use Penzeys (NON-sponsored)

Not only are their prices comparable or lower than decent quality grocery store spices, they also give you free spices with low minimum orders. The first time I ordered online was last month and I just received another shipment today which is what prompted this post. The pepper in the background and the Greek seasoning were sent to me for free. I used a coupon code for the pepper because every month they have coupons either online (find them on RetailMeNot.com) or in their catalog. The Greek seasoning came unexpectedly just because, and it wasn’t a big order. 

If you love to cook, have you tried Penzeys spices? This is why I love and will only use Penzeys (NON-sponsored)

The time before last that I ordered online was a bigger order and I got a free cheese sprinkle with a coupon code that was over $10, another free seasoning and this cute mug all for free with my order. The prices online and in the store do vary with the store prices in my area being a little lower, but I get more free stuff by ordering online so it evens out in the end. I do love shopping in the store though and pop in every time I’m in either Boulder or Arvada. 

If you love to cook, have you tried Penzeys spices? This is why I love and will only use Penzeys (NON-sponsored)

So if you love to cook like I do, check out Penzeys and thank me later. This is my spice “cabinet” (yes, the whole top of the lazy susan is filled with spices and seasonings) and about 90% of it is from Penzeys. I also have some of the larger bags in my freezer. When the other brands run out, they will be replaced with Penzeys. 

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  1. I was just introduced to Penzey’s. I am wondering where to start …. The Vietnamese cinnamon is in my cart, but I’m wondering what you would recommend to me on a starting budget of $50. What are your must haves?

    1. Hi Kerry,

      Everything of theirs is great! You really can’t go wrong with anything. My must-haves are thyme, Italian seasoning, vanilla, nutmeg, and garlic powder. Their blend that I like best is Mural of Flavor as well as Greek seasoning, but they often send the Greek seasoning as a free sample. With a $50 order you will get a freebie or two. Also check for coupons for free spices. I just placed an order and got two free spices with a coupon. https://m.retailmenot.com/view/penzeys.com

  2. The angels sang for me too! I use the Bavarian Seasoning when making pot roast and Greek Seasoning on baked salmon and don’t know how I could cook without minced onion or garlic.

  3. The Green Goddess mix and a little kosher salt mashed into an avocado make a great veggie dip!

    1. Haha! Me too! I just got back from their Boulder store. I have an online order coming on Tuesday but forgot a few things.

  4. I love Penzey’s especially the VIetnamese Cinnamon, Makes your cinnamon rolls taste just like Cinabons. The mixes are very good as well. Huge savings on bulk items, buy with your neighbors or girlfriends.

  5. We love Penzeys as well, and are lucky to live in a city with a store! my favorite is Northwoods Seasoning!

    1. I have a few of their seasoning blends, but I haven’t tried that one. I’ll have to check it out the next time I’m in the store.

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