Fun Facts About Ladybugs for Kids + Printable Worksheets

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Ladybugs are very interesting creatures. They have many different colors and patterns, they come in all shapes and sizes, and they’re not nearly as fragile as you might think!  In this post, we will be learning all about ladybugs for kids.

Find out some of the most fun ladybug facts that every kid should know about these lucky bugs.

Fun Facts About Ladybugs

  • Ladybugs can be found almost anywhere
  • They are pests because they eat plants and seedlings
  • They lay their eggs on the underside of leaves
  • They can fly but they don’t have wings
  • Ladybugs are related to beetles and stag beetles

Ladybug Printable Worksheets for Kids

Have fun with these printable worksheets about ladybugs for kids to learn more about these interesting insects’ life cycle, counting practice, cutting, and a coloring page.


Ladybug printable worksheets for kids

What Do Ladybugs Eat?

Ladybugs have a varied diet, including aphids, mites, and small insects. They will typically feed on the nectar of flowers, and rotting fruit.

Aphids create many problems in gardens because they can carry diseases.  So we can think of ladybugs as helpers who keep our trees and plants healthy.

How Do Ladybugs Protect Themselves?

Ladybugs have a hard shell called elytra. It protects their wings and legs while they crawl around looking for food, mates, and places to lay eggs. 

If the ground is too rough or if there are predators nearby like birds that might eat them, then the ladybug will flip its wings out and over its back.

As soon as a predator comes close enough to eat them, the little bugs will release an unpleasant chemical called cyanide that smells awful and tastes even worse! This keeps many animals away from eating these beautiful bugs.

Ladybugs Life Cycle

The ladybug is a very interesting creature! The bug goes through four stages of development: egg, larvae (also called “caterpillar”), pupae, and adult.

This process usually takes about two months for the average beetle, while some species can take longer. An adult ladybug will live for about one year.

How Do You Tell If A Ladybug Is A Boy Or A Girl?

People often assume that all ladybugs are female, but that’s not true! The best way to tell if a ladybug is a make or female is by the location of their spots.

Some ladybugs have spots on their wings that can be male or female. If the spot is in the middle of the wing then it’s a girl, if it’s near an edge, then you’ve found a boy.

How Many Legs Does A Ladybug Have?

Ladybugs are not typically born with all of the same features that they will retain as adults. Ladybugs hatch out with six little stubby legs and gradually develop into an adult over time, adding more limbs until they reach adulthood.

There is no difference between males and females when it comes to how many legs they have! All ladybug genders only have six total legs with the front two acting as their pincers or claws.

Where Do Ladybugs Live?

Ladybugs are found all over the world, in every continent except Antarctica. There’s a pretty good chance that there is some type of ladybug living near you!

Since they’re so tiny and have such delicate wings, you will find a ladybug habitat in areas where it’s safe from predators like birds or other insects.

The most common place to find them is on plants since they can easily blend into their surroundings.

Final thoughts

I hope you enjoyed these ladybug facts and have a better understanding of what these amazing creatures are like.

To learn even more about these beautiful red and black friends, download and print out your copy of this ladybug for kids activity set!

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