Paper plate lighthouse craft for kids

The Cutest Paper Plate Lighthouse Craft for Kids

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Paper plates are just as useful for crafts as they are for eating. There are endless possibilities for paper plate craft ideas, including this adorable paper plate lighthouse craft

This lighthouse paper craft is easy to make with just a few supplies you probably already have in the house. If you have a paper plate, paint, a toilet paper tube, and some paper, you can make this lighthouse craft for kids.

Even if you don’t have all of the supplies you will need for this craft, they are easy to find and won’t break the bank. 

Kids' lighthouse craft

How to make a paper plate lighthouse

You don’t have to be an artist to have fun making this lighthouse craft. Grab your paint, paintbrushes, and scissors and let’s get to creating.

For each paper plate lighthouse, you will need the following simple supplies that you can find around the house, at the Dollar Store, any craft store, or online.


How to make a lighthouse craft
  • paper plate
  • red/beige/brown craft or construction paper
  • dark blue/light blue/white/brown/yellow/black acrylic paint
  • Paintbrush
  • School glue or glue stick
  • Scissors
  • black/pink marker
  • pencil


  1. For the ground, paint a brown area for the beach sand.
Lighthouse craft

2. Then paint an ocean above the sand in blue. With a lighter blue, paint waves. 

Paper plate craft ideas for kids

3. Paint the sky light blue and add clouds with white paint and sun on one side with yellow paint. 

4. Make a lighthouse out of paper and a toilet paper roll by cutting a piece of white paper to fit around the toilet paper tube and secure it with school glue or a glue stick.

Paper tube lighthouse

5. Cut 3 equal strips of red paper and glue them on the paper roll to make stripes. 

Lighthouse paper craft

6. Draw a semicircle on the brown paper, cut it out, and make a cone shape. Secure it with glue, then glue it on top of the paper roll. 

Make a lighthouse craft

7. With a black marker, draw a door, windows, and a railing on top of the lighthouse. Then draw eyes, cheeks, and a mouth on the sun. Draw birds flying in the sky. 

How to make a lighthouse out of paper

8. Finally, glue the paper lighthouse onto the paper plate.

Lighthouse craft ideas
Paper plate lighthouse craft for kids

The best part about this craft is that it doesn’t take any special supplies. You probably have most of what you need at home already. Plus kids will learn how to paint and will love adding their own artistic style to make it their own.

In about an hour, hour and a half your child will be able to make a lighthouse craft that is unique and worthy of display or a handmade gift for someone they love.

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