Car Seat Canopy Review

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I received a car seat canopy in the Kennedy print from in exchange for my honest review.

Review: Car Seat Canopy from

While we love babywearing, we have found that there are times when a covered infant carrier is irreplaceable. For example, I always prefer to have my babies tucked away when we go to the doctor as extra protection against all the germs flying around there. I remember one trip when my son was a few months old, there were two older ladies, one of whom had a rough sounding cough, making it clear that they were intending to check out the baby across the waiting room from them. I covered him with his cover and they assumed he was sleeping. It was pretty handy. However, he was born in late December and this next baby is supposed to be here this month. The cover we used for the Philosopher is quilted and much too warm for a July baby, so we were excited to try the cotton cover from

About the canopy:

Review: Car Seat Canopy from

Their canopies from are made with super soft minky on the inside and printed cotton on the outside. They have lots of adorable prints, including an NFL line. The Kennedy print is bright and bold and very cute!

Review: Car Seat Canopy from

They attach to the car seat with two wide Velcro straps that each have a decorative button on top. It fit on our Chicco Keyfit 30 just fine. You could use it with the sunshade closed as the material is stiff enough that it wouldn’t droop onto Baby’s face, but I plan on using it with the sunshade open to give him a little extra space.

Review: Car Seat Canopy from

Our experience:

The canopy is thicker and heavy than I expected. I thought it would be nice to use to keep pesky bugs and strangers from getting too close to my little guy this summer, but after receiving it, it would probably be too hot since we regularly have temperatures in the 90s right now. I will definitely be using it for indoor trips, like the previously mentioned doctor visits, and once temperatures are just a little lower, I’m sure this will rarely leave our infant carrier. Luckily, this should be right around the time this baby starts to get more easily distracted and have trouble sleeping in public. Since church time always seems to fall right in the middle of naptime, if the baby needs a little isolation to fall asleep, I predict we will absolutely crazy about this cover.

Buy it:

You can purchase a car seat canopy from for $49.95 

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  1. it would be wonderful to have to cover up an infant, especially a newborn or preemie. I personally would love to use it.

  2. These look like they are very well made and it would be so handy to have one!

  3. I always cover my baby when we went to doctor or in the or outside to protect them from the sun ( car)

  4. We loved our car seat canopy for my son!! I wish I would’ve bought a more neutral color so we could’ve used it for multiple kiddos 😉 My only complaint was that it blew around a bunch on windy days! We ended up clipping it to the seat when that happened tho and it was perfect! There were many occasions where we unvelcroed it and used it as a blanket for our son!! Was so great!

  5. I love these car seat canopies! I bought a Hawkslee with my first son and it was great and easy to use. It was perfect for the winter. I would love to see collegiate prints. I plan to buy a whole caboodle for my next child.

  6. These are such cute prints. The colors are so bold, and I know the babies probably love the inside minky layer.

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