Which Cloth Pad Fabric is Right for You? {Part 2}

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A few months ago I wrote about the different cloth pad fabrics available and why they may or may not be a good choice for you. Since then my favorite cloth pad brand has come out with pads in some new fabrics so now finding the best mama cloth fabric for you is even easier. I’ve had a chance to try them all and I’m excited to tell you about them. 

Cloth pads: which mama cloth fabric is best for you? {Part 2}

Polyester Cotton Jersey

Polyester cotton jersey is a cotton blend that offers many cute prints and colors. It is softer than cotton knit and is also more stay dry. It is a nice fabric for the warmer months since it is lighter than minky but is more substantial than plain cotton knit. 

The downside of polyester cotton jersey is that it does pill more than the other fabrics that I have. It isn’t enough to matter much to me, but it is something to be aware of if it may bother you. It is also more prone to staining than minky but not as much as cotton knit. However, with a good wash routine your cloth pads should have minimal to no staining. 

Cloth pads: which mama cloth fabric is best for you? {Part 2}
Cloth pads: which mama cloth fabric is best for you? {Part 2}
Cloth pads: which mama cloth fabric is best for you? {Part 2}

Bamboo Fleece

I believe this line of pads came about by accident. If memory serves, the swirl dye the pattern you see below was supposed to be made on OBV fabric and grabbed the bamboo fleece instead. Bamboo fleece is what is used as the inner core of Pink Lemonade Shop pads. Typically made of 70% bamboo viscose and 30% organic cotton, this is another great option for those who are looking for a natural fiber option. 

I haven’t noticed much if any staining with this fabric and it is soft and absorbent. It isn’t stay dry, but it does pull in moisture rather quickly. 

Cloth pads: which mama cloth fabric is best for you? {Part 2}
Cloth pads: which mama cloth fabric is best for you? {Part 2}

Cotton Velour

Cotton velour is another cotton blend and is becoming one of my favorite fabrics. It has a very similar feel to bamboo velour and it’s really hard for me to tell the hand dyed one from my hand dyed OBV. I am pretty sure that this is the cotton velour one. 

It doesn’t stain as much as cotton knit but lighter colors, like the yellow one pictured, may stain. I was able to get the stain out very easily with a second wash with some oxygen bleach

Cloth pads: which mama cloth fabric is best for you? {Part 2}
Cloth pads: which mama cloth fabric is best for you? {Part 2}

To find out about more of the mama cloth fabric that’s available, check out my other post to find out about organic bamboo velour, minky, cotton knit, and raw silk. To shop for pads in these fabrics, you can purchase from  Nicki’s Diapers where you can earn rewards as well as purchase other feminine and/or baby care products in one place. You can also find cloth pads on Amazon

If you know of other manufacturers using different fabrics than the ones listed in this or my other post, please add them in the comments section. I would love to hear about them as would other readers. 

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  1. What fabric do you recommend for a pad for swimming? My daughter is a diver and needs a pad for practices.

    1. I have not heard of a pad fabric that would be good for swimming and I don’t think I would recommend wearing a pad. Pads are absorbent by nature and will be completely saturated from the pool and will probably no longer absorb menstrual blood which could then leak into the pool. I would use a menstrual cup instead of a pad.

  2. So I have a few questions… If you had to choose one that has the best absorbency and the most dry feeling, which would you choose? Which one do you feel is the most durable?

    1. Hi Christine. The absorbency is on the inside, the outer fabric doesn’t have much to do with how absorbent the pad is. But there are fabrics that allow liquid to pass through it into the absorbent core a bit better than others. For dryness I prefer minky and OBV (bamboo velour). As far as durability, I have had all of my pads for several years and they are all still in great condition. (admittedly, I do have a large stash that helps with wear and tear). The least durable fabric IMO is the cotton-poly jersey because it pills.

  3. I love PLS and have many of their pads, but I wanted to throw in that you can get other fabric types from other pad makers as well. My favorite when I was dealing with the heavy bleeding after miscarriage was a stay-dry topped Pink Daisy pad. Also, as much as I love bamboo velour, I’m finding over time they are prone to getting sherpa’d, which I’m not finding with my cotton velour. Just some food for thought 🙂

    1. Yes, there are so many mama cloth makers out there using all kinds of fabrics. I have only ever used Pink Lemonade so as far as other brands, I have no idea which ones are offering which fabrics. I have heard great things about the Pink Daisy stay dry but I have never personally used it so I definitely welcome comments from people who have used other brands and fabrics to add to the conversation 🙂

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