Why We Love the Wow Cup

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Parents. Finding a sippy cup that truly doesn’t leak is a difficult task, especially when you’re looking for a transitional cup. I have tried many cups that are designed to work like a regular cup but won’t spill, however, I always end up going back to my trusty sport cups or a straw with a lid.

Wow Cup no spill cup review

I was excited to give the Wow Cup a try and after a while of using it and putting it through the test of a rowdy four-year-old I am excited to tell you all about it. 

A look at the Wow Cup:

The bottom of the Wow Cup looks like any other ordinary drinking cup with a lid. The lid goes on with a quick turn and then it seals so that it won’t spill or leak. Your child drinks out of it just like they would any other ordinary drinking cup, too. 

Wow Cup no spill cup review

The lid has a flap (for lack of a better word) on top that allows the liquid to flow through when your child makes a drinking motion but not if they drop it on the carpet. You’ll also notice that there aren’t any valves to take apart and clean. If the cup gets dirty under the “flap” you can take it off to clean and put it back on with one quick motion. 

Wow Cup no spill cup review

In addition to being spill-free, it is also BPA, phthalate, and PVC free and dishwasher safe!

Wow Cup no spill cup review

Our experience:

Dub puts everything to the test. If it survives then it gets my automatic seal of approval. Yes, he will even destroy a cup if the mood strikes him. He put a pen through the top hole of his Wow Cup just for fun and the cup still works!

Now that he is four we don’t use sippy cups all the time anymore but we like to have them around for a cup of water to bring to bed with him (tsk, tsk), to use in the car, and for his morning drink when he’s still a little groggy.  

Wow Cup no spill cup review

And look, Ma! No leaks! Really, we have not had one single leak with this cup yet and it has taken a beating. It’s been dropped, thrown, left in the car, and he’s fallen asleep with it in bed without a single drop coming out. 

Wow Cup no spill cup review

The only issue that I have with this cup is that it can sometimes be difficult to get the lid on and off. The seal is very strong!

If you’re looking for a cup for your toddler or preschooler that doesn’t leak then give the Wow Cup a try. I think you will be as pleased with it as we are. You can buy directly for $10 and a second cup for $6.99.


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  1. This looks like a great cup for my toddler. Sometimes she’s fine with a regular cup, but sometimes it’s good to have a no-spill option. I like that there aren’t a lot of tiny valves, straws, and other parts to clean. I love that you included the part about your son putting a pen through the top without ruining the cup. We’ve had to retire a few cups because my toddler’s discovered a way to make them leak, so maybe this one would make it for the long haul.

  2. This cup looks great. I would love to have one at home for my youngest daughter and would give the others in baby shower gift baskets.

  3. I want to try this cup! My daughter can drink from a regular cup, but I can’t leave her unattended. This would give me a little more peace of mind, and her a little more independence.

  4. These cups look amazing. My daughter find a way to make a mess with every sippy cup we’ve tried

  5. I love this! When we go to my family’s home, I am always so nervous that someone will spill their drink on the floor. They have all new carpet, that would not tolerate a fruit drink spill. With this I could pack one with us when we go, and know that the kids will be able to have their favorite drinks without me having to worry.

  6. Just so you know, the Facebook link on the giveaway form actually sends us to their Phantom Saucer Facebook page, not the Wow Cup Facebook page. Not sure if that was just a boo boo or if they want that page up instead for some reason?

    1. Thank you, Jen. Those were the links they have on their website but I will do a search to see if there is actually a Wow Cup page. Thanks.

  7. I keep hearing great things about these cups and I’m dying to try one. My son is a master at spills, even with cups that swear they are spill proof. I’d love to find that this cup is different!

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