Children’s Books from Peter Pauper Press

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As a family, one of our favorite gifts to give and receive are books. I am so glad that my kids love books and I am happy to introduce you to three new children’s books from Peter Pauper Press for the child on your holiday gift list. 

Holiday Gift Guide: Children's Books from Peter Pauper Press

We received three complimentary books published by Peter Pauper Press in exchange for my honest review and I can’t wait to tell you about them. My son just turned five and he loves all three of these books. The illustrations in each of are beautiful and the stories are really great. 

Holiday Gift Guide: Children's Books from Peter Pauper Press
This post contains affiliate links

All The Lost Things

Kelly Canby

Holiday Gift Guide: Children's Books from Peter Pauper Press - All the Lost Things

All the Lost Things is whimsically drawn and we love its message. Olive finds herself walking along a drab city street when she hears a peculiar sound. Curious, she follows the sound down underneath the streets where all the lost things are kept. She is told to take some of the lost things since they have been unclaimed, so she chooses Memory for her grandfather, Sense of Humor for her sister, Eyesight for her father, something extra special for her whole town. It really is a beautiful book. To me, the message is being careful not to lose the things that are most important and if you do, try your best to find them. 

No Yeti Yet

Mary Ann Fraser

Holiday Gift Guide: Children's Books from Peter Pauper Press - No Yeti Yet

No Yeti Yet is a really cute book about two brothers who go out in search of a yeti so they can take its picture. While on their adventure the little brother keeps asking about what a yeti looks like, sounds like, smells like, and where he lives while the yeti is right there, camouflaged in the snow. In the end, they do find a yeti and get his picture, but what happens after the picture is taken is a fun surprise. Dub really loves the illustrations in this book and trying to find the yeti hiding in the pages. 

Mina’s White Canvas

Hyeon-Ju Lee

Holiday Gift Guide: Children's Books from Peter Pauper Press - Mina's White Canvas

Mina’s White Canvas is about a girl named Mina who has a crayon that she uses to help the animals she finds out in the winter snow. She helps a frog’s feet stay war by drawing on mittens and socks, she helps a bear come out of hibernation by drawing the entrance to his cave larger, and she helps a baby rabbit find his mother all by using her crayon on her white snow canvas. This is another book with beautiful illustrations and a fun, whimsical story. This week, Mina’s White Canvas is Dub’s favorite and I think your children will love it, too. 

You can’t go wrong with any of these titles. They really are beautiful books with high-quality printing. The paper is thick and the bindings are what you would expect of high-quality children’s books. Pick one or three up for the child on your gift list and you won’t regret it. 

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