Books You’ll Love if You Love Mo Willems’ Pigeon Books

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Unless you’re a time traveler from the past, you know that the Mo Willems Pigeon books are wildly popular with younger readers; especially Don’t Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus. If you aren’t already familiar with this wonderful book by this equally wonderful author, then I urge you to read these books to your kids and grandkids as well as these other fantastic books like Mo Willems’ pigeon book.

If you are already familiar with these books and looking for more great children’s books like Mo Willems, look no further. We are such fans that we have scoured the library and bookstores for similar books since they have always been among our favorites.

What these books have in common is that the main character(s) is mischievous, and the stories were penned by authors who have a sense of humor that appeals to both children and the adults reading to them. 

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I urge you to check out any or all of the below books from the library or order them for your child’s home library. You will not be disappointed with any of these stories, nor will your child(ren).

Children's Books Like Mo Willems Pigeon Books

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  1. I really love this list of books that you put together. I have used just about every book on this list in my classroom or during my tutoring sessions with my clients. My favorite book is “No David”

  2. I also love ELEPHANT AND PIGGIE: THE COMPETE COLLECTION. Favorites include THERE IS A BIRD ON YOUR HEAD; WE ARE IN A BOOK; THE THANK YOU BOOK; and PIGS MAKE ME SNEEZE. The hardest one to read aloud is the trumpet one.

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