The Big Ole List of Cloth Diaper Facebook Groups to Join

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We cloth diaper types often like to chat with other cloth diaper types. Who knew that diapers would bring a sense of community with other people? But it has! Cloth diaper groups are popping up all over Facebook and there are even local meet-ups for like-minded parents to join in their community. It excites me to find people who also love that same obscure band or hobby that I do and cloth diapers are no different. 

Cloth Diapers: The big ole list of cloth diaper Facebook groups to join - chat, advice, buy/sell, local, and more!

This post includes just some of the cloth diaper groups that are on Facebook, including local groups in both the United States and Canada. Because it’s impossible to find them all and even if I could, this post would never get finished. If you know of a good one that’s missing please let me know in the comments and I will add it to the list. Now go ahead, find a few cloth diaper Facebook groups to join and make some more fluff loving friends!

*Groups will be deleted from the list without notice if it is discovered that they are full of drama, bullying, or are generally not supportive of ALL cloth diapering parents. 

General Advice and Chat

Cloth Diaper Blogs

All About Cloth Diapers

Black Women Do Cloth Diaper

Change Diapers

Cloth Diaper Chat

Cloth Diaper Trader Discussion Group

Cloth Diaper Support Group

Cloth Diapering Mamas

I <3 Cloth Diapers!

Latinas porteando y pañaleando en tela (Spanish-speaking) 

Official Nicki’s Diapers Cloth Diaper Chatter

Padded Tush Stats Discussion Board

Real Diaper Association

The Cloth Diaper Experiment

Woo-Free Cloth Diapering

Brand Specific Chat

AMP & Me

Peace. Love. AppleCheeks

Babyville Boutique (make your own cloth diapers)

BG Diapers Phone Tree Group 

Cotton Babies Cloth Diaper Flash Mob (bumGenius)

Ella Bella Bum, Custom Mini Groups

Funky Fluff Chat

Canadian gMums – gDiapers

Glow Bug and Friends

GroVia & Grobaby Chat

GroVia Families

I Love Sunbaby Diapers

Lalabye Baby Cloth Diaper Chat & More

Peace, Love, & Moraki

RagaChat (RagaBabe)

Sunbaby Diapers Canada

The Smarty Pants – Fans of Smart Bottoms

SoftBums Super Fans

Sweet Pea Diapers Fan Group

For the <3 of Thirsties

General Buy/Sell/Trade

Cloth Diaper B/S/T

Cloth Diaper Mamas Buy/Sell/Trade

Cloth Diaper Swap (1)

Cloth Diaper Swap (2)

Cloth Diaper Traders

Heaven Sent Fluff BST and Chat

I <3 Cloth Diapers! Chat & B/S/T

The Cloth Diaper Asylum Swap

Brand Specific Buy/Sell/Trade

AMP Diapers Buy/Sell/Trade

AMP Cloth Diapers NOR B/S/T

AppleCheeks for Sale or Trade

Best Bottom Cloth Diaper B/S/T

Blueberry Swaddlebees Cloth Diaper BST

bumGenius B/S/T and Chat

BumGenius B/S/T Canada

Buttons Diapers Buy/Sell/Trade

The Official Ella Bella Bum B/S/T Fan Page

Flip Diaper B/S/T

Funky Fluff Official Buy/Sell/Trade

gDiapers BST only

Glow Bug B/S/T

Glow Bug Cloth Diapers B/S/T

GroVia B/S/T

Kissing Blake Diapers and Chat

Knickernappies B/S/T

Lalabye Baby B/S/T

Little Boppers B/S/T & Chat

Moraki B/S/T

RagaMarket (RagaBabe)

RagaBabe Buy & Sell

Smart Bottoms for Sale or Trade

SoftBums B/S/T

Sunbaby B/S/T

Sunbaby Diapers B/S/T

Sunbaby, Alva, and Kawaii BST

Sweet Pea Diapers B/S/T Group

Thirsties B/S/T

Tots Bots Trade/Sale/Buy

Tots Bots Buy/Sell/Trade Canada


Cloth Diaper Scams Victim’s Support Page

Cloth Diaper B/S/T  Mama Review

Local – United States


Cloth Diapering in Alabama

Cloth Diapering in Huntsville, AL

East Alabama Cloth Diapering

South Alabama Cloth Diapering


Alaska Cloth Diaper Alliance

Alaska’s Cloth Diaper Moms (and Dads)

Fairbanks & North Pole Area Cloth Diaper Swap & Chat

Juneau Cloth Diaperers

Anchorage & Wasilla Area Cloth Diaper Swap & Chat


Arizona Cloth Diapering

Arizona Cloth Diapering Parents B/S/T

Flagstaff Cloth Diaper Buy, Sell, Trade, and Chat

Phoenix Cloth Diaper Users

Tucson Cloth Diaper and Baby Fluff Lovers


Arkansas Cloth Diapering Mamas and Swap

Newton County Arkansas Cloth Diaper Talk and Swap

Northeast Arkansas Cloth Diaper Families


Central Valley Cloth Diapering Moms

Cloth Diaper Mommies Of The Antelope Valley

Cloth Diapers SoCal, Los Angeles, San Diego, Ventura

Los Angeles County Cloth Diapers

Los Angeles Parents Cloth Diapering

North Bay Area California Cloth Diaper Swap

OC Cloth Diapering Mamas

Sacramento Cloth Diaper Moms

Sacramento Cloth Diaper Swap

San Diego Cloth Diaper Mamas

SoCal Cloth Diaper and Moms Group

Solano County Cloth Diaper Exchange

We Love Cloth Diapers in Los Angeles


Colorado Springs Cloth Diaper Swap

Denver Cloth Diapering Mamas B/S/T & Chat

Northeast Colorado Fluff Lovers


Cloth Diapering in Connecticut

Connecticut Cloth Diaper Chat

CT Cloth Diaper Mamas


Real Cloth Diaper Circle of Delaware


Cloth Diapering – Central Florida

Cloth Diapers – Jacksonville, FL

Cloth Diaper Advice/Swap Pensacola 

Florida Cloth Diaper Swap

North FL Fluff Bums

Pasco Cloth Diaper Chatter

Pinellas Cloth Diaper Chatter

South Florida Cloth Diapering

Tallahassee Area Cloth Diaper Swap & Chat

Volusia Fluffy Butts Cloth B/S/T


Cloth Diaper Moms Georgia

Columbus, GA Cloth Diaper Talk and More

Fort Benning/Columbus Cloth Diaper B/S/T

North Georgia Cloth Diaper BST

South Georgia Cloth Diaper B/S/T


Big Island Cloth Diaper Group

Maui Cloth Diaper Baby Wearing Mommies

Oahu Cloth Diaper and Baby Wearing Swap (1)

Oahu Cloth Diaper and Baby Wearing Swap (2)

Oahu Military Fluffy Bums

Schofield Cloth Diapering Mamas


South East Cloth Diaper B/S/T and Chatter


Chicago Area – Buy, Sell, and Trade Your Cloth Diapers

Chicago Cloth Diaper & Mama Group

Cloth Diaper Chicago Chatter

Cloth Diapering Mamas of Decatur, IL

Cloth Diaper Mamas in Springfield, IL B/S/T

Cloth Diapering Mamas of Pike Co. MO/IL & Surrounding Areas

Northern Illinois Cloth Diaper B/S/T and Chat

Peoria Area Cloth Diaper Group/Swap

Western and Central Illinois Cloth Diaper Support


Cloth Diapering Richmond Indiana

Fort Wayne Cloth Diapers

Indiana Cloth Diaper Mamas B/S/T

NW Indiana Cloth Diapering

Orange County Indiana Cloth Diaper Lovers

Southern Indiana Cloth Diaper B/S/T

Tippecanoe County, IN Cloth Diapering


Cedar Rapids Area Cloth Diapering Mamas

Central Iowa Cloth Diapering

Central Iowa Cloth Diapering Swap

Iowa City Cloth Diapers B/S/T

SE Iowa Cloth Diapering B/S/T

SW Minnesota, NW Iowa, SE South Dakota Cloth Diaper Families


Cloth Diaper Kansas

Kansas City Northland Cloth Diapering Community

Kansas Cloth Diaper Group

Salina Kansas Cloth Diaper

Topeka Area Cloth Diapering Mommas


Cloth Diapering – East Kentucky

Cloth Diapering Mommas from Northern Kentucky

Lexington, KY Cloth Diaper Circle


Cloth Diapering and Natural Living in Louisiana

Lafayette Louisiana Cloth Diaper B/S/T

New Orleans Cloth Diapering, Babywearing, and Breast Feeding

SW La. Cloth Diapering Moms


Eastern Maine and Western New Brunswick Cloth Diaper Support (B/S/T)

Maine Cloth Diaper Shop and Swap

Maine Moms Cloth Diaper Swap N Sell


Baltimore Cloth Diapers

Carroll and Baltimore County Cloth Diaper B/S/T

Cloth Diaper Buy, Sell, Trade Maryland

Cloth Diapering in Western Maryland and Tri-State Area

Harford, Cecil, and Baltimore County Cloth Diaper Swap


Berkshire Cloth Bums

Berkshire Cloth Diapering Trade 

Boston Cloth Diaper and WAHM Swap

Central Mass Cloth Diaper Group

MA Cloth Diapering Families

NH/MA Cloth Diapering Moms

North Shore and Boston Cloth Diaper Group

Southern Massachusetts/Rhode Island Cloth Diapering Families


Cloth Diapering Northern Michigan

Metro Detroit Cloth Diaper Group

Metro Detroit Cloth Diaper Families

Michigan Cloth Diaper Chat

Michigan Cloth Diaper Swap B/S/T

Michigan Cloth Diaper Chat B/S/T Only

Michigan Fluffy Mommas

S. Michigan/ N. Ohio Fluffy Butts

U.P. Cloth Diaper Circle

West Michigan Cloth Diaper and Baby Goods Swap


Cloth Diaper Families of Minnesota

Cloth Diaper Mamas – SE MN

Hutchinson, MN Cloth Diapering

Minnesota Cloth Diapering Mommies

Minnesota Cloth Diapering Moms and Dads

MN Cloth Diapering Moms

South Central MN Cloth Diaper Squad

SW Minnesota, NW Iowa, SE South Dakota Cloth Diaper Families

Twin Cities Area Cloth Diaper B/S/T


Cloth Diaper Mamas and Papas in Mississippi


Mid-Missouri Cloth Diaper Group

Missouri Cloth Diaper Chat & Swap

Missouri Cloth Diaper B/S/T

Southwest Missouri Cloth Diaper Chat

St. Louis Cloth Diaper Swap & Chat

St. Louis Metro Cloth Diapering Community


Billings Cloth Diaper Mamas

Fluffy Butt Club of Central Montana

Great Falls Cloth Diapering Moms

Montana Cloth Diaper


Central Nebraska Cloth Diaper Mamas

Cloth Diaper Swappers – Omaha, NE

Lincoln, NE Cloth Diaper Chat

Lincoln Cloth Diapers and Babywearing Swap

Nebraska Cloth Diaper Moms (1)

Nebraska Cloth Diaper Moms (2)

Omaha Cloth Diapering Families

Omaha Area Cloth Diaper Swap


Cloth Diaper Addicts of Henderson NV

Fallon Nevada Cloth Diaper Group

Las Vegas Cloth Diapering Mamas

Las Vegas Free Cloth Diapers

NV Cloth Diaper

New Hampshire

NH/MA Cloth Diapering Moms

New Jersey

Cloth Diapering Families of NJ

NJ Cloth Diaper Mama B/S/T & Chat

Somerset County NJ Cloth Diapering B/S/T and Chat

New Mexico

Cloth Diapering in Clovis, Portales, and Surrounding Areas NM

Cloth Diapering Mamas of Albuquerque

Fluffy Bums Cloth Diapers in Southern NM & West Texas

Northern NM Fluffy Diaper & Baby Gear B/S/T

New York

Babywearing and Cloth Diapering Mamas of Orange County NY

Buffalo Real Cloth Diaper Circle/WNY

Cloth Diaper Swap Rockland & Orange County NY

Long Island Cloth Diaper Moms (and Dads too)

Rochester, NY Cloth Diaper Swap and Chat

Upstate New York Cloth Diaper and Babywearing Support

WNY Cloth Diapering

North Carolina

Asheville & the Tri-State Area Cloth Diaper Swap & Chat

Camp Lejeune/Jacksonville, NC Cloth Diaper Moms

Charlotte Cloth Diapering B/S/T

Charlotte Cloth Diapering Group

Charlotte NC Cloth Diaper Mamas

Cloth Diapering Fayetteville, NC

Cloth Diapers Resale Local (NC)

Fayetteville Cloth Diapering

Jacksonville NC Cloth Diaper B/S/T

North Carolina Cloth Diaper Moms

Raleigh: Cloth Diaper B/S/T

Southern North Carolina Cloth Diapering Mamas

North Dakota

Bismarck-Mandan Area Cloth Diapering Mommas


Cincinnati Cloth Diaper Support, Meetup, & Intervention

Cloth Diaper Swap Cincinnati Ohio

Cloth Diaper Swap Findlay, OH

Columbus Area Cloth Diapering Moms

NW Ohio Cloth Diaper Group

North Dayton Cloth Diaper Swap

Northeast Ohio Cloth Diaper FSOT Group

S. Michigan/ N. Ohio Fluffy Butts


Central Oklahoma Cloth Diaper Swappers

Grady County, OK Cloth Diapering Mamas

Tulsa’s Cloth Diaper Dudes (many of the members are women)


Cloth Diaper Southwest Portland

Lincoln County Oregon Cloth Diaper Buy/Sell/Trade

Oregon Cloth Diapers B/S/T and Chat

Salem/Eugene Cloth Diaper Group

Salem/Keizer Cloth Diapers

Salem/Woodburn Cloth Diaper Group

Southern Oregon Cloth Diaper Mamas

Vancouver/Portland Cloth Diaper Group

West Side (Portland, OR) Cloth Diaper Group


Central PA Cloth Diaper Buy/Sell/Trade (1)

Central PA Cloth Diapers Buy/Sell/Trade (2)

Cloth Diaper Johnstown PA

Cloth Diapering Mamas of Central PA

Mercer County, PA Cloth Diaper Group

Philadelphia Area – Cloth Diapering Moms

Philadelphia Area Cloth Diaper Sale/Trade

Pittsburgh Cloth Diapering Moms

Rhode Island

RI Cloth Diaper Support

Southern Massachusetts/Rhode Island Cloth Diapering Families

South Carolina

Asheville & the Tri-State Area Cloth Diaper Swap & Chat

Charleston Military Cloth Diaper Swap

Columbia, SC Cloth Diaper Swap

Greenville Cloth Diaper Group

Upstate SC Cloth Diaper Group

South Dakota

Cloth Diaper South Dakota

Sioux Falls Area Cloth Diaper B/S/T & Chatter

SW Minnesota, NW Iowa, SE South Dakota Cloth Diaper Families


Asheville & the Tri-State Area Cloth Diaper Swap & Chat

Chattanooga Cloth Diapering Moms & Dads

Cloth Diaper Memphis

Cloth Diapering in East TN

Cloth Diapering Families in Middle TN

Cloth Diapered Bottoms Southern Middle TN

Cloth Diapers Clarksville TN

Cloth Diaper Jackson TN

Cloth Diaper Talk & B/S/T, Martin TN & Surrounding Areas

Cloth Diapers West Nashville

McMinnville, TN (and surrounding) Cloth Diapering & Green Mamas


Austin Cloth Diapers

Cloth Diaper Bums San Angelo TX

Cloth Diapering Families of North Dallas and Surrounding Areas

Cloth Diapering North Texas

East Texas Cloth Diaper Swap (1)

East Texas Cloth Diaper Swap (2)

El Paso Cloth Diaper and Baby Carrier B/S/T Group

Fluffy Bums Cloth Diapers in Southern NM & West Texas

Fluffy Bums of Waco

Fluffy Hippies Cloth Diapers San Antonio 

Fort Bend Cloth Diaper Mommas

Goodfellow – San Angelo,TX Cloth Diaper B/S/T and Chat

Houston Buy Sell Trade – Cloth Diapers & Baby Things

Houston Cloth Diapering Mamas

Houston Cloth Diapers

Midland/Odessa Cloth Diapering Mamas

San Antonio Cloth Diapers

San Antonio Cloth Diaper Buy/Sell/Trade

San Antonio Fluff Addicts

Texas Cloth Diaper Love

Victoria, TX Cloth Diaper

West Texas Cloth Diaper Mamas


Chic Utah Moms

Cloth Diaper Exchange – Utah

Southern Utah Fluff, Cloth Diaper Chat B/S/T

Utah Cloth Diapers


Southern VT Cloth Diaper Support & Swap

Vermont Cloth Diaper Exchange


Cool Cloth Diapers of Bedford, Virginia

Proud Cloth Diaper Mommies of Roanoke 

Roanoke Cloth Diaper Mommies

Virginia Cloth Diapering

Virginia Cloth Diapering Mamas

Williamsburg Virginia Pay it Forward Cloth Diaper Mommas

Winchester, Va/ Frederick County Cloth Diaper Support Group


Bellingham Cloth Diaper Group

Cloth Diaper Brigade Fort Lewis

Everything Cloth Diapers- Western Washington

Fluff Butt Kitsap

Kitsap Cloth Swap

North Central Washington Cloth Diapering

Seattle Cloth Diaperers

Vancouver/Portland Cloth Diaper Group

Washington (WA) Cloth Diaper Group

Western Washington Cloth Diaper Swap

Washington DC

DC Military Cloth Diapering Parents

West Virginia

Birth Circle of Central WV Cloth Diapering

Cloth Diapering in North Central WV

Cloth Diapering Mommas Of Raleigh County

Huntington WV and Surrounding Areas Cloth Diaper BST/Chatter


Central Wisconsin Cloth Diapering Mamas

Central/Northern WI Cloth Diapers BUY/SELL/TRADE and Support Group

Madison Cloth Diaper Mamas (Wisconsin)

Milwaukee Area Cloth Diaper Group and Buy/Sell/Trade

Milwaukee Cloth Diaper

NEW Cloth Diaper Group (North East Wisconsin)

West Bend Cloth Diaper

Wisconsin and Border Communities Cloth Diaper Families

Wisconsin Cloth Diaper Families

Wisconsin Cloth Diaper Swap, Sell, and Buy


Wyoming Cloth Diapering Moms

Local – Canada

Cloth Diapers Canada 

Cloth Diaper B/S/T In Norfolk County Ontario Canada

Cloth Diaper Destash Canada

Cloth Diaper Sales Canada

Cloth Diaper Swap Canada

Cloth Diaper Swappers/Traders Canada

The Canadian Cloth Diaper Movement – Chat & Diaper Swap


Alberta Cloth Diaper B/S/T & Chat

Calgary Cloth Diaper Moms

Calgary Fluff Cloth Diapers & More

Central Alberta Cloth Diaper Buy/sell Chat

Cloth Diaper Exchange – Calgary/Airdrie & Surrounding

Cloth Diaper Swap Alberta

Edmonton Cloth Diaper FSOT

Edmonton Cloth Diaper Garage Sale

Edmonton Cloth Diapering Moms

Lethbridge Cloth Diaper Enablers B/S/T & Chatter

British Columbia

BC Cloth Diaper Banter and Advice

Cloth Diaper Buy/Sell/Trade British Columbia

Greater Vancouver, BC Cloth Diaper Exchange

Richmond, BC Cloth Diaper BUY/SELL/SWAP/CHAT

Vancouver Island Cloth Diaper Swap & Shop

Victoria Cloth Diaper Chat and Swap & Shop


Cloth Diapering – Manitoba

Cloth Diapering – Brandon Manitoba

Winnipeg B/S/T Cloth Diapers

New Brunswick

Cloth Diapers – New Brunswick

New Brunswick Cloth Diaper Swap

Eastern Maine and Western New Brunswick Cloth Diaper Support (B/S/T)

Fredericton Area Cloth Diaper Swap and Sell

Fredericton/Oromocto Area B/S/T Cloth Diapers

Saint John Cloth Diapering Mamas

Newfoundland and Labrador

Cloth Diapering Parents – Newfoundland & Labrador

Nova Scotia

Nova Scotia Cloth Diaper Network

Nova Scotia Cloth Diaper Network Hants County


Nunavut Cloth Diapering


Cloth Diaper B/S/T in Norfolk County Ontario Canada 

Cornwall Ontario Cloth Diapers

Durham Region Cloth Diaper Buy/Sell/Trade

Forest City Cloth Diapering Mamas

Windsor and Essex County Cloth Diaper Group

Kingston & Area Cloth Diaper Swap

Ottawa Cloth Diaper Addicts

Ottawa Cloth Diaper Swap and Sell

Ottawa Cloth Diapering Chat Group

Ottawa Valley Cloth Diaper Swap/Sell

Real Diaper Association Toronto

Southern Ontario Cloth Diaper BST & Chat

Toronto Area Cloth Diaper Buy/Sell/Trade

Prince Edward Island

Cloth Diaper Addict Support PEI

PEI Cloth Diapers


Montreal Cloth Diaper Mamas

Montreal Cloth Diapers B/S/T


I Love Cloth Diapers Regina

Saskatoon Cloth Diaper B/S/T and Chat

Saskatoon Cloth Diaper Crazy Mommas

Local – United Kingdom

North Hertfordshire Cloth Bum Mums

This is not a place to argue, it’s a place to find a local group to join for camaraderie and to chat about your favorite brands or sell your used diapers. Further comments complaining about one specific group’s omission will not be approved. I have explained my reasons in the comments if you would like to know them, but I cannot continue to go around in circles on the topic. If they have helped you, great. If you have found a sense of community there, fantastic. My reasons for the omission are based on personal experience as well as from friends in the industry and I just can’t support it. Thank you for your understanding. 

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  1. I actually came here looking for an alternative to that group that shall not be named, lol. (And I knew exactly which one was meant without it being named, so yeah) I have found so much of their information there really helpful if a bit convoluted at times but I kept getting more and more turned off by the admins and all their “rules”. But the clincher was that jus recently a woman posted asking how long she could let here dirty diapers sit because her baby had passed away and she just couldn’t bring herself to wash them…gut-wrenchingly tragic. She received an outpouring of support and condolences from the community in the comments of the post, that is UNTIL the admin actually shutoff and deleted the comments for being off topic. SERIOUSLY?!?! Then someone posted complaining about the admin behavior and not only was that person banned but the original post from the poor lady was deleted. She had a legitimate CD related question!! Sorry her child’s death inconvenienced you by being off topic. It was atrocious behavior. I don’t mean to come here just to bash them but I was appalled. I need somewhere less culty/authoritarian to get diapering tips!

    Also, fwiw, I’m an actual scientist with actual published research in peer reviewed scientific journals. Their “science” is a joke. I would t care if they weren’t so ridiculously rigid about their claims. Advice based on anecdotal experience is fine but don’t pass it off as valid and reliable research…

    Anyway thank you so much for putting this list together! You rock!

    1. I have always found that group to be abrasive, rigid, and not very welcoming at all. I’m not sure why so many people stick around, but to each their own I guess.

      My husband is also a scientist and thinks their “science” is borderline laughable.

    1. Hi Eileen,

      Thank you for letting me know that there is a Sweet Pea group. It is now added to the list.

  2. Eek I’m the original and current admin of the Asheville & Tri-State area group. Thanks for including it! I’d love to see my other groups added:

    Tallahassee Area Cloth Diaper Swap & Chat

    Anchorage & Wasilla Area Cloth Diaper Swap & Chat

    Fairbanks & North Pole Area Cloth Diaper Swap & Chat

    Quality Cloth Diaper Buy & Sell ONLY (no cheapies / no trading)

    The last group was created at the request of a LOT of moms who were fed up with the knock-off and China cheapie diapers overrunning the larger market pages. So it’s a group for moms who prefer to only use and buy quality. It’s not brand specific; we simply have a list of brands that are not allowed. We don’t allow trading because certain quality brands have several groups that are just overrun with traders and seller/buyers can barely get noticed (like Ragababe for example).

    I maintain a strict anti-drama anti-bullying no nonsense policy in all of my groups =)

    There are also several other Cloth Diaper groups in Alaska two of which are associated with military bases.

    1. Hi Porsche,

      Thank you so much for adding your groups to this list. I know it’s taken awhile, but I finally got them added. I wasn’t able to find the Quality Cloth Diaper Buy & Sell ONLY (no cheapies / no trading) in a Facebook search so if you have a direct link to share, I will gladly add it to the list as well.

  3. I’m an admin for Woo-Free Cloth Diapering and would love for us to be included in your list please. We’re a small group dedicated to using science based methods to the best of our knowledge. There is no one right way and we respect that greatly. Being less than kind or bashing of any kind is not tolerated. https://www.facebook.com/groups/1562220300748364/

    In other news, I’ve noticed a lot of the same bashing you did with CD Science and it really frustrated me on top of it being such a huge group that it’s really easy to get overwhelmed if you happen to ask a question. I’m kind of happy to see it not included because so many people see it as the be all and end all of cloth diapering when its so not.

  4. Thank you for this list. It’s stressful searching for groups on Facebook (if you omit/add a word/letter groups won’t show up in your search).
    We are 3 months into CD. So glad the supporters of the no name group mentioned them. I was led to believe they knew everything about CD and emailed about soap buildup. I had ran my rinse cycle 2 times and there was soap bubbles still (a lot). I was told there’s no such thing, and sent a link to the ‘university’ dismissing my claim.
    So, I ran my washer completely empty without any detergent, no soap in the sink my washer drains into or in the load. I then ran my diapers that had been washed and rinsed 2 times already thru the cycle with no soap, and there was a ton of soap bubbles. It took quite a few cycles to get the water clear.
    I ran a load of clean clothes thru a wash cycle with no soap (I don’t use as much as we are told to use on CD)…no soap bubbles.
    I emailed them back, and have never had a response. 5 lines total of detergent (even with towels in the main wash) is a lot of detergent.
    I never thought to question their ‘science’ because everyone refers to the ‘university’ like it’s the holy grail. I actually think they make CD seem harder/more intimidating to newbies.
    I’m even going to test the no fabric softeners rule on some cheapies I don’t use often.

    1. The no build up claim is complete BS if you ask me because I’ve had it happen. I had diapers start to stink so I ran them through the machine on hot with no detergent and there were bubbles everywhere. I had to rinse them four or five times before the bubbles were gone and when the bubbles were gone, so was the stink. I guess I’m a liar though 😉

      I do agree that commercial detergents clean better and you do have to use enough of it to get diapers clean. I do not believe that bleach is necessary, though. I’ve diapered for four years and my diapers were always clean without a big complicated routine, no bleach, and detergent to the 3 line (though they have changed the lines on the cup since we stopped diapering). The point is, not all routines will work for all people. If it’s working for you, keep doing it. If not, make some changes until it does. Cloth diaper laundry is just laundry and it doesn’t have to be complicated.

      However, fabric softener is a no-no unless it is plant based like Ecover, Vaska, Mrs. Meyers, etc. Fabric softeners “soften” by leaving a coating on your clothes which could cause repelling in diapers if used enough. One wash with softener by mistake probably won’t be much of an issue, but repeated washes might. Even so, it can be fixed and your diapers won’t be ruined. I use plant based softeners on my diapers though and never had a problem.

      1. I did read from P&G that fabric softener on microfiber towels does cause repelling, so I’ll hold off on my test 🙂
        Are there any FB groups not anti university, but that don’t basically quote them word for word when answering questions?
        Some of the admins on the groups I’m in claim to be experts (meaning any advice that differs from theirs is wrong), yet they copy/paste or quote everything from that site.
        I want to chat with other CD parents, but every group I’ve joined has admins on some type of almighty/all knowing power trip. Seriously, it’s just a FB page, anyone can make one. 🙂

        1. The Cloth Diaper Blogs group is run by bloggers (myself included) who have had many years of experience with cloth diapers and we are accepting of all wash routines since we realize that not everyone uses cloth just to save money so we try to troubleshoot with different viewpoints in mind (i.e.: bleach/no bleach, commercial detergents/more enviromentalky friendly options). If a member starts linking to or quoting the other group we delete the posts since linking or referring to other groups is against our rules.

  5. Regan, this post has gained you a loyal follower. I found this post while googling for more active wool Facebook swaps, and after reading through the comments I have decided I love you.
    I have been in the cloth community for a decade now, and I have seen some wild advice given, including stripping diapers in the dishwasher (anyone remember all the horror stories from those who forgot to turn off the heat dry?!) to only using 2tsp Of detergent… But never have I been as put off and annoyed by anything as I have the militant behavior of the group that shall not be named’s loyalists.

    I joined for about five minutes to see what it was about, after seeing members spam the group in several smaller, general groups I am in. I needed an aspirin afterward.
    Its always comforting to realize you aren’t alone, and that’s how I feel right now. I thought I was alone in my feeling that this group is damaging to the cloth diapering community, and that the majority of the most vocal members are bullies.

    1. Haha, well thank you! I’m glad you found me. Isn’t it sad that even though I removed all mentions of their name since I refuse to give them any press on my blog that you still know who is being spoken about? They’re awful. They are damaging businesses left and right and have absolutely no regard or respect for this community. I’ve had it. I hoped that they would implode by now and I’m still waiting for that day to happen because I believe that it will. Eventually, people will finally get sick of their crap. I know I am.

  6. Love this list!! Thanks so much. Dubuque IA also has a great group!! Admins are super supportive and knowledgeable. I can’t get a link from my mobile FB site but it’s called “Dubuque area Cloth Diaper swaps/sales”.

    1. Do you have a link? I tried searching and nothing came up but the town page.

  7. Stash Builders–Fluff B/S/T this is an affordable selling site to help get more babies in cloth.

    Love your list! What a great variety!

  8. Thank you for this! It’s cool to have so many sites on one page. I even see my little local group!

  9. Sane choice, purposefully omitting {…..}. They took ideas and info that were already a part of the CD community, slapped their logo on it, and sold it as their own and no one else’s. The “soliciting” you mentioned is not only members name-dropping all over the Interwebs every time someone had a simple CD question, but also the meme-dropping, logo-dropping, business cards, dishware, etc.

    The roughness with which they vehemently defend their “Mainstream Detergent Is The Only Way” and “You Can’t Be Eco-Conscious And Have Clean Diapers” stance is extremely off-putting. And anyone who “hasn’t seen the bashing” is either A.) new, or B.) part of the problem.

    Everyone is entitled to their own opinions, that goes without saying. People are allowed to love and to pledge allegiance to {…..}. It’s awesome that people are receiving help from the group (no matter where the info they use originated from), and it’s awesome that people are finding a place that they mesh, and that they can call their own. Kudos.

    But not everyone has to love them, and not everyone has to endorse them. As Regan mentioned in a comment here, they’re not going to be hurt by their name’s omission from this list. It’s not that serious. And just the same as people want to have newbies get as much help as possible, people also want to have full disclosure on the attitude, tactics, and style of that group. The name has been mentioned here…several times. People can check it out if they want.

    This is a great list without their inclusion.

    1. Can we be friends? You rock!

      Yes, they are saying all the same stuff as TCDC before them and even using the same buzz words like science and myth. They’re not new or original. My husband is a real scientist and laughs at the “science of washing diapers”. Okay, sure, everyone needs a schtick in order to stand out but this one has already been done along with the bullying and bad attitude.

  10. I am actually glad you don’t have {…..} on here. I use one extra rinse at the end of my wash cycle because I hate the smell of detergent. I commented on a post asking for everyone’s wash routine. And was told I didn’t know what I was doing and shouldn’t even have fluff if I can’t treat it right. I was then banned for trying to explain why I do an extra rinse.

    1. These stories are all too common so I’m not sure what the people above were talking about when they say they never bash. They won’t as long as you fall in line. It isn’t a supportive or welcoming place and if I find that any other group on this list is also full of drama they will be removed. This isn’t a specific vendetta but this list is supposed to be a drama-free zone. Thank you for your comment.

  11. Great list! Thank you for all of your hard work!
    Thank you for not including {…..}. I also had and saw awful, vicious attacks on my and others posts and comments.

  12. It wasn’t an oversight. See the comments to see why {the group that shall not be named} isn’t on the list. I will gladly add the OC group for you though. Thank you for the submission.

  13. for brands, the Knickernappies group is a good one to add.

  14. There are 3 cloth diaper groups for Hawaii.

    oahu cloth diaper and baby wearing
    Oahu military fluffy bums
    schofield cloth diaperING mamas

    All 3 are oahu based. There may be more on the other islands but I am familiar with these. Oahu cloth diaper and baby wearing is a pretty active group for the island.

  15. Love this list! I didn’t even realize there were so many MI groups to buy locally from.

  16. This is a great list. But where are all of the Happy Flute pages.. co ops and bsts? Krocket pockets and more group is a good one too 🙂

    1. Co-ops were left off because while most are fine, I have heard of some being shady and since it’s not something I am familiar with I decided to be safe rather than sorry and didn’t include them. There are some BST pages listed but it’s impossible to find them all since there are so many. For the brand specific pages I included the ones that I have personally sold on or been a member of because again, there are so many brands out there. That’s why I asked for help from you guys to let me know of the ones that I missed. Plus, I was working on this for days and I had to stop LOL I may end up having to do a part 2 with all of the awesome suggestions I’ve gotten.

  17. Thank you for including our {very small…but rapidly growing thanks to you} group in NW Ohio! There are so many great groups to join on this list, and you took a lot of time to put this all together! Thanks again! 🙂

    1. I’m glad that you’re seeing an increase in membership! Good luck with your group.

  18. It’s your blog and of course you can exclude whatever you’d like. But I wish you would be honest and just say “FL&CDS banned me and it hurt my feelings so now I won’t include them.”

    The admins and peer advisors over there are wonderful, kind, educated people who do not benefit financially whatsoever from recommending any one of the hundred plus detergents that work. Their advice saves water and baby’s skin. How is offering people evidence based help soliciting? Of course the admins can’t control what the 50,000+ members do outside of the group. Do you control the people who read your blog? Stating that a person’s or company’s opinion is wrong and offering a better way is not bashing. Especially when they have data to back up what they say.

    FYI their members defend the group so intensely because FL&CDS has saved so many people from giving up on cloth all together. Not including them is 100% allowed. It just seems kind of petty and divisive on your part. For the sake of those still struggling with stinky/dirty diapers, I wish you would reconsider.

    1. I am glad that you see fit to assume to know the scope of the crap that the cloth diaper community has dealt with at the hands of that group. They wouldn’t have been added to this list LONG before they banned me because the behavior of its members and let me point out that you aren’t doing much to help their cause with this comment. Just know that they are not the be all and end all of cloth diaper laundry. I hate to tell you, but when they came on the scene the shift had already started. Larger stores and brands were starting to come and say hey, you know what? Maybe Tide and Purex aren’t so bad and using the full amount for the load is okay too. You see, industries evolve and people learn through trial and error so no, I do not have to include a group whose members flock all over Facebook and blog posts acting like scorned children. Of course the admins can’t control their members and anyone would be a fool to think that they can but it would be in the group’s best interest if the members stopped and thought about how their actions can hurt more than help their cause.

      I am one blog so I am pretty sure that I’m not causing divisiveness in an entire community but thank you for the vote of confidence that my words are that powerful. I assure though, they are not. I am only one opinion.

  19. Hello! I know you said you won’t approve comments suggesting specific groups, but I hope you’ll let this one through. Black Women Do Cloth Diaper is a fantastic group. I’ll admit I don’t pay much attention to their washing advice, but as a woman of color, there are so few of us who show up in some of the bigger groups, it’s great to have a place where other families that reflect my own family discuss cloth diapering and natural parenting in a supportive, we’re all in this together atmosphere. And yes, it’s open to people of all races, cultures, and nationalities!

    1. Hi there, Heather. It is only one group that I can no longer approve comments for because of drama 🙂 I will definitely add your group when I have time to go through these comments and add all of the ones that have been suggested.

  20. in Indiana we have – Fort Wayne Cloth Diapers

    There is also SnuggyBaby – they are starting to pop up in shops all over the US

  21. Your experiences with that group and mine are very, very similar. I’ve seen enough nastiness from them in other groups for not daring to do things “their way” that I couldn’t endorse them. And anyone who says that they “never bash” has either missed something at best or is lying at worst. I recall reading posts with them attacking The Real Diaper Association.

    And I think it’s extremely arrogant to claim that they and they alone are solely responsible for Cotton Babies changing their detergent policy. The cloth diaper industry and community was doing quite well before they came along, and I’m sure that the cloth diaper industry and community will do quite well after their inevitable implosion.

  22. I have never heard of the Utah groups listed. I am a member of Chic Utah Mom’s cloth diaper group and we have over a 1272 members, but it isn’t on this list.

    1. Cassie, not everything came up with the search term combinations that I used. I will add your group when have the time to sift through and add all of the suggestions. Thank you for yours.

    1. I will take a look at this group, Christie. If it’s a chat group then I will add it to the list. Thank you.

  23. Please don’t forget Smart Bottoms! I can link from phone, but they have an official swap group, as well as the chat group called “Smarty Pants”. They’re a great all – American made company. 🙂

    What an awesome list you’ve created!

  24. Fluff Love and Cloth Diaper Science needs to be on here just for the sake of help. Instead of making the decision for other people about who to check out and who not to, post the link and let them make their own choice. You could save a lot of baby bums in the process.

    1. With all due respect, this is my blog. I can post whatever I do or don’t choose. {the group that shall not be named} has plenty of minions dropping their link so I wouldn’t worry too much about them not being on my blog.

  25. Please do not forget about the awesomeness that is Smart Bottoms! They have The Smarty Pants group and a brand specific BST

    1. I love Ella Bella Bum diapers and thought that I had added them but it seems as though I didn’t. I was working on this mostly late at night so I appreciate all of the reminders and groups with names that didn’t show up in my search terms 🙂 I will add them as well.

  26. Hello I am the creator and admin of the cloth diaper scam victim’s support group. First I would like to thank you for including us on your list as our goal is to keep bsting safer. The link you used is to the main page which is set to secret. Would you be able to update it with the feeder page link which is our request page so people can be added to the main group? Thank you for your time.

    Link to request page:

    Robin Fournier

    1. The link has been updated. Thank you for reminding me that it’s a secret group.

      1. Hi! My name is Heather. I’m not sure if you still keep this up but I thought you’d like an update on the group mentioned here. After a long week full of thousand-comment threads on Facebook, the above mentioned group is shutting down due to some shady behavior at best. There are some other scam groups that are being created, though. I’m mobile and can’t copy and paste their names right now or I would.

        1. Hi Heather. I don’t (and won’t) go through and manually check these groups, but if anyone knows of new groups or of ones that have shut down down then yes, I would like to remove it.

  27. I can’t reply mobile haha so sorry. But yeahhh I took the group over from crazy lady and changed some things 😉 Hope you enjoy. We’re a little over 15k strong now!

    1. Thank you, Amy. I just looked and I think I got sidetracked and forgot to go back to Washington. I have a cloth diapering friend in WA and I KNOW that there is more than one! 😉

  28. Smart bottoms! There’s the BST group and the official chat page. Best group of ladies (and a few gents) hands down.

    1. Thank you, I will add them. I know that I’m missing a LOT of brand-specific groups since there are so many.

  29. Hey 🙂

    I see Asylum Swap made it (whoop) but what about the main group?

    Don’t worry I’m not gonna jump on your face for telling me you hate us if you do haha.

    1. LOL! I haven’t been to The Cloth Diaper Asylum in a while and have to check it out again. The last time I checked when the group was newly formed it seemed to be a far saner version of TCDC. I added the swap since swaps are generally relatively safe but will have to go check out the group again. I actually asked about it on our blogger group right after this post went live.

      1. Hey, this is an old post I know but still relevant as I see it shared occasionally but I wanted to let you know Cloth diaper asylum chat is a secret group now so that link won’t work. 🙂 I’m the group owner haha.

        1. Brittany, is there a way to request to join or is it closed to new members or by invite only?

          1. No there’s no link or anything to join. It’s invite by current members only. We decided to close it due to drama and other issues. It’s stayed a pretty cozy, small group for over a year now so may as well keep that going 🙂

    1. I was unable to find this group in the search box. Do you have a link, Brittany?

  30. Oh wow! I’ve been a member of the group since soon after it started, and I’ve never seen any of what you’re saying! its actually one of the most respectful CD groups I’m in (we all know how catty some mamas can get unfortunately!) There is no brand bashing, they are just all mamas who help other moms and dads with what works and what doesn’t work for diapers! No doubt that group was a huge reason why cottonbabies changed their wash recs to include Tide because thousands of mamas can testify that it cleans their diapers well!
    There isn’t a one size fits all approach either, in fact, they work with each situation to troubleshoot on an individual basis because they DONT believe one size fits all. Every need is different and unique!

    Maybe you joined on a bad day, and I’m sorry you felt that way about the group, but I highly recommend checking it out again. You will be pleasantly surprised! 🙂

    1. Their members have bashed the Real Diaper Association, a long-standing and well respected group within the community in their own group. They also banned me after one of their members came to a group that I admin, took one of my screenshots and proceeded to take it completely out of context. When I came to defend my words, they closed the thread and banned me. Nope, I can’t endorse that. Anyone who likes that group and supports them is perfectly fine but I will not even though, yes, I agree with some of their advice. I have long been an advocate of using commercial detergents and lots of it. 🙂

    2. I would also like to add that I have heard through the grapevine that they have been telling members to be helpful on other groups instead of simply dropping their link and bashing advice that differs from theirs. Like I said, I agree with a lot of their advice and have been practicing most of it long before they became a group. I truly hope that they have changed their tactics a bit because the cloth diaper wars have grown tiresome, but I can’t verify that since they banned me 😉

      1. Thank you for responding. Everyone has different opinions and we are all entitled to them! It’s great of you go make a list to help people out. Facebook is where I got a lot of my info before I took the plunge in cloth! 🙂

        1. Thank you for not jumping on my case because I respond far better to rational communication, lol. We all have different opinions, experiences, and ideas. It’s all good 🙂

    3. I have only been a member of that page for a few months and have seen too many mommas being bullied (not by admins, but by other members). The people who get attacked on that page are usually mommas who try to stay “green” by not using detergents such as Tide. Everyone is entitled to their own opinions but it is definitely not fair to condemn or belittle someone because of them. I was actually directed here by a link on {…..} basically gloating that they weren’t listed because of differences. I came over to see what it was all about and was delighted to find this wonderful blog. So I’m guessing whatever that person had planned backfired. Thank you for putting together such comprehensive list Regan! It must have been hard (but fun) work. 🙂

      1. Oh yeah, I’ve been thanking {the group that shall not be named} for the pageviews. I’m sure they’re having a field day but the only thing they’re accomplishing here is helping make my point and my blog stats. They’re incredibly arrogant and will never be a true part of the CD community so they can have at it. Thank you for your kind and supportive words, Vanessa 🙂

        1. Oh wow! I was a member of TCDC and saw it all go down! I also have been active with {…..}.Their advice saved my diapers! I am sorry you have had this experienced! I missed all the after mass somehow! One love!

  31. “A one size fits all approach” is quite the opposite of {…..}. Please do your research before making such a generalized comments. It sounds like you are taking second hand information and making it your experience which is itself taking a “one size fits all approach”. There’s actually no bashing that happens on that page. A group that has grown to 51k plus members in under a year must be doing something right!!!!! It’s too bad we all can’t focus on clean, functioning diapers that are great for the environment and great for our children’s butts, not to mention freaking cute!

    1. Brandy, thank you for making my point. If you knew me or my blog then you would know that I don’t post anything based on secondhand knowledge alone. You are free to read the comments on this thread for my personal firsthand experience if you’d like. Now I would like to make a few points and then I am done with this topic.

      1. I never said that their advice was crap. If you were familiar with my blog then you would know that I have been an advocate of using stronger commercial detergents and enough of it long before {the group that shall not be named} was a thing. For some examples please see here https://theantijunecleaver.com/2014/03/cloth-diaper-brands-wont-void-warranty-mainstream-detergents/ and here https://theantijunecleaver.com/2014/05/washing-cloth-diapers-with-an-he-top-loader-in-hard-water/ and here https://theantijunecleaver.com/2014/02/sanctimonious-world-cloth-diaper-laundry-rant/. But I also take a diplomatic approach and know that not everyone has the same diapers, water, or diet as I do as you can see here https://theantijunecleaver.com/2013/10/dont-overthink-cloth-diaper-laundry-routine/

      2. I did say that my problem with that group is their tactics of bashing other groups and blogs (which you’ve done yourself right here in this comment) and by their members’ solicitation tactics by attacking anyone who doesn’t agree with them (like you’ve done) and instead of giving their experience, dropping their link on other groups which is simply bad form. I realize this is not necessarily the admins fault but since my experience with said admins has been less than stellar, my opinion remains the same.

      3. You catch more flies with honey than vinegar. Case in point: look in the comments section for comments from Brittany, an admin from another group that was intentionally omitted until further review. She was calm, rational, and polite. This is exactly why {the group that shall not be named} has the reputation that it does and why they are omitted from many resources.

      4. I appreciate that your experience with them has been a good one but not everyone has had the same experience. I am open to re-evaluation and have heard that things have begun to improve, but there is still work to be done. It is in everyone’s best interests to make nice and be a member of this amazing community instead of being a divisive force.

  32. {…..} doesn’t bash, nor do they do one size fits all. I’d also love to know how they solict.

    1. Example: Instead of answering a question on another group, the reply is “You should TOTALLY join {…..}! They’re the only ones in the history of ever who know anything about cloth diapering!” Bonus points for this happening on groups that specifically have rules against recommending other groups.

      1. Thank you! They’re proving my point perfectly but are failing to see the problem. sigh.

  33. I think you’re missing Smart Bottoms. Their BST is Smart Bottoms For Sale or Trade and their chat group is The Smarty Pants – Fans of Smart Bottoms. 🙂

    1. Amede, I appreciate your input but that group is not endorsed by my website due to their bashing of well respected and established brands, groups, blogs, and advocates along with their one-size-fits-all approach and solicitation tactics.

      1. I have never seen ANY of this bashing you speak of. You’ve been told a whole lot of lies. If it wasn’t for {……} I would have given up on cding a long time ago. There’s a reason it’s the biggest cloth diaper group out there.

        1. The group as a whole, maybe not. But I have seen their members on other groups and I have seen it firsthand because it happened to me personally on their group when they took a screenshot of mine and used it out of context on their group then banned me for defending it. So the decision has been made and I can’t approve anymore posts on the matter. This post is supposed to be helpful in finding local groups to join, not a war. They have their members, they will be fine without being added to my list 🙂

    1. It wasn’t supposed to be this many groups but I had fun so it kind of snowballed. Thank you for the link.

  34. What a comprehensive list- it is so impressive! I will be in a hundred cloth diaper groups before I know it.

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