Winning Colors Baby AIO Cloth Diaper Review

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I received a complimentary product in exchange for this review.

I received the new one-size Winning Colors Baby AIO cloth diaper to facilitate this review. This diaper combines Winning Colors’ small, medium, and large-sized diapers into one and fits most babies from 10 lbs to at least 40. 

Winning Colors Baby AIO cloth diaper review

About the diaper:

Several features stood out to me before we even snapped it on. There are 2 soakers that snap into place with a stay dry layer on top. The top layer is colored for some fun inner color and will help hide stains. In the back, the soaker can also be snapped down for a better fit when the diaper is on the smallest setting.

Winning Colors Baby AIO cloth diaper review

There is a generous layer of PUL that hangs down over the soakers in the front, which makes this a viable overnight option for stomach sleepers. It has thick, sturdy gussets and elastic in the back and color coded snaps, which means that maybe my mom will be able to use a snap diaper when she babysits! I can tell that a lot of thought was put into the design of this diaper, and it is great quality.

Winning Colors Baby AIO cloth diaper review

Our experience:

I’d like to introduce my son, the 16-month-old Philosopher, who is currently 32.5 inches and between 21 and 22 lbs.

Winning Colors Baby AIO cloth diaper review

I really like the two-tone look, and The Philosopher, who is going through a sky thing, is crazy about the tiny moons on the print. This is by far his favorite diaper at the moment. He can hardly wait for it to dry, which does require a lot of patience. If you are looking for a quick dry diaper, this is not it. In fact, it’s my slowest drying diaper. That’s because it’s also the most absorbent all-in-one I own. You can’t expect a diaper that holds a lot of pee to not suck up a lot of laundry water also.

Winning Colors Baby AIO cloth diaper review

Winning Colors Baby AIO cloth diaper review

I wouldn’t call my son a heavy wetter, but he leans toward that side so I’ve stayed away from AIOs at night because I just can’t get enough absorbency from them. After trying the Winning Colors diapers a few times, I thought it deserved a chance to prove its worth at bedtime. I stuck a small hemp booster between the bottom soaker and the cover, and we had success! I don’t expect to have any issues with leaking from this. I think it would make a great travel diaper.

Winning Colors Baby AIO cloth diaper review

This is definitely a fluffier diaper. I’m not always a fan of the bubble butt look, but this one makes the roundest, cutest bubble butt look that I’ve ever seen. We’re big fan of this diaper.

Grab on for your little one at Winning Colors Baby on Hyena Cart.

Winning Colors Baby AIO cloth diaper review

Post written by blog contributor, Kara S.

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  1. It’s sooo absorbent! I never thought I’d use an all-in-one for an overnight. We normally use an ai2 overnight insert inside a pocket with a small hemp booster. The Winning Colors plus the same booster held a comparable amount, although it was closer to full saturation in the morning.

  2. That might be one of the cutest diapers I’ve seen in a while! Love the two-tone look. I really appreciate that it’s an absorbent AIO. My daughter is a heavy wetter and will often soak an AIO diaper very quickly. I’d love to try these!

    1. This diaper came to me first then I sent it to be reviewed. The soaker is two layers. It really is a nice diaper.

  3. I have 7 WCB diapers and 9 on the way tomorrow. I haven’t used her AIO yet, but I have no doubt I’ll love those too! I’ve sold almost all of my big name diapers because I plan on continuing to buy these. They’re the most amazing diapers I’ve used!

    1. That’s awesome! I really like the AI2 that I was able to use for a little while before my son PT. I was able to look at this one before sending it to Kara for review and it’s very nice.

  4. This pattern is so freaking cute. And I love the contrasting snaps.

    1. Isn’t it cute? I love diapers with contrasting snaps. I’m not always one for the two tone look but I really like this one.

    2. It really is! My son has never really cared what diaper he wears, but he asks for his “Moonie diaper” all the time, especially if he sees it drying.

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