Earth Day, Cloth Diapers, and Mommy Wars

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I didn’t have an Earth Day post planned out because honestly, I forgot. I have been working on a lot of behind-the-scenes stuff and woopsie, this green(ish) blogger forget about the holiest of days in the green community. Then I checked Facebook this morning as I always do I saw all of the Earth Day posts and came upon one from a non-green blog apologizing for being bad to the planet by using disposable diapers but too bad, so sad. I let it go because this seems to be a yearly thing until I saw a comment under the post that inspired me to write. 

Earth Day and cloth diaper realities

First, let’s get this out of the way. The rest of the comments on said post seemed to depict cloth diaper parents as thinking they’re perfect or better than the disposable parent. This is just one more way to incite the mommy wars because, in reality, cloth diapering is just a parenting choice and one that us cloth diapering moms feel passionate about. I have never once pointed my finger at a mom using disposable diapers and said, or even thought that they’re bad parents. But it seems like there are some moms who are looking to be offended or get defensive about something so have at it. Enjoy. 

I get it, cloth diapers aren’t for everyone. If you don’t want to use cloth, fine. I understand your right to choose the way you want to parent and I won’t get all Judgy McJudgerson on you because that’s not my bag. I used disposables on my first son and for the first six months with my second so what kind of hypocrite would I be if I did that? Besides, I’m sure there are plenty of parenting choices that I’ve made that many people don’t agree with. It’s cool, really. 

But . . .


Please don’t make an incorrect statement then cop an attitude when someone who actually uses cloth speaks up to say that the opinion you’ve represented as fact isn’t really fact at all. There have been studies that have said that no, cloth diapers do not use enough energy and water to outweigh the benefits of not dumping literally tons of disposable diapers in the landfill. Here is a great article from GroVia that breaks it down and cites other sources for your reading pleasure. 

But that’s not even why I use cloth diapers. I use cloth diapers because I’m lazy. Yeah, that’s right. 

You know what really uses up a lot of energy and water? Washing onesies, clothes, and even baby gear covers almost every day because of disposable diaper blowouts. That takes up far too much of my time and energy, not to mention the extra water used to wash them. When I was using disposables I was washing poopy laundry more often than I wash cloth diapers

You know what else takes up a lot of time? Scraping poop off of a disposable diaper. Have you ever tried it? I did when we were moving across the country and used sposies for a week and it was pretty awful. I’ll take my diaper sprayer and cloth any day over that!

Say what, now?

Yes, you’re really supposed to flush the solid waste even when using disposables because feces isn’t supposed to be thrown in the garbage to be sent to the landfill. Most people haven’t read the directions on their package of disposable diapers. Have you and are you following them? Probably not. I’ve never met anyone who hasn’t just balled up a poopy diaper and thrown it away, me included when I used them. 



So hey, if you don’t want to use cloth diapers I’m not going to look down on you but please, when spreading your “facts” about cloth diaper use, please make sure that they’re correct first. With that, happy parenting and . . .

Happy Earth Day!


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