Rent Toys for Your Kids with a Sparkbox Toys Subscription

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Far too many times I have bought toys for my kids only to have them sitting in a corner collecting dust a few weeks later. When we moved from New England to Colorado we did a major clean up that included a yard sale, two trips to Goodwill, and a trip to the dump. Many of the items included were toys and a lot of them were hardly played with. 

I have thought in the past that it would be great to be able to rent toys and try them out before buying them and now you can with Sparkbox Toys!

Sparkbox toy rental subscription box review

Sparkbox is a subscription service geared toward children up to four years old, but it isn’t your typical subscription box where you over-indulge your kids with gifts every month. With Sparkbox you are renting the toys so they get new toys to play with but they have to send them back.

There are two plans to choose from where you will receive a box of four educational toys either every four or eight weeks. Your child plays with the toys and by the time they’re ready to be exiled to the corner you pack up the box and send it back with the provided shipping label and a new box of toys will arrive on your doorstep! 

What comes in the box?

  • 4 age-appropriate curated educational toys
  • Services Overview with our support & contact information
  • Detailed product card for every toy that include: development benefits for each toy, proprietary playtime ideas, product description & materials and any safety precautions/warnings
  • Mesh toy bag (for organization of toy pieces)
  • Return shipping label

For our trial we received a tool set, a wooden clock puzzle, a Plan Toys block puzzle, and a magnetic alphabet writer. 

Sparkbox toy rental subscription box review

He loved all of the toys in our box and played with them every day that we had them. He was especially taken with the magnetic alphabet writer and in the end, we decided to keep this toy. With Sparkbox, if your child falls in love with a toy you can keep it and purchase it at a discount off of the Amazon price. 

Sparkbox toy rental subscription box review

One of my favorite features is that Sparkbox Toys is an eco-conscious company. They choose eco-friendly vendors, use renewable packaging, recycle packaging whenever possible, and use environmentally friendly sanitation products.

Another thing that I love is that the toys you will receive are unique. Out of the 29 brands that they work with, only 8 of them can be found at Toys R Us.

We were very impressed with the quality of the toys and the terms of the program. I am definitely going to sign up for a subscription. You can get a 14 day trial and see for yourself how great Sparkbox is! Or you can jump right in and join with one of their two subscription services. I guarantee that you and your child will love it!

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  1. Man, I had this idea like 6 months ago, haha! Seems I’m good at coming up with business ideas just have no capital so start them up.

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