GroVia Kiwi Pie, Magic Stick & Cloth Wipes Review

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I have used GroVia products since K was about six months old and have always loved their quality. I received the following products for review and I am thrilled to be able to tell you more about each of them.

GroVia Kiwi Pie, Magic Stick, Wipes

GroVia Magic Stick

4X6A6800I have mentioned multiple times that K is very susceptible to rashes. Unfortunately it seems like he just has very sensitive skin, but because of this I always need to have a good quality, cloth diaper safe rash balm on hand. I have wanted to try the GroVia Magic Stick for a very long time now.

I love that it is in a stick. It makes it so convenient, easy to use, and doesn’t leave your hands all messy and gloppy. It smells nice and earthy but not too perfumy like some others on the market. I don’t like things that have too much of a smell to them so the amount in the Magic Stick is perfect for me.

The Magic Stick works very well on redness. I do have to bring out the zinc cream for the more stubborn rashes that he is prone to, but this is how it is with all of the natural products that I have tried. For every day use though, it works fabulously well. It is so easy to use on the go and is also perfect for daycare use. There is even a spot to write your child’s name right on the stick where it says “Share the love, not the stick”. I love this!

GroVia Cloth Wipes

Grovia Cloth WipesI have a set of GroVia wipes that I bought about 2 years ago and they have always been one of my favorites, but they have changed their wipes a bit since then. I should say, they have improved them! They are now a little bigger and much softer than the older version. And I thought the older version was soft! When I feel them next to the new ones they feel almost scratchy in comparison.

I have used these wipes for a few months now and they have had plenty of use and washings in that time and they still feel like they did on the day I that I first opened them! Not only are these wipes fantastic, they are so well priced compared to other wipes of comparable (even inferior) quality at $10.95 for a set of 12. Yes, twelve!

Kiwi Pie Fitted Diaper

Kiwi Pie Fitted DiaperAnd finally, the Kiwi Pie fitted diaper! I have wanted to try one of these for a very long time, too. We use fitteds at night exclusively so having a good quality fitted is a must! I will admit that I wondered if it would stand up to nighttime use when I got it in the mail because it’s so trim. I am pleased to report that yes, it does! And at almost 2½, K is a pretty heavy wetter at night!

The Kiwi Pie is a one size fitted diaper with a set of rise snaps. It includes two soakers that snap together for extra absorbency if you need it which is especially great for nighttime use. Because it is a fitted, a waterproof cover is required.

The Kiwi Pie comes in several adorable prints, it was hard to choose one to review but I ended up choosing Circus Circus. I love this print!

Grovia Kiw Pie

The fit is great. It’s nice a trim but gives great coverage. It’s a bit bulky for daytime under pants but if the pants are big enough or made specifically for cloth diapered babies then they can fit better under pants than some other brands that I own.

It fits well under a variety of cover styles


Overall I really love the Kiwi Pie fitted. My only complaint is that the inserts curled on the edges after being washed which doesn’t affect fit or function at all. It is cute, trim, and absorbent. I can’t ask for anything more!

Buy It

You can buy these items from GroVia’s website or your favorite online retailer such as Diaper Junction, Kelly’s Closet, Kissed By the Moon, Nicki’s Diapers, & Sweetbottoms Baby

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  1. I really like the Gro Via AIO 🙂
    I have one in baige color, and I love it.

  2. I love GroVia products! My favorite (other than diapers) is the magic stick!

  3. I have never tried any GroVia products. The one with the snap-in insert sounds like a good idea, and I’ve heard the AIO makes a good training pant type of diaper.

  4. i don’t have any grovia products yet. the fitteds are definitely what excite me the most. i am in love with fitteds and would love to try grovias. super cute prints.

  5. I have one Kiwi Pie, and would love another! It is nice and soft. At first I didn’t think I would like the fact that the insert doesn’t snap into the cover, but I quickly realized I love the fact that I can put the larger part of the insert in the front of the diaper, because that’s where my son wets anyway. It works quite well!

    I would love to try the wipes! Just last night I noticed some of my oldest flannel wipes are developing holes. 🙁 I’m going to need to replace them soon & this would be just the ticket!

  6. I’m looking for a good overnight fitted. Does the Kiwi Pie fit good on smaller babies, do you think? Not all one-size diapers do.

  7. im dying to try their kiwi pie fitted diapers theres so many cute prints as well

  8. Have not seen the Gro Via Magic Stick, will definitely have to check this out.

  9. Love the review! I haven’t tried gro-via yet but it seems like an awesome product!

  10. I have tried something similar o he magic stick and liked it so am eager to try this one.

  11. I love these GroVia products! If you’re in Colorado, buy locally at Mama’s Emporium in Aurora!

  12. I am excited about trying grovia diapers, as I’m brand new to cloth diapering. I am also looking into trying their wipes.

  13. I like the design of these and how trim they look. I have been wanting to give these a try!

  14. We use their wipes and AIOs and have yet to be disappointed! I have some of their newborn diapers for when I give birth to the next little one too!

  15. I use grovia almost exclusively and I love them. Their wipes are amazing! I am able to get even really messy jobs done with just one wipe – only a couple of times in my year of cloth diapering have I ever had to use more than one wipe! I am dying to try one of their fitteds. I’m expecting baby #2 in October, and will still be diapering baby #1 – I would love to add one of these to my collection. And while I have never tried to diaper rash stick, I would love to. Thanks for this giveaway!

  16. I have a GroVia shell and inserts but would love to try the Kiwi Pie fitted.

  17. I really want to try fitteds, and I’ve heard good things about the Kiwi Pie. I’d love to win it!

  18. I really really want a bunch of newborn AIO’s. I have heard such great things about them from my lady friends 🙂

  19. Oh, those cloth wipes look SO comfortable! I’d love to use those for our sweet baby!

  20. Love the cute prints! I plan on using fitters and covers, but haven’t found too many fitters with such cute prints.

  21. I would love to get the GroVia Newborn AIO New Colors.
    Thanks for the giveaway! =)

  22. I am going to use cloth with my second child and our stash will mostly be grovia diapers! Everyone that I know that uses them loves them and they are so trim!

  23. I would absolutely LOVE to try a Kiwi Pie! I’ve been dying to try one!

  24. grovia is my favorite brand of diaper thanks for the awesome giveaway, i would love to try the magic stick

  25. I would love to try a grovia, my friend just tried one this week and they are now her favorite. I would also love to try the wipes since I just recently switched to cloth wipes also.

  26. I would love to try the fitted. I have a few AIO by Grovia and am not in love with them but the fitted looks like it would be a great diaper!

  27. I have been wanting to try a Grovia Magic Stick after hearing great things from several people. What a great prize pack!

  28. Thanks for a great review! I have a very heavy wetter and sometimes struggle to find diapers that I don’t have to change every hour. This one looks great- I’ll have to try it. And the fact that it’s really cute doesn’t hurt. 🙂

  29. I love the look of GroVia I would love to try it but, the price is a little out of my range. Most of my stash is just flats and covers.

  30. I ove kiwi pie fitteds! are my night time solution with my heavy weather girl, some times I need to add a hemp booster, they are perfect with wool and grovia or flip covers

  31. I would also love to have the GroVia Newborn AIO in Bicycles! 🙂

  32. I love the GroVia Magic Stick. It is so easy to apply, and it is really the only cloth safe oitment that I have found that works so far. I have also been thinking about a switch to cloth wipes and the GroVia ones look perfect.

  33. I love the GroVia Magic Stick. It is the only cloth diaper safe diaper cream that I have found to work! I have really been wanting to try their fitteds too!

  34. I absolutely LOVE the owl print cover! I have never tried GroVia as I’m new to this whole CD thing… but they look like they fit wonderfully

  35. I’ve never tried Grovia products, but would love too! They’re prints are adorable and other products are very practical!

  36. I *LOVE* their tiny bubbles detergent! It has worked wonders on our laundry so much so that it’s all we use for ALL of our laundry now!

  37. I have been using Kiwipies on my son at night and really like them. The prints are adorable too! What kind of covers were you using in the pictures?

  38. I have a couple GroVia shells and inserts, but I would love a Kiwi Pie fitted! Their products are top quality.

  39. I would love to try the kiwi pie fitted. it looks so trim and absorbent. the prints are totally cute too! Ive never tried any gro via products but they seem really nice

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