Little Monsters Cloth Diaper Review

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This review is rather bittersweet for me. It will most likely be my last cloth diaper review and that makes me sad. I love trying new diapers and telling you all about them but alas, Dub has finally become day trained. We are still using cloth for naps and at night so I might sneak another review but that remains to be seen.

So without further ado, my last cloth diaper review is ending on a high note with the Little Monsters pocket diaper. I have been aware of this brand for quite some time and I’m pretty bummed that I didn’t get to try one until now but I’m excited to tell you all about it.

Little Monsters pocket cloth diaper review

A look at the Little Monsters pocket diaper:

I received the Robot diaper for review which is a black diaper with blue contrasting snaps and an adorable embroidered robot on the bum. It comes with one triple layer microfiber insert and will fit most babies from 9-35 pounds.

Little Monsters pocket cloth diaper review

Little Monsters pocket cloth diaper review

The embroidery work is clean and well done. Super cute, no?

Little Monsters pocket cloth diaper review

The back loading pocket opening is lined with elastic and is generously sized for easy stuffing.

Little Monsters pocket cloth diaper review

The inside is lined with a soft microfleece.

Little Monsters pocket cloth diaper review

There are three rise settings for four size options.

Little Monsters pocket cloth diaper review

Our experience:

My model is 4 years and one month old in these photos and weighs about 40 pounds and is 39-40″ tall. He has a small tush and not much pudge around the middle or in his thighs. As you can see the diaper still fits him quite well. Most of our one size diapers are getting tight but this one fits him comfortably with another snap adjustment for growth. This diaper is a bit larger than a lot of our diapers with a 35 pound weight limit.

Little Monsters pocket cloth diaper review

This diaper is very well made with soft PUL, very soft microfleece, and good quality snaps. The embroidery is well done with sharp lines and no loose threads. I love diapers with contrasting colored snaps as well. I wish more brands did this!

The one change that I would make would be to include a second insert or booster for those of us with heavy wetters. Luckily I have a lot of extra inserts so finding a second one to use wasn’t a problem for me but not everyone has the diaper hoard collection that I do.

This diaper fits well in the bum and look how cute the embroidery is when the diaper is on the butt. The elastics are tight enough to hold in the messiest messes without being too tight on your baby’s thighs.

Little Monsters pocket cloth diaper review

If you are looking for a cute, well made diaper that will fit your baby for a long time then I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Little Monsters. If you don’t want the embroidery on the bum they have plain solid colored diapers as well.

Buy It

Buy the solid colored Little Monsters for $20.99 and the embroidered Little Monsters for $22.99 directly from their website.

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  1. Do you happen to know of my diapers you would consider similar to these? I can’t find them anymore. I think they may have gone out of business. I love the width in the crotch and the width of the opening for inserting the absorbing layers. Thank you!

    1. I have a handful of little monsters diapers if your still looking! And inserts i can include.

      1. I ended up finding some on Poshmark a few months back and snagged them for my stash! Thank you so much for your response though!

    2. You can email me anytime i have tons of pockets! I also have some little monsters diapers ones with embroidery on the bum and a couple without!

  2. I love the cute embroidered designs Little Monsters offers. And how wonderful that they fit such a wide range! Great review; thank you!

  3. I also love the contrasting snaps. It really makes a difference on the appeal of the diaper

  4. I love little monsters diaper and only wish I had discovered them sooner, as I didn’t come across them until my second was born. They are large and roomy enough to comfortably fit my big boys (11.3lbs at birth!) and yet they are snug that we do not have problems with leaks. Some of our current stash we’ve been using for 16 months and they launder well- no fading, none of the embroidery has loosened or come undone- they each look just as good as the first day we bought them.

  5. I love the addition of the unique embroidery and the snaps in blue! Super cute! I also like that the size runs a bit bigger so that it can be worn for longer.

  6. This diaper is so cute. looks like it would be a great fit on my chunky monkey little man.

  7. My 3 1/2 year old son is still in diapers at night, and our one size are getting too small. I like that these run a little bigger, I may end up needing to buy a couple.

  8. I am a beginner with cloth diapering and with embroidering at home, so I can appreciate that this company combines two of my interests! The embroidery adds a very special touch!

  9. Love the embroidery on these diapers. Plus, I really like that they have lots of rise snaps. I like having options! Thanks for the review, sorry it’s so bittersweet for you!

  10. What a happy and sad transition at the same time. Great review. I’m sorry this will be your last cloth diaper one. The product for it is adorable and, from your review, it’s very well made. Thank you. πŸ™‚

  11. Congratulations on day training! I will be sad not to read more cloth diaper reviews, though. Cloth diapers are so fun!

    That’s a cute diaper! It looks like a fairly trim fit, too. It looks like it would fit smaller babies as well as toddlers. It’s nice to see a diaper that will fit all the way to the 35 pound weight limit (and beyond), because we haven’t had that experience with all of our one-size diapers.

  12. I really like that these are simple, rather than print all over, just the embroidery on the back.

  13. It’s nice that this diaper fits babies from 9-35 pounds. The embroidery is really pretty!!

  14. I love seeing diapers that fit toddlers well. Thanks for a very thorough review and some really great photos!

  15. It’s crazy how small they can snap down to! My daughter is tall & skinny (8 months old, 28.5″ tall, 13 lb 6 oz) so it’s hard to find a good fit in most one-size diapers. I think this would fit really well- and the embroidery is beautiful!

  16. I really like that this is a bigger-sized OS diaper… I know that’s a struggle for lots of moms. The one insert wouldn’t be a big deal for me, but for some it might. Thank you for the giveaway, and for spotlighting a diaper brand I hadn’t heard of before!

  17. Congrats on the day training but sad that this may be your last cloth diaper review! I’m always looking for new diapers that work with a heavy wetter, good to know these work with a booster and have a good fit! Great review, thank you

    1. I might bring someone on to write reviews for me because the thought of not having another diaper review here makes me a little sad πŸ™‚

  18. We don’t own any embroidery diapers… these are adorable! ! Wish they had a.none microfiber option

  19. We have one and I love it on my little gal. They are also on frequently for a discounted price with is great if you don’t mind the ling shipping times πŸ™‚

  20. Oh my goodness, the robot pattern is so adorable! I love the contrast of the snaps with the fabric as well, so cute!

  21. The embroidery on the bum is super cute! I like this robot one and also the penguin friends one. It sure does look like it fits plenty of sizes and would last a long time!

  22. I really like that this diaper will fit babies from 9-35 pounds and the added embroidery is so unique! I love the turtle!

  23. I like that it fits snugly around the waist – the pocket diapers we’re using right now aren’t very snug.

  24. This looks like such a great diaper. I like that it has snaps because I’ve read they last longer and it looks like it’s great quality. The robot and dino ones are adorable.

  25. I don’t recall ever seeing embroidered cloth diapers before! These are so unique and totally adorable! I love the blue horse one they have.

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