Even More Gift Ideas for Teenage Boys

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The teen years are so hard for gift buying. I find it a little easier to shop for girls but not only are boys a little more difficult, this age is hard in general. No longer a child that plays with toys but also not quite an adult that would appreciate kitchen gadgets.

My oldest son just turned fifteen yesterday and finding gifts for him for his birthday and Christmas hasn’t been an easy task. When I ask him what he wants he just shrugs his shoulders and tells me books. He is into sci-fi and fantasy books so thankfully I have a little to go on there but as his mother I would like to give him something a little more creative. These are some ideas that I’ve come up with for my son and hopefully it will help you come up with some ideas as well.

Even more gift ideas for teenage boys


Whether the teen on your gift list is into sports, video games, or anything in between you are sure to find a Fathead that would be perfect for him. If not, you can create your own for the perfect one for his room. Take a look at my son’s Fathead to see how cool they look in a teens room.


William Shakespeare’s Star Wars Trilogy

(aff. link) This set includes: Verily, A New Hope, The Empire Striketh Back, and The Jedi Doth Return. When I saw this the titles made me laugh but I figured it was just something silly to capitalize on the Star Wars franchise. After reading the reviews it sounds like they are legitimately good books.



This is always a perennial favorite for the reader in your life. If your teen doesn’t read as often as you’d like the convenience of a Kindle may get them to read more.


Magic the Gathering

If the teenage boy on your list is into RPG then they may enjoy Magic the Gathering. My son gets together with a group of friends during his free period and lunch to play this card game. I don’t pretend to understand it but he likes it and that’s all that matters.

download (1)

New Driver Kit

(aff. link) Included in this kit for the newly licensed driver on your list is a tire gauge, an emergency flashlight, and a cloth cell phone pouch to prevent texting while driving) to the playful (a colorful fuzzy dice keychain


Power Card

(aff. link) In this age of technology there aren’t many teenagers who don’t have a cell phone or MP3 player that needs to be charged and an on-the-go charger is a great thing to have on hand. Since boys don’t carry a purse, this slim power card will fit in a wallet or back pocket for convenient charging.


Bedroom remodel

Does your son’s room need some updating from a child’s space to a teenager’s space? This year my son got a new bed to give his room a more grown up look. He still had the headboard that I bought him when he was about six so now his little brother has that old headboard and he has a new bed with storage and will carry him through college and beyond. This is how his room looks now an actual teenager’s room. A new black comforter will be under the tree this year to complete the transformation.

captains bed


I don’t know about the teen in your life but mine lives in t-shirts, even now in December. Thankfully we live in a relatively moderate climate. He loves shirts that are funny, quirky, and especially from his favorite bands.


Art set

Do you have a teen that loves to draw? Why not give him an art set that will fuel his creativity?


Carnivorous Plants

Because why not? I’ve always thought that having a venus fly trap would be cool and I think my son would get a kick out of it as well. Plus it’s an all natural way of keeping your teenage boy’s room bug-free (I kid, I kid).


Perplexus Epic

For the puzzle lover, the Perplexus Epic will give your teen hours of fun and probably a little frustration. See it in action here.



Portable and compact, Goodminton will give you and your teenager hours of outdoor fun and exercise. Without a net to set up, you can bring this game along with you anywhere and have a blast.



Books are always a good bet for the reader on your gift list. I am very thankful that my son wants mostly books this year. For some book ideas check out my post on Pre-teen and Teen Book Suggestions as well as my Pinterest board.

For more ideas check out my previous pre-teen and teen gift idea posts.

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